25 Days of Holiday Fun with Trinity Blacio/Giveaway

The Virgin Witch Final - Copy

Talking with author Trinity Blacio….who also is giving away either a pdf e-copy or if you like print, a print book to one lucky reader. Please note that the print book will come after the new year from Trinity.Just leave a comment or question for Trinity to be entered.

If you could ask Santa for one thing, what would it be and why? To have one book hit the New York top 100 list or a new car.

What is your favorite holiday candy? Hmm, candy canes.

It’s the season of Egg Nog. Do you prefer it with rum, without alcohol or can’t stand the stuff? If I’m going to drink has to be Whisky. Rum yuck.

What is one of your holiday traditions to do each year? Christmas cards love to send them out.

If you could kiss any character under the mistletoe, who would it be? Akaos from my first book in my series, Masters of the Cats, loved that man.

Holiday cookies are my favorite to bake each year. Do you have a favorite holiday cookie that you enjoy each year? Wedding cookies I think their called. They are covered in white powder sugar, round and small…OMG! Keep them away from me this year. I’m on a diet!

 The Virgin Witch Final - Copy

The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King: Wedding Times Four by Trinity Blacio

Riverdale Ave Books

Erotic, Ménage, Paranormal

Heat level for book is adult, but for excerpt PG

In the midst of war, love transcends all.

It was written long ago she was made for Edward the Vampire King. But they failed to mention the last part of the ancient scroll where Beth would also mate with two werewolf brothers and a prehistoric vampire. When the four of them join forces to protect her, love her and drive her crazy, Beth knows she’s in trouble. Death threats are coming in every day, but Beth has a wedding to plan, hers. Not with one man, but four.

Edward had always been a patience man, but after his woman is kidnapped twice and shot at he was ready to rip someone apart. However, he wasn’t the only one.

Dred and Rock Nester are brothers and werewolves. Both of them were hired to guard the King’s woman. The only problem is she’s also their mate.

Lucas, one of the original vampires, and mate to Beth Roman, wakes up to a new world and a human witch standing before him. A war is brewing around them, but his only concern was her safety.  Nothing or no one would harm their woman, even if he had to coexist with the other men.

Teaser excerpt:

Eleven months and three weeks ago to the day, Beth Roman had set out on a journey that she thought would end her life. Instead, here she stood staring out the window of her new home – well new to her – a 300 year-old castle, with over 40 bedrooms, three kitchens and 16 bathrooms. And that was just the main building which was now her place of residence.

She had yet to explore it all, but it still seemed cold and foreign to her. Even after adding what she could for decorations around the place, it didn’t seem to warm up much. Every time Beth went around a corner, someone she didn’t know would be there, checking her out or just plain watching her. It was irritating and scary.

For the past three months, she’d been waiting for Nora, her best friend. Edward kept promising her that she was okay, and that Nora would be there as soon as soon as it was possible, but still nothing. Not only was Beth worried, but now she was getting pissed off.

Her life was complicated now. Beth wanted things to be simple and she wanted her friend back.

She turned away from the window and stared at her desk. It was solid Oak, just like she had asked for, but what lay on top of it was what really set her off. People ought to know not to get a redhead witch angry.

The invitation for their wedding had arrived in the mail and it was nothing like the one she’d chosen. As a matter of fact, the date wasn’t even right, not to mention the color was not what she picked. Both she and Edward had written their own words, but that was gone too.

Glaring at the open invite, Beth stomped over to the desk and grabbed the ugly thing. “Who the hell ever heard of a gray wedding invitation?” she snarled and looked down at the printed words:



Edward Vanderson III


Beth Roman

Request your presence on December24, the year of 2020

For their human joining at 12:00P.M.

at the Kings Hall.

“Human joining!! Who the hell is going to come to a wedding on Christmas Eve!” she screeched and stared at the offending invite. Smoke rose up and she glared at it as the paper slowly burned in her hand before it disappeared. Small black flakes floated in the air around her.

The door flew open with a bang and Beth’s drop dead gorgeous guard, Dred Nester, stood there with his gun drawn, ready to take out anyone who threatened her. She shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine Dred, just had one of my moments.”

Over the past year, Beth had grown real close to the Nester brothers. Both Dred and Rock were almost as close to her as Nora. Beth just wished her sex drive would shut up when they were around. Thank God she could hide some of her arousal, but even Beth couldn’t hide her scent and they were always sniffing round her.

There he went sniffing the air, before turning his gaze on her. “You didn’t turn anyone to ash now, did you?” Dred winked at her and put his pistol back in his holster.

“You know I didn’t. It’s just me, like it always is, sitting in my ivory tower. I hate this. I should be out shopping for Christmas, but I can’t do anything with so many threats.” She plopped down on the chair behind her desk.

“Who did you give the invites to after I approved of them?” she asked, glaring at him. “I know it was a while ago, so if you can’t remember…”

“Avril took them and said he’d make sure everything was done, why? Did he do something wrong?” He sat on the corner of her desk in front her as his brother came in behind him.

Not wanting to cause trouble for Edward’s steward, Beth waved her hand and got up to walk toward the window again, hiding her face. One thing about Dred and Rock, they always knew she was lying with one look. “It’s nothing. I’m sure Edward wanted the changes.”

 About the Author

Trinity Blacio has been writing now professionally for ten years. Currently she has available titles from Freya’s Bower, Ravenous Romance, and Riverdale Anenue Books with more to come. She is always excited to be writing, hearing from readers, and helping fellow authors.

One of Trinity’s strongest beliefs is that no matter how small or big an author is, they should always help each other in the profession. With this idea in mind she has created a place where authors, editors, publishers, and anyone in the publishing business can come together to help each other.

She lives in Wellington, Ohio and shares with her two children, Cheyenne and Rudy, two cats Smokey and Missy. When Trinity has time you can find her reading all sorts of romance novels. But as you have figured out her favorite are Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Menage, Erotic Horror.

Stalk Trinity on the web at….

Website / Publishing Trove Yahoo Group / Realms of Sci Fi Yahoo Group / Blog


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