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Goddess Fish VBT Tour stop for Whisper of the Witch/Contest


Whisper of the Witch by Suza Kates

The Savannah Coven Series

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Biologist Shauni Miller, a beautiful as she is compassionate, harbors a secret that could alter her life forever. If she chooses to share it. Dr. Michael Black helps Shauni in her time of need, but sees more in the raven-haired temptress than she ever meant to reveal. He knows she’s hiding something, but then, so is he. Both Shauni and Michael have a role to play and decisions to make as a centuries-old prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Only the fates know if they are meant to be together. Or if one of them has to die.

Teaser Excerpt:

Anna shrugged. “Like I said before, magic likes its secrets and will only give us what we need when we need it. I don’t know the order of your trials, it will be revealed in time, as the power deems. There are pieces to this puzzle that even I haven’t found, yet. Things I won’t be allowed to know at all.”

Moving with grace across the dais, she bent to retrieve something from a stand between two of the chairs. She turned back with a chalice, silver and encrusted with precious stones of sapphire, garnet, and amethyst. A large round disc was on the front side as she carried it. From its swirling pattern and opalescence, Shauni guessed it to be moonstone. Usually found in necklaces and bracelets, it was a mineral worn for protection from harm. She had some herself.

“If you feel you are ready.” Anna paused for effect. “I can tell you the first.”

Claudia and Viv both cried out in the affirmative.

Willyn held her tongue, obviously unsure. She had a son to think of on top of everything else.

A few said, “Yes,” quietly, and the rest, including Shauni, nodded solemnly.

“Actually, you already know.” Anna’s lips curved with mischief. “You see, magic does the choosing.” She once again held up an open palm. “And it has made its choice.” She slowly pivoted until the vivid blue of her eyes rested on one witch in particular.

One by one, the gazes of the women followed.

They were all looking at the miraculous hummingbird still sitting on Shauni’s shoulder.

They were all looking at her.


Suza will award signed cover flats and pens to a commenter at every stop, a total of five $15 Amazon/BN GCs to randomly drawn commenters during this tour and her Name Before the Masses tour, and gift basket to one commentator from both this tour and her Name Before the Masses tour, as well as a randomly drawn host prize TBA.

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:



 About the Author: 

Suza Kates can’t remember a time when she didn’t love books, but two particular memories stay with her. “As a young girl I picked up Little Women, read it straight through, and promptly turned to page one to start all over again. The next book I did that with was Mind Hunter by John Douglas, tales about profiling serial killers.”

Thus a twisted romantic was born.

Throughout her teenage and young adult years, she read everything from horror to historical romance yet never imagined writing anything of her own.

It was during a long, cold winter in a tiny apartment in Germany that Suza picked up a pen and notebook to entertain herself. “The apartment was so tiny, my bed also served as my living room couch. Plus, I shared it with three cats.”

Missing the warmth, the hospitality, and the food of the South, she wrote about those things with a huge dose of family thrown in. She says she still has a sweet spot in her heart for her first book, Southern Moon, but to date, she hasn’t revisited it for submission to her publisher.

Suza followed her heart to Savannah, Georgia, and it was the gorgeous city with its moss-covered oaks and secrets of history that inspired her to consider paranormal romance. “I had an idea about sisters and magic, so I went to work on the first book of The Savannah Coven Series, Whisper of a Witch. The series is still going strong, and I am grateful every day that I took a chance on paranormal romance, a genre I wasn’t very familiar with and had never actually read before writing it.”

Suza has since joined RWA and can’t say enough about this organization. “The education and support are unparalleled. I am so grateful to all of my fellow writers who have offered advice.”

Suza still resides in Savannah and is currently working on her next book. She considers it a perfect day when she can sit at the keyboard with coffee in her cup and one of her cats purring in her lap.

Welcome Catriana Sommers today


Evolving Liari

Out of all of the characters I’ve had to write, Liari Varian was perhaps the most difficult one in the Arcanus Series. Naliel – my high elf from the first book Destined – was difficult due to the events that happened in his life(and in that he’s frustratingly passive in his younger days), but Liari was difficult because I had to remember that she’s supposed to evolve throughout the entire series and not just in Bound by Blood.

Liari starts out as a seven year old girl and matures into a twenty year old woman throughout the course of the book. She will continue to grow as the series progresses, but between the first draft and the final, it was pretty difficult to pin her down due to who she was ultimately surrounded by. A young woman traveling with men centuries (and in Rioran’s case a millennium) of years her senior can be daunting. She’s aware of her inexperience, but at the same time she is Rioran’s lifemate and they are equals. Both of them struggle with the age gap in different ways, but I had to make her growth realistic. I didn’t want her to become too strong too fast so as to leave her room to grow in further books, but I didn’t want her to be a complete pushover, either. She may not have the sheer destructive power of Rioran’s air magic and Naliel’s earth abilities, and her shadow skills aren’t as sharpened as say, my dark elf Sarnaiel’s, but the potential for her to become something much more is there.

Bound by Blood  is only the tip of the iceberg for Liari. She will continue to grow and eventually become the future queen the western territories needs when – or if – Rioran regains his kingdom.



Bound by Blood now available!

Buy Link: 

Blurb: Rioran is a Kass’na’vah, king of a magical race, and his kingdom has been frozen by Olde Magick. Along with his brother Viron, the only known survivor of the attack, he travels across Meedia looking for leads to these mysterious practitioners of an eons-dead magic.

Their quest hits a snag when Rioran meets his lifemate, a dying seven-year-old vampire noble named Liari Varian. To save her life, he gives her his blood, binding himself to her. Now he’s stuck, physically incapable of leaving her, forced to watch from the sidelines until she comes of age and he can continue the search to free his people.

The world doesn’t remain idle while he waits, however. Tensions between races are building, war is brewing, and behind it all is a mysterious organization bent on eliminating all magic in the world.

CONTENT ADVISORIES: This title is erotica; it is not a romance title. This title contains both MF and MM sexual situations. 


I am surrounded by incompetence.

Kien Varian reluctantly waved away the two voluptuous women sitting on either side of him. They flashed him pouty looks as he blew them apologetic kisses. Their hips swayed seductively as they quietly exited his social room.

