Updates from Raine’s Writing Desk

So sorry I haven’t been around but I have been dealing with RL issues and I am finally able to breathe after three months of stress. So now I am back at the grind with plot bunnies coming out of my ears and books I am trying to finish up for submission.

First I got ‘Moonlight Masquerade’ my short story Contemporary M/M that was in On Valentine’s Day anthology back and I polished it up and sent it off to publishers for consideration.

Next I am working on my paranormal M/M that was in Hot Summer Fun Anthology. This one I am fleshing out more and hoping to have a new series with it. Looking to submit that one by June.

Finally I am back in Devon Falls with a story from the heart, one that has me crying one minute & the next smiling like a loon. Meet Mia, my plucky heroine who is escaping an abusive relationship and trying to start over in Devon Falls, She is opening her bookstore and hoping to live quietly there while she licks her wounds and heals her heart. She just never anticipated Devlin St. Cloud to stir her up and make her want things that have seemed so out of reach. I am enjoying writing this one as it is one story I have been itching to write since I first started Devon Falls. Mia, Devlin and the rest of my beloved characters are looking forward to meeting the readers soon. I hope to get this into my publisher by June at the earliest.


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