Summer Book Showcase~ Steel and Shadow


Steel and Shadow (Book 1 of The Gifted Trilogy)

Genre: Romance Fantasy

Secret Cravings Publishing



Charlene Ixeria is a half-blood born to a family of supernatural hunters tasked with protecting a city plagued by The Veil, a shadow that twists and corrupts anything it touches. Aside from the constant need to prove that she’s as capable as the rest of her pure-blooded kin, she’s also torn between two choices.

Charlie can’t deny her growing feelings towards Marcus, her arrogant hunting captain who’s haunted by demons of his own. She’s also confused by her conflicting attraction to Gabrielle, a hauntingly mysterious creature who only holds questions and no answers.

Despite her personal problems, her starving city is on the verge of chaos and everything around her is dying- including the woods the hunters rely on for the city’s food supplies. All the answers may lie in The Veil. But which is more harrowing, the journey there or the secrets kept by those she love?


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Angelique Voisen writes fantasy and paranormal romance. Stories with blades, bows, kinky magic and epic battles with supernatural nasties. In the day world, Angel writes for a trade magazine. She is a recovering red bull addict, an alt rock fan, a keto advocate and currently lives in Singapore.










Summer Sunday Spotlight~ Maria Cox’s Jungle Fever


Jungle Fever by Maria Cox

Sensual Romance

Secret Cravings Publishing

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In Brownsville one of Brooklyn’s most dangerous neighborhoods illicit activities exist on every corner.

Jaden Smith long ago refuted the gangster lifestyle and now wants to go far away from the ghetto as possible.

Now, out of school Jaden launches a promotions company, but his meager savings soon run out. Jaden turns to Angelo Sorrentini who agrees to fund Jaden’s venture. He then introduces Jaden to business associates and Mario, his brother and Becca Sorrentini, his sister.

It is during this brief introduction that Jaden is captivated. Becca is beautiful. And there is an air of raw sexuality that exudes from her every gesture. Despite the temptation Jaden maintains his distance.

Meanwhile, Becca enslaved by her father’s traditional ways is miserable. Soon she conjures a desperate plan: a mysterious boyfriend. But who?


Yes, he’s a wild card, a risky bet, but her only chance. Sex with Jaden may be her ticket to salvation!

 About the Author

Maria Cox has a degree in Business Administration, and Accreditation from the Project Management Institute. Maria has a background in technical writing but her passion is in fiction, romance to be exact.

At the age of ten Maria secretly borrowed her grandmother’s historical romances. After reading a dozen novels Maria fell in love with art of storytelling, she wrote her first short story at the age of eleven.

In addition to writing, Maria enjoys reading, exercising, dancing, art walks, plays, and entertaining friends.


Summer Book Spotlight~ Romancing the Memory Collector


TITLE: “Romancing the Memory Collector”
The fifth in the series about the G-alters (No actual series name)
GENRE: Futuristic Romance with a touch of Sci Fi

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When genetically altered Thomas meets Kate, who collects memory bubbles, an unlikely romance begins. A love match may not eventuate because theirs is a roller-coaster romance.

KATE BENTLEY, is short-sighted but too vain to wear glasses. When she is tossed backward by the up-escalator at Sydney Airport she is rescued by THOMAS WINTERS. She falls for his kindness and melted-chocolate voice and doesn’t notice his lined face or the double-chins caused by his blood-hound genes – until she puts her glasses on.

For Thomas, single and lonely, meeting Kate is the chance of a lifetime. Shy and hesitant, Thomas courts her with gentle determination. When he discovers she can see memory bubbles and collects them to return to her father’s failing mind he suspects she could be g-altered.

Thomas adopts SUZIE, a genetically-altered child from the ‘Nursery,’ where he too was raised, and the romance falters as Kate misunderstands the child’s presence and decides Thomas has been telling her lies.

However, when Kate finds her father, COLIIN, haswandered away she turns to Thomas for help. Thomas and his g-altred friends find Colin. Kate realizes her future is tied to this gentle man who has won her heart. But has she left it too late?


About the Author:

I write futuristic romances under the pen name of Virginnia De Parte with a series of five e-books published by Secret Cravings Publishing. By writing about the future I have the pleasure of watching science catch up to my imagination.

I have an erotic novella e-book published by Totally Bound, called ‘Memoirs of Lady Montrose.’

My first Young Adult was published under my legal name, Deryn Pittar, last December, called ‘A Taste of Gold,’ it was released by Evernight Teens as an e-ook and POD.

My other love is writing poetry and I am published in this genre, both on line and in hard copy. A love of words, and changing the way they are arranged, drives my writing. I endeavour to insert poetic prose into my fiction.

I belong to writing groups and have several critique partners, all of whom help to keep me on-track and well edited. I live in New Zealand along with four million people and a number of hobbits.

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