The playful expression on his face morphed into an icy mask. Warm amber eyes, turned cold and predatory. Before him, a Mixed male kneeled on one of his fur rugs, one fist pressed firmly to the ground.

“Markus Lotros.” Crossing his legs, Kien raised a well-manicured hand to stroke his goatee thoughtfully. “Care to repeat those words?”

The messenger winced despite the pleasant tone. “I saw the heir leave her party moments ago… with Lord Larian. I had heard you wished not to be disturbed, but the young master instructed I come to you.”

Kien blinked and the stroking stopped. “Young master? Ah, you mean Eris.” Eris Lotros, heir to the strongest clan in the vampire community. A bit older than the birthday girl tonight by a few years, but his interest was obvious. A good match, if any were worthy of his little Lili.

If she survives.

“Yes, Lord Kien.” Markus’s head remained lowered out of respect and fear. Even being from another clan, there were few who could claim ignorance concerning Kien’s capricious behavior.

Fortunately, the vampire lord had other things on his mind. “Guardian?” he queried.

“Her whereabouts are unknown.”

Right. Of course Reila couldn’t be found. Had Alik listened to him and put a pureblood in charge of protecting Liari, Larian’s obvious ploy would have been less likely to succeed. The last of the Ancient’s resources and abilities had gone into ensuring the heir’s conception; a replacement would not be forthcoming.

“Be grateful your prince is an only child.” Kien finally stood from his plush red sofa, straightening his ruffled blouse. He blew out an exasperated sigh, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose in a futile attempt to thwart an oncoming headache. “Do you know where they were headed, Guardian? Stand up, man. I swear I won’t unleash my crazy on you.”


About the Author:

I live in a beautiful hilly town in the state of Washington. I have a wonderful husband and two cute dogs who are huge parts of my life. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and I cannot imagine my life without it. I’m a fantasy/romance author, but I love reading Sci-fi/Fantasy, high fantasy, romance, and I’ve recently delved more heavily into steampunk.

I’ve been a published author since 2011. When I’m not writing, I’m procrastinating on websites like tumblr and roleplaying forums, I’m out and about learning the local area, or I’m playing video games. I’ve won National Novel Writing Month for two consecutive years and hoping to make 2012 my third.  

Where to find me:

My Website:
My Blog:


Welcome Antwon Bantu & author Rawiya

Character Interview with Antwon Bantu & author Rawiya

Rawiya: Good morning. I’m happy to do my first character interview with one of my own. From Sugar Daddy, my guest is Antwon Bantu, famed barrister from Birmingham. Thanks for traveling all this way to see me, Antwon. 

Antwon: Ah you’re welcome, Rawiya. Matthew and I needed a break from the rigors of ol’ Britain anyhow. He’s taking a little time off while Uni is out of session.

Rawiya: That’s great. How long does he have to go before he finishes? 

Anwon: Not long at all, my dear. In fact, he should be receiving his certificate shortly.

Rawiya: Excellent. And how are things in barrister (lawyer) land these days? 

Antwon: Busy as usual, love. Even though I’ve slowed a bit, I’m still fighting for gay rights. Seems people still won’t allow us to have the same opportunities as straight people do. Shameful really.

Rawiya: Agreed. So tell me and the audience about the story, Sugar Daddy? 

Antwon: *crosses legs and straightens Burberry tie* Well, it’s a romance of course about two people from different worlds and backgrounds, finding love. That’s subject matter you love to do, right?

Rawiya: Very much so. Love is love regardless of orientation, gender, and race, and in your case, age. 

Antwon: Yep well, I’ve always dated younger men to make me feel young too. Gettin’ a little long in the tooth, I’m afraid.

Rawiya: Oh stop, you’re very handsome and mature. That’s what Matthew asked for. 

Antwon: Thank you. It’s true  he did and I’m glad we found one another. I didn’t have many hang-ups about my age until I met Matt. He really keeps me on my toes, in and out of the bedroom. *winks*

Rawiya: *laughs nervously* Oh, well… heh… Okay then. So, the readers know this book is set around culinary school. What is Matthew’s favorite dish to cook? 

Antwon: Ah, he loves everything. He really keeps this ol’ man from going hungry. He’s a bit of a neat freak too. Matt isn’t lazy by any means. He’s always complaining about where I lay my coat and or clothes. Well, that’s until I shut him up properly. *cocks eyebrow*

Rawiya: Well, wow… *fans self* We know who’s in charge in this relationship.

Antwon: Well, we defer to each other regularly. At first, I tried to muscle him but failed miserably. *sighs*

Rawiya: Oh I see. Well, Matthew is a strong guy. Don’t let the sweet face fool you. So tell me, since he’s younger and you’re more experienced, would you say the age difference has added something to your love or placed a barrier between you? 

Antwon: It’s added to it. He teaches me things and vice versa. I didn’t consider myself hip or anything until I dated Matthew. He’s up on all the latest music, style, etc. Even though fashion sense, I’d already had. Still, having a lover who is younger has made me appreciate life more. You can never stop learning or growing in my opinion. Matthew adds spice to my life and I’m happy I’ve met him.

Rawiya: So am I Antwon. This has been really fun. I’d like to get the two of you together soon to talk more. Do you think we can do that? 

Antwon: Of course Rawiya. That would be awesome. Matthew loves talking about our love. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

Rawiya: Fabulous. Thank you Antwon. We’ll see you soon!


Blurb: Matthew Davidson wants a MAN! The setting shifts away from the America’s to Britain where Matthew and his childhood friend, Devon Peartly attend a cooking school to obtain their cooking certificates. The young man wants a partner so badly, he decides he’ll try an online dating service in hopes of finding a black man that can take care of and satisfy him romantically.

He finds that man, Antwon Bantu on an online dating site and is instantly intrigued. Little does Matthew know that Antwon is involved in a “convenient” marriage and is seeking a younger partner so he can finally get on with his life. Instead of confessing the truth, he decides to hide it, fearing he’ll lose the chance with Matthew if he informs him. To complicate things, Antwon’s wife claims to be in love with him. Antwon must choose what’s more important; loving Matthew or saving his impeccable reputation as a top barrister in the London courts?

Which will he choose?

