Update on a few Writing Projects

Well April was one of those months were I am waiting to hear back on submissions I sent in.


Moonlight Masquerade, my short M/M Contemporary (formally in the anthology, On Valentine’s Day) is at publishers for consideration.

Finding Home, my extended M/M Paranormal story (formally in Hot Summer Fun anthology) is just about to go out for submission consideration. Just finishing up the few issues I discovered with my last pass through it.

I am a quarter way through The Magic of Love (Devon Falls Book #6) and I am eager to get this one to my publisher by June for a possible Christmas release this year. This is the book of my heart where I give the readers a story of strength from the ashes, a phoenix rising sort of thing. I am looking forward to sharing this one with you as well.

After that one is done I am thinking of going back to fantasy with a story about magic, wizards, quests and of course, romance. Or another Devon Falls book since I have a few characters clamoring for their stories…or I can finally finish those pesky downright naughty space pirates that keep having me bang my  head against the wall.
Whatever I do, I hope you, readers, join me on this journey as I try to up my writing schedule in between doctor appointment, family/kids, work and real life. 🙂 Thank you for buying my books and for enjoying them.



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