Amazon, Are, Smashwords

By the second day, Antwon wanted to know more about his new friend.

They’d exchanged messages and already had several private chats. Now, he wanted to do more than that. He hoped his insistence wouldn’t scare the young man off.

So far, the twosome found out they had a lot in common. Both loved sushi and long walks on the beach, retro and soul music, as well as classic American films and others with subtitles. Even though their ages were thirty years apart, they seemed to be a pretty good match. Because of that, Antwon wanted to move their online relationship into reality.

On the third day, Antwon decided a phone call would be the next step.

In all honesty, he really wanted to meet this young man face to face, but felt he’d be rushing it. He couldn’t tell what his attitude was this soon so he decided against it.

As he sat in his office finishing lunch, he thought of the most appropriate way to ask Choco about exchanging phone numbers.

After discarding the empty bag, he signed into the site to send him a message.

He typed, Choco, I really would like to get to know you on a more personal level. Can we exchange telephone numbers, please? I believe we’ve made a connection that’s worth exploring a little further. Here’s mine. And he added his home phone number.

“Whew. Been a while since I did that,” he muttered, hitting send. He hoped the young man would get it right away. The lawyer was more than intrigued and wanted to hear his voice.

Really, he desired more but would settle just to hear what the young man sounded like.

He leaned back in the chair, staring at the screen of his laptop, waiting for a response. He’d never been so excited to talk with a man.

Suddenly, the fifty-one year old felt as though he were a teen again, impatiently sweating while he eyed the screen. “This feels silly,” he mused to himself, “but…” he bit his lip, “he’s just so damn interesting!”


Matthew looked at the message on his screen with a big smile on his face. The man wanted to chat on the phone?

It meant he could hear that deep sexy voice. Matthew imagined he had to be a baritone – rich and resounding.

Anxious, Matthew typed in, sure what time should I call you? He leaned against the wall and waited for the response back. That voice. He’d imagined it constantly. He couldn’t wait to actually hear it.

“Matthew. What’s up? You dreaming again, mate?”

Matthew sighed, turning the phone around in Devon’s direction. “He wants to talk more. Dlovr just gave me his number.”

Devon raised an eyebrow. “Is that so? Will he be sending you a picture?”

The young Brit smiled and looked back at the LCD screen.

Yes that should be next but he didn’t mention it.

“No, not yet, but I’m sure it’ll come up. Besides, I already told you that wasn’t the most important thing. I really like this guy and…” The sound of his cell beeping interrupted him. “Okay, so. We’ll be talking tonight at about nine pm.”

Devon grinned, closing his door. “Yeah? Can I listen in on the other line?”

“No!” He pushed Devon away. This is a one on one conversation. You’ll probably laugh and embarrass the hell out of me. I can’t have that.”

He laughed and tapped Matthew’s shoulder. “Oh you’re no fun. C’mon, time for class.”

Matthew nodded and followed his good friend.

He was really looking forward to talking with Dlovr so he could get to know more about the man behind the perfect profile.

Matthew pictured a mature man, most likely grey hair, who wore nice suits and had a beard.

Yes, that had to be it, especially since that’s exactly what he hoped for.

About the Author:

RAWIYA is the more sensual erotica writer in the BLRawiya duo. Rawiya’s first sole author book, “Time to Make the Donuts” is now available in multiple digital formats through online vendors and her first MMF Living In The Now was released in April from Naughty Nights Press.
Rawiya loves multiracial characters who overcome obstacles other than race. Sweet, sassy, and spicy would be the best way to describe her work. Happily married mother of two, loves music, computers, and travel. She blogs regularly at Wicked Sexy Writers. For more please visit the Rawiya’s blog on WordPress.





VBT Stop Release Blitz with Corporate Spy by Casey Sheridan

Corporate Spy by Casey Sheridan

Sent to steal a secret file, Aimee breaks into the apartment of Bill James, the handsome employee of a rival company. But before she can get her hands on the file, Bill returns home unexpectedly.

Is Aimee caught in the act? Or is it mission accomplished?

Buy links:




Amazon UK: 




When Aimee stepped inside the room, her foot kicked a stack of frames leaning against the wall. She closed the door behind her, and crouched down to get a better look; that’s when she noticed the large black digital camera on the floor next to the frames.

Each frame contained a black and white photograph: a Dodge Viper with a leggy brunette, a young man sitting on a Ducati motorcycle, a woman holding an umbrella and giving the photographer a coy look over her shoulder, and a tumble-down stone cottage standing in the middle of a desert.

Nice work, she thought. Too bad she didn’t have time to look through the rest of them. The time on the nightstand clock told her she’d better get straight to work.

Aimee quickly made her way over to the desk and shuffled through the papers scribbled with notes on photo shoots and web design. She sifted through folders with more notes and drawings of photography ideas that lay around the computers. Clearly, he got into photography when he wasn’t out riding his bike.

She then rifled through a box with numerous flash drives. Not one of them was the drive she needed. She had to find the right one.

She glanced at the clock. Only twenty minutes left. Twenty minutes before he would be back. Twenty minutes to look for a gold flash drive that could be hidden anywhere.

She rummaged through the desk drawers, moving pens, pencils, and markers. She checked inside the box of staples; opened envelopes and looked through their contents. She even dumped out a box of paperclips, hoping the drive would be hidden among them. Then she checked the underside and back of the drawers for any secret compartments.

Fifteen minutes left.

Her shoulders slumped as she slid the last drawer back into place, and then she turned to scan the room.

“Shit,” she cursed under her breath. Where could it be?

A faint noise caught her attention, and she tilted her head to one side, trying to catch every sound, but she heard nothing other than the ticking of the clock.

Aimee knelt on the floor and looked under the bed, hoping there would be a lockbox or something that held the drive inside, but there was nothing. That’s when she heard it–the unmistakable clatter of keys as they landed on a table. Her eyes went wide and her breath caught in her throat.

He’s back early!

As she knelt next to the bed, she could hear him whistling as he came closer to the bedroom. Her gaze darted frantically around the room. She had to find a place to hide. But where? She jumped up, rolled across the mattress, and scooted into the closet just moments before the bedroom door swung open.


About the Author:

Casey Sheridan wrote her first erotic story on a dare, and  she loved writing it so much she never stopped. Her erotica and erotic romance has been published by Breathless Press and Cobblestone Press, and has appeared on The Erotic Woman, Every Night Erotica and RSVP-Erotica.

She loves to read and write, could spend all day in a book story, art museum, or chocolate shop. She also enjoys music, watching movies, and spending time with those she loves.

You can find her on the Web at:








Book Spotlight: The Hick and the Hippie by Sherrod Story

Title: The Hick and the Hippie
Genre: Interracial erotic romance
When she was 18, city girl Lee Morris had a bit of a track record for trouble. Nothing worthy of jail time, but enough incidents and suspensions added up to graduation jeopardy. In an effort to curb their daughter’s wild spirit, prep her for the rigors of college and keep a frustrated principal from withholding her diploma, Lee’s parents shipped her to Gatlin, Texas, for the summer. And that’s where she met country boy Xander Crete. The pair found they shared a lot more than the same star sign and affinity for numbers — Lee was a natural submissive, and Xander a mouth-watering dom.

In Lee’s native Chicago, the black-white pairing of this couple would have barely raised a brow, but in tiny Gatlin it was all eyes on them. Still, Xander and Lee didn’t allow conjecture to tear them apart, and passion ruled their summer of love. When Lee returned home, they promised to call and write, but like all tragic romances, something happened to separate the lovers.

Fifteen years pass before they run into each other again in an airport lounge. The passion between them iss strong as ever, and Xander finds Lee just as responsive to the dominant-submissive games they played under the hot Texas sun over a decade ago. However, their roles may not be as easily filled when you add in adult responsibilities and misunderstandings …

Note from author: This erotic romance contains spanking and one scene with cuffs and a flogger. Rating: R, BDSM light with plenty of alpha male bossiness.

500 word snippet:
This was their first date together, and by silent agreement both dressed carefully. Xavier actually got out instead of leaning across to open the truck door like he usually did. After he helped her in, he kissed her until she moaned and pressed against the hand he’d slipped between her legs.
He licked his fingertips as he walked to the driver’s seat, and her body shifted, focusing all its tingling sexual energy on his graceful form sliding behind the wheel. She absorbed his hands movement on the gear shift, the wheel, the seatbelt. Watched breath held as he reached across her breasts to do up hers. Even the slight brush of his arm against her caused a reaction, and her nipples grew hard as pebbles.
He looked at her, eyes narrowing on her parted lips and lazy lidded eyes. He smiled, and the quirk of his lips was so secretive, so blatantly sexy she caught her breath.
“What’s gotten into you?” she asked suspiciously.
He grunted. “Better question,” he said, palming the inside of her thigh. He stroked her damp, cotton-covered nether lips until she began to wriggle. “What hasn’t gotten into you?” he teased, and she laughed as he’d meant her to.
“You’re trying to seduce me,” she said, surprised.
He looked away and shrugged. “Could be. How’m I doin’?”
As they stepped over the threshold of Tommy’s Lee suddenly realized what they were doing. If they’d been somewhere in Chicago, no big deal, but here in tiny Gatlin it was all eyes on them.
Xander reached for her hand and held it as she followed him to a booth in the back. He motioned her in ahead of him so she was in the corner, her back to the room, facing a wall.
A waitress came over and asked for their drink order.
“Lemonade and a Coke,” Xander said, ordering for her. “And can we have a cheeseburger, large fries, an order of chili and a house salad?”
“French.” By now he knew almost everything she liked.
Beneath the table he squeezed her thigh hard. His fingers inched their way up her leg. Lee tried to push his hand away from the juncture of her thighs. He refused to be moved. When he began to stroke her she tried again to stop him, but he evaded.
“Yes,” he replied promptly. “I want you to go to bed exhausted tonight. I want you to come over and over until you just pass out. If you don’t,” he whispered in that dark, luscious voice. “I’ll paddle your ass until you cry.”
The paddling was his new favorite thing since that first time. Who knew where he’d found the thing. She could tell it wasn’t new. The leather was old, soft, well tended. Just yesterday he did it while she was riding him. Feeling the gush of warm wetness that immediately followed the first strike, he did it again and again, until she came screaming his name.
About the Author:

Sherrod Story likes to make things up. That doesn’t mean she’s a liar. She’s a story teller, and love is her specialty. In her words you’ll find a lil’ humor, a tongue in cheek depiction of some of society’s cover-your-mouth-type issues, along with a good healthy plug of lust, sex and power. Throw in a little magic, beauty, good times and feelings too strong to resist…

You’ll read about men, witches from Africa who’ve been alive for nearly a thousand years, men, ghetto girls who’ve made good, men, the trials and tribulations of a working editor, and country boys who can’t resist a woman of strength and weakness. The tyrsts and turns are endless, so strap yourself in and let her tell you a story…

Follow me on Twitter: @sherrodstory

Welcome Nicole Morgan

Get wicked with Nicole Morgan and a hot sexy excerpt from Impetuous, Incessant Passion Series.

Impetuous – [Incessant Passion Book 1]

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Direct Purchase Link:


The Callaway Corporation recently bought the high-end resort property Jenny Jacobson manages. In that time, they have micromanaged both her and it into the ground. With no budget for repairs she does most of the work herself.

In the middle of a plumbing emergency, Beck comes to her rescue and fixes the problem, saving her from further disaster and costly repairs. Despite her best attempts, she cannot seem to get away from this man.

Regardless of her cold treatment toward him, he turns on his charms. Will his cocky arrogance mixed with his sexy smile break down her tough exterior? If so, what secrets is Beck keeping that could ultimately ruin any chance they have to find happiness together?


Nicole Morgan was an avid reader who kept having one recurring problem. Ideas of stories kept popping into her head. Today Nicole is an author of erotic romantic novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with a good old-fashioned, who-done-it. She tries to place strong emphasis on the characters’ emotions while also throwing in some spicy, hot love scenes. Her alpha male of choice will more often than not have a uniform of some kind. >From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve.


While still trying to stay true to her style, she is finding her writing is evolving as she takes on new and uncharted territory for her. In the past year in both her personal and professional life, she has flourished. Claiming to have found a real life prince charming, Nicole is living out her dream and while enjoying each day for all that it’s worth.




Their lips touched and their mouths opened. Her tongue swept into his mouth and stroked his. She was the only woman who could make his body ache this way. Just minutes ago she’d been in tears and he’d been worried she’d push him away forever. Now all he could think of was how good it would feel to be inside her, pumping into her pussy until she screamed in ecstasy. Until she screamed his name.

She moaned again. He didn’t just want to be inside her, he needed it. He needed to show her all that she meant to him. Reaching his hand down, he rubbed it against her hot core. Her breathing became heavier and she kissed him with even more ardency. He had to remember her ankle, though. He didn’t want her to be in pain. Only pleasure.

Slowly he laid her back on the bed. “Don’t move. Please, just lie there and let me take care of you.” He reached his hand to the side zipper of her skirt and undid it. Then, carefully, he lifted her bottom with one hand, sliding the skirt down her legs. He ground his teeth and muttered the words, “Mi dios,” when he saw her satin panties and the little pool of moisture coating them.

“Take them off, too, Beck, please. I need you.”

His nostrils flared and his cock swelled, unbearably hard at her pleading words. No way would he deny her what she wanted. After finishing with her skirt, careful not to hurt her ankle, he slid his fingertips up her thighs, watching as she closed her eyes and bit on her lip. Her skin was so smooth, it felt like silk. Approaching the damp satin he stopped and studied the small stain. That was his. He put that there. He was the one she wanted. Knowing that and not wanting her to forget it filled him with a primal urge to make sure she knew how much he loved her. He wanted to fill her body so completely that there would never be any doubt.

“Beck…” Her hips thrust toward his hand while she whimpered.

He had been so lost in his thoughts that he’d forgotten what she needed. He slid his fingers under the satiny band and groaned aloud when he felt her hot juices. Sliding his fingers inside her tight channel he watched her face flush.

“Unbutton your blouse for me. Let me see those beautiful tits lying there while I play with your pussy.”

Looking at her intently as she did what he asked, he began removing her panties, slowly sliding them down her legs until he was able to throw them on the floor where they belonged.

Jennifer pulled her blouse open, sliding her fingertips along the top of her lacy bra. Her eyes spoke to him just as they’d always done. There was such fire and desire locked inside them. Whenever she was at her most vulnerable, that was when the fire erupted and spread throughout her body.

With a soft whisper he asked, “Show them to me, Jennifer.”

With her delicate fingers she peeled the lace down and placed it underneath her breasts, pushing them out and farther up. Her nipples were plump and swollen. The pointed nubs were hypnotizing him. The memory of the texture and feel of them in his mouth shot even more blood racing to his already hard cock.

“Jesús, eres hermosa.”


Places on the web you can find Nicole:

Nicole’s blog

Nicole’s website

Nicole’s Yahoo Group

Nicole’s Facebook Fanpage

Nicole’s Twitter


guest Author Day with Nickie Asher


Hi and welcome to my blog, Nickie Asher. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself. 

Thanks for the drink, and thank you for having me on your blog today. I’m thrilled to be a guest.

So tell us a little about your latest book. What inspired this masterpiece?

CRIMSON came about when I couldn’t find what I wanted to read. I decided if I couldn’t find it, I would write it. This novel was actually first drafted several years ago and turned into quite a learning project. 

If you had any super powers, what would they be and why?

I would restore youth and health to those robbed of them. I hate watching the ravages of time and ill health. 

What genre haven’t you tried yet but want to in the future?

Historical romance set against a WWII background.

What is one thing readers might be surprised to know about you?

I have a huge love of the violin. Nothing makes my heart kick into overdrive like a fine violin. 

If we asked your muse to describe you in three words, what do you think they might say?

Driven. Focused. Determined. 

What authors can be found in your library of books?

 JR Ward, Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and many more.

Have any guilty pleasures you want to share with us?

I’m totally addicted to Monster Java Loca Moca. Delicious. If only I could buy it by the gallon. 

Is there anything you’re currently working on that you can give us a taste of?

I currently have a work in progress titled FIMBULWINTER. It’s an action adventure about a movie score composer tasked with stopping the premature events signaling Ragnarok, the Norse end of time.

Thorn guarded his secrets carefully. Or at least he thought he had until he opened the door. The two men facing him had government goon squad written all over them.

The mid-day California sun reflected off their sunglasses in little blinding arcs. Dressed identically, they were so obviously thugs that it wasn’t laughable.

“Thorn Davidson?” the taller man asked.

A chill settled in Thorn’s guts. “Who wants to know?”

“Federal officers.” Badges appeared.

Thorn did his best to keep his face from giving anything away. “What do you want?”

The second man pulled at his collar. Sweat trickled down his temple. “We need you to come with us.”

He stiffened. “Why?”

“You’ll be given that information by our superiors.” The man wiped at his brow.

Thorn crossed his arms. They were so full of shit it practically dribbled from their ears. “I don’t think so.”

“Listen,” short guy said. “We can get in the car and drive to headquarters where you can answer a few questions and be on your way, or we can do this the hard way. Bottom line is you’re going with us.”

Thunder rumbled in the distance.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’ve done nothing wrong.” Both men probably concealed weapons. Didn’t matter, he wasn’t going voluntarily.

Short guy mopped his brow again. “It’s getting hotter by the frigging minute, and it’s going to storm. Let’s not make an ordeal of this.”

Did they know he was a regular in the underground bare knuckle fights? Probably. If they had taken an interest in him they would have done their homework.

A hot breeze kicked up, whipping his hair into his eyes.

“What do you want with me? And don’t feed me a load of shit.

The taller man’s jaw visibly clenched. “They told us to pick you up and bring you in. That’s all we know.”

“You’re lying. What else?”

Lightning flashed. Thunder answered. Closer.

“We were told you might be dangerous.” He patted his jacket, confirming the presence of a firearm.

Thorn’s heart-rate accelerated despite his determination to remain cool. “I’ve done nothing. I’m a composer. I make movie scores. I know absolutely nothing the government would be interested in.” 

What is your favorite way to relax after a hard day working and writing?

I don’t do relaxation. I stay busy until I crash from exhaustion at the end of the day. I have a difficult time watching TV and not doing something else at the same time. Occasionally, I will watch a movie but not often.

What is one historical figure you would love to chat with and why?

Thomas Jefferson. I’d like to talk politics with him. 

Would you care to mention any upcoming or WIP projects that readers can look forward from you in the future?
BLOOD JUDGMENT is an urban fantasy scheduled for release later this year. It’s the first book in a vampire series that asks the question: What would you do if the government decided to exterminate your race? The Judgment series explores this question.

Out of all your books, do you have a favorite one? If not, then which one is closest to your heart?

BLOOD JUDGMENT is my favorite. Julian Wilkes is one of my favorite characters because he faced so much to become what he was meant to be.


Thanks for coming. Is there anything else you want to add?

CRIMSON can be found at:


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Red Hot Publishing


Violently turned vampire against his will and plunged into a paranormal world he didn’t believe in, Alex Connor learns his problems are just beginning.

On top of the challenges of adjusting to unlife, Alex’s world tightens around him. If being rejected by the woman he desires, tormented by a cunning enemy, and hunted by a man bent on eliminating the local undead population isn’t enough, events go downhill from there. Topping off his difficulties are a ruthless sire with an agenda hinging on Alex’s skills and a young woman who uncovers his secret and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Note – this book contains graphic violence and explicit sex. Intended for mature readers.


At the top floor, she hesitated outside his apartment.

Not knowing what to do next, she lingered in front of his door. Knocking was a death wish, but if she wasn’t going to, what in hell was she doing standing there like a fool?

He settled the matter for her. The door flew open and she stood face to face with a wild-eyed Alex.

He lunged, giving her no chance of eluding him. Hands biting into her upper arms, he dragged her into his apartment. She opened her mouth to scream, but he slammed her to the floor, knocking the breath out of her. With fluid motion, he shoved the door shut and dropped, straddling her.

He clapped his hand over her mouth. Panicking, she twisted her head and bit him. With a snarl, he yanked free.

“Why are you following me?” he demanded.

Their eyes locked. Her will drained away. With enormous effort, she turned her head, breaking the contact.

He growled like an animal and shivers crawled over her skin.

“Look at me,” he commanded and confined both her wrists in one of his hands.

He’d eat her alive if she looked in his eyes.

“Why are you following me? Who else knows I’m here?”

Terror twisted her guts, but she had the upper hand. His expressive eyes gave him away. And why wouldn’t he be afraid? She’d breached his hiding place.

“Take your hands off me,” she snapped, and to her surprise, he released her wrists.

They eyed each other.

“Why have you come here?”

I don’t want to hurt you, but I know someone who’s itching to drive a stake through you.”


“Will you get off of me?”

“Not till you tell me who wants to stick holes in me.”

“I can’t tell you, but you’re in danger. He’ll hunt till he finds you, and he’ll kill you.”

His eyebrows drew close together. “So why are you warning me?”

“I don’t want you to die.”

He caught her eyes, and this time, she wasn’t able to pull from his control, he held her tight. “Are you telling me the truth?”


He believed her. It reflected in his eyes.

She wriggled under him. “How did you know I was here?”

“Your perfume. It’s very strong. I smelled it that night on the street. It announces your arrival.” He launched off her and pulled her onto her feet. Without another word, he wrapped her in his unyielding embrace and nuzzled her neck, rooting around until he found her pulse.

She stiffened in his grasp then her arms went around his neck. Part of her had known he would do it. Worse, another part of her longed to feel his teeth in her fles

Welcome Ella Jade Today


Inspiration Comes in Strange Places…

Where did the idea for Make Me Stay Come from? One night back in January, I couldn’t get the Katy Perry song The One That Got Away out of my head. I was humming it in the shower and bam, the idea for my newest novella hit me.

I hopped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and logged onto my computer as fast as I could. It was one of those moments where I had to get the scene down. It didn’t even matter that I was wet and shivering. It was the first time in my writing journey where I started at the end of the book. The chapter kept playing out in my head, and I knew no matter what happened from the beginning of the story on, I had to end up with what I had just written.

Now, don’t ask me what that song has to do with a BDSM romance, I’m still not sure. But, for whatever reason those lyrics triggered something in my subconscious. The inspiration was so strong that I managed to write Make Me Stay in three days. The story flowed, and the characters cooperated, so I went with it. Make Me Stay is a story about reconnecting with a lost love and finding away to make life work, no matter how crazy it may seem. It’s a love story at the core. I’m really pleased with the final outcome and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

I’m also in the process of writing a second book called Surrender to Me. This novella will feature the main characters, Cade and Gracie, from Make Me Stay, but Martin Abrams will be the focus. You’ll meet Martin in Make Me Stay. He was one of those characters that wouldn’t leave me, so I gave the sexy Dom his own book.

Here’s a peek into Make Me Stay available now from Beachwalk Press…

Can the sub teach the Dom to play?

Natural submissive Gracie Miller thought she had found her other half in Cade Jameson. Not only did he help her through a difficult time in her life, in the bedroom he brought her more pleasure than she could have ever imagined. They seemed perfect for each other.

Cade knew what he wanted in the bedroom. Gracie brought out his domineering side and ignited his passion. But he feared he was too dominant for this beautiful, naïve girl, who was so young and impressionable, so he ended their relationship.

Two and a half years later, Gracie returns to town a new woman. She had moved to the city and found a “Master” who showed her what she was truly capable of. Now she’s back and wants to show Cade exactly what kind of submissive she could be for him.

But after hearing all that she’s experienced, Cade now wonders if he’s dominant enough to satisfy her. Can he be the man Gracie needs him to be?

Content Warning: graphic sex, BDSM themes




Ten minutes later they were seated at a quaint restaurant in the center of town. Cade had requested a quiet table in the back so they wouldn’t be interrupted. He was confused enough and didn’t need any distractions. Being a well-known businessman, he was always running into people who wanted to have a drink with him. Gracie’s return would probably be the talk of the town in a matter of days.

Once they ordered dinner and the waitress poured their wine he’d had enough small talk. He wanted answers.

“Why did you come back?”

“I told you.” Gracie sipped her wine. “I took a job here.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

“Of course not.” She lowered her head.

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Just look at me.” He was puzzled over her return and her elusiveness frustrated him.

She quickly raised her gaze, meeting his eyes.

“You walked away from this town without a trace. I don’t believe you would come back after all this time to consult. Something isn’t right.”

“You told me to leave.”

“Me!” He tapped his chest. “I told you to leave me. I never expected you to disappear. I thought I’d know where you were and what you were doing.” Even though he told her to go, he’d always intended to take care of her.

“Without you, there wasn’t anything here for me. You were everything. I had no family. I lived in your house. Where did you expect me to go?”

“We could have figured it out together. I would have made sure you were taken care of.” She’d always been his responsibility and when she left he panicked she’d end up on the street.

“I needed to go. I had to figure out who I was. That’s what you wanted.”

“I wanted you to be happy.”

“I am.” She smiled. “I told you, I met someone who helped me.”

“Then why aren’t you with him?” He didn’t like to think about her with another man. It infuriated him to know someone else touched what was his, even if he did let her go. “Are you running from him? Is that why you’re back here? Do you need my help?”

She laughed. “I could never run from Martin.”

He hated knowing his name. “So, Martin was your boyfriend?”

“Not really.” She took another sip of her wine.

Her mysterious behavior pissed him off. She’d better start talking and fast.

“Your husband?” He felt his blood boil. Could she have gotten married?

“Cade,” she said as she reached for his hand. “I don’t want you to freak, but Martin was my Dom. I was his submissive.”


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Happy Independence Day Blog Hop-July1-4th-Enter HERE

Welcome to the Independence Blog Hop. It goes on from July 1st-4th and loadsof prizes to be given away.

First thing- This is where you need to go to get the list of participants-

Second-My prize giveaway is a $10 ARe Gift Certificate to one lucky blog hop participant who leaves a comment AND an email address. I will announce my winner July 5th on my facebook page and on the blog.

Now here is a snippit of my Fourth of July/Founders Day story-Devon Falls 3: Fiery Magic, available at Secret Cravings, Bookstrand, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon kindle and BN Nook store

Devon Falls 3: Fiery Magic

Paranormal/Dragon Shifter Erotic Romance

Secret Cravings Publishing

A dragon shifter returns to Devon Falls to woo back his mate amid secrets from the past.

Damien Dracon left town years before breaking the heart of his true mate and now he returns to woo back the one woman meant to be his-Alicia Stevens. Can a past filled with pain and heartbreak heal amid the power of a second chance love?

Teaser Excerpt:

Alicia worked nonstop until close. She’d weathered another busy day and frankly, it seemed like everyone’s mother, grandmother, and other assorted relatives came into town for the holiday. She was seriously contemplating leaving for a bit to take a shower, grab something cold to drink, and maybe relax before coming back in to do some early baking for the next day. Her feet were killing her after being on them all day, but after another peek at the empty pastry cases, she decided to get a running jump on tomorrow’s baking.

Hearing the door jingle, she left the kitchen to see who’d come in. She saw Damien walking toward her. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened as the fury rushed through her at his audacity of coming into her business, like they’d parted on friendly terms instead of him dropping the “it was nice, you were a great lay and thanks for everything” speech.

His muscles bunched and flowed with each step. If anything, he’d grown more handsome and sexy as the years went by. His black hair hung down to his shoulders in a ponytail now. His sunglasses were pushed up on his head, his beautiful hazel eyes had shadows under them, and he wore tight denim shorts that caused her breath to catch.

“So you’ve come back, have you? Is it the time of year for you to deflower another girl, break her heart, and then go off to parts unknown?” Alicia asked cynically as she watched him stop a few paces in front of her. “Oh wait…you already did that to me, so it can’t be for my benefit you’re here. We’re closed. Get the hell out.”

“Hi, Alicia,” Damien said. “I thought we should talk…if you’ll hear me out for a few

She sized him up, anger sizzling up her spine at the cocky tilt of his head and the swaying of his ponytail. “Been a long time.” Several long and lonely years, in fact. Years in which she never heard word one from him. “Why now?”

As she tried to get her racing thoughts in order, the simmer of her heated blood made its way through her veins to center in the core of her femininity.

Damn it! Why did her body have to get all traitorous on her now? Alicia allowed the hurt to bubble up. Her heart hardened, though she found it hard not to hurl herself in his arms and kiss him all over. “Didn’t you say enough all those years ago? If I remember correctly, it was the ‘had a great time, see you around’ type speech.”

“Can I get you a drink, or can we go somewhere to talk, Alicia? I know I hurt you, but can you give me ten minutes to explain things?”

Alicia looked at the one man she had loved since the age of seven, when he’d pulled her pigtails on the playground. She weakened at the love she still had inside her heart for him.

Seeing the anguish, hurt and hope peer from his eyes made her decision, though it might prove to be the wrong one. Alicia tried to stop her racing heart and gripped the countertop, hoping like hell that the wall she built up around her heart would hold just a little bit longer. Just seeing Damien hurt her…yet it also made her long to be in his arms again.

“Fine, we can go upstairs to my office. You have ten minutes to tell me what you want.

Then you’re gone, Damien.” She winced at the harshness of her voice and the pain that clearly lashed at Damien, but a part of her was glad he felt it as well. She marched across the dining room and strode up the stairwell, knowing Damien would follow.


Damien followed and tried not to stare at the rounded ass that swayed with each step. He tried to ignore the way his body reacted to just being around her. With his furious need building, Damien tried to keep his emotions on a short leash, and he let his breath out slowly to still the raging lust that threatened to consume him.
Alicia pointed to the couch. “Now, what is it, Damien? I am a busy woman, and frankly, you told me several years ago what you thought of me. What makes it so different now?”

Damien winced as the hurt, pain, and disillusionment filled his love’s voice. Her azure eyes filled with unshed tears, and her agony lanced him straight through the heart. He tried to get his thoughts in order, yet found that hard to do when he could smell the rose of damask perfume she wore. That innocent yet seductive scent drove him wild whenever he came near her.

“Alicia,” Damien started as he sat on the couch, “I didn’t mean those words all those years ago. I still love you, and I am so, so sorry to have hurt you like that. Please forgive me. I was ordered to break up with you since we were getting too serious, and my grandfather made me choose. It was you…or my family. How could I choose? But he forced me to. I did and in the process hurt you.”

Trying to keep from jumping from the couch to hold her, Damien continued, “When my family came to Devon Falls, they had a secret they jealously guarded night and day. No one in Devon Falls knows, and we have to keep it that way.”
“What secret, Damien?” Alicia gazed at the man in front of her. This was a Damien she’d never seen before. He looked scared. Yet did she spy a hint of love, desire and possibly hope peer from his eyes? “What caused you to say those hurtful words to me? The words I hear every night before I go to sleep that burn in my memories and slice my heart to ribbons? What caused you to destroy our lives? What gave you the power to make a decision for me without even consulting me?”

“I told you—I had to walk away from you or be forever banished from my family.” Tears welled in his eyes. “Either decision would have changed my life forever.”
“It was my life too, Damien. You destroyed me with your callous disregard that day and you never bothered to apologize or anything.”

Damien jumped up from the couch and faced her. “We are shape shifters, Alicia. Immortal beings. When we turn twenty, our shape shifter comes to light. I’m a dragon. Rod is a wolf. Because of this secret, my crusty old grandfather told me to choose. He was determined to keep our line pure, and he ruled our family at the time. When he died last year, my brother finally convinced me to come home and see if I could make things right with you.”

Damien pleaded, his eyes searching for her response. She schooled herself carefully. How much of what he said was true? He’d viciously wounded her all those years ago, left her alone and pregnant with never a backward glance, never a thought as to what had become of her, never a hint of remorse for the callous way he’d destroyed their future. The fact he was a shape shifter made no difference right now to her, though that answered a few questions she had kept to herself after he left. A dragon, no less. If she remembered from fairy tales, dragons were used to being imperious and obeyed. Well this is one woman who wouldn’t bow to him. Damien would soon learn that she bowed to no man, not anymore.

Check out Fiery Magic to see if Alicia forgives Damien and both learn that love is sweeter the second time around.

Book Spotlight~Off the Beaten Path by Lucy Felthouse

Off the Beaten Track by Lucy Felthouse

When workaholic Libby Strong’s friends and family make her take a long overdue holiday, she’s not impressed. A week of lounging by a swimming pool and doing nothing is not her idea of fun. In an act of rebellion, she books a day trip, touring in a jeep. When her guide arrives, Libby’s astonished to discover she’s the only patron going on the trip. But as hunky Demetrio takes her off the beaten track and deep into the beautiful Portuguese countryside, she soon leaves her worries behind and hangs on tight for the ride of her life.

Available from:

All Romance eBooks
Resplendence Publishing
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Barnes & Noble



Libby huffed and puffed as she made her way up the steep slope leading to the rear exit of the hotel complex. She swore the builders had had secret CCTV cameras installed so they could watch people suffer their poor planning for years to come. At least it was early. Had it been lunchtime, she’d surely have passed out with the heat.

Ah well, Libby thought as she finally reached the road, it’ll be worth it. This trip is going to be amazing.

As she stood on the mercifully flat pavement and got her breath back, a thought niggled at her. Nobody else was here. Panicking, Libby wrenched open her bag and pulled out her paperwork. She examined it, then a glance at her watch confirmed she had both the right date and time. So where was everyone? Yes, she was ten minutes early but surely the others should be here by now? Looking down the slope she’d just ascended, Libby frowned as she saw it was deserted. Everywhere was deserted.

Fuck, she thought, perhaps they were all here earlier and they’ve gone without me!

The rumble of an engine distracted Libby from her worries. Turning, she saw a jeep trundling down the road towards her. She watched hopefully as the driver pulled the vehicle up beside where she stood and reached into the passenger seat.

Picking up a clipboard, the man glanced down, then at her, and said, “You are Libby Strong?”

She nodded.

The man grinned widely, revealing dimples in both cheeks, and hopped out of the jeep. Walking around the vehicle to where she stood, he held out a hand.

“I am Demetrio. Your guide for the day.”

Libby took his hand and shook it. It was warm and strong. Much like the rest of him, she suspected, as she gave him a subtle once over. He was tall, with black curly hair to his shoulders, luscious brown eyes and olive skin. A white t-shirt bearing the holiday company’s logo covered his top half—though without obscuring his impressive biceps—and he wore longish tan colored shorts on the bottom. A pair of non-descript white-ish trainers and faded red cap completed his outfit.

“I’m Libby,” she said, even though he already knew her name. She was just being polite. “Pleased to meet you.”

They broke off the handshake and Demetrio smiled again, then moved to the passenger side of the jeep and pulled open the door.

“Please,” he said, gesturing she should get in.

Libby did as she was told, but couldn’t help asking the burning question.

“Where is everyone else?”

Demetrio waited until she was safely in the passenger seat, closed the door and made his way to the driver’s side. He got in, then turned to her.

“There is nobody else. You are only person on this trip. You get best views!”

He laughed then , the flash of white teeth against olive skin resulting in an unexpected jolt in Libby’s nether regions. She studied his profile for a few seconds, then grudgingly admitted to herself that Demetrio was, in fact, very attractive. Despite the fact she was a red-blooded woman, she rarely noticed such things.

Like most people, she’d come on this holiday to recharge her batteries. Unlike most people, she’d been practically forced into it. Libby was somewhat of a workaholic, which left her little time for anything else. It was this fact which had cost her her last relationship. The long working hours, frequent rain checks on their dates and her lack of interest in any kind of affection, let alone sex, had finally caused James to walk away.

Libby had barely noticed. She’d just carried on working, and working…until her friends and family had finally intervened. They’d booked the holiday toPortugal, arranged with her boss for her to have the time off, and basically given her little choice but to go.


Lucy is a graduate of the Universityof Derby, where she studied Creative Writing. During her first year, she was dared to write an erotic story – so she did. It went down a storm and she’s never looked back. Lucy has had stories published by Cleis Press, Constable and Robinson, House of Erotica, Noble Romance, Ravenous Romance, Resplendence Publishing, Summerhouse Publishing, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite Books. She is also the editor of Uniform Behaviour and Seducing the Myth. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:



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