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Hi and welcome to my blog, Lisa M. Owens. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  Well, hello there, boys. Tell me, where did you find the loincloths? Anymore, those are getting hard to find! Come here and let me take those muscled bodies for a test drive!

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out? If Only is my first published novel and it is about a woman who made the worst mistake of her life. She walked out on her fiancé and into the arms of a charming and handsome stranger. Five years later, she is divorced and starts thinking about the one she let get away. And she wonders what would have happened if she would have married him instead. 

How would you describe yourself using only five words? Stubbornly stubborn, romantic, friendly, saucy

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Chocolate, an addiction yet it always manages to go straight to my hips. My name is Lisa and I am a chocoholic. Anything with a sinful fragrance: scented candles, bubble bath, body lotion. My favorite indulgence is body lotion and shower gel with the same fragrance from Victoria’s Secret. It’s called Love Spell and the aroma is to die for!!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Not sure if I would want to live there, but one thing I have always wanted to do was to be on a working ranch and watch cowboys in action. Be a witness to the day-to-day activities and write a series about them. Dairy farms, cattle ranchers, horse trainers, rodeo riders, etc.

Is music a factor for you while you are writing? Do certain songs put you in the right frame of mind to write certain stories? Sometimes I seem to write better with music and other days, I seem to write better without. It just depends on the day and how the ideas are flowing. For difficult scenes, like the confrontational scenes in my book, listening to Pink, Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson helped me to get in that angry frame of mind. For more romantic scenes, I find myself listening to Celine Dion, Mariah Carey. More romantic songs to help me get into the mood.

What is the strangest source of writing inspiration you’ve ever had? I have had story ideas come to me in dreams. For me personally, that was pretty odd.

Are your characters able to love or do they need to be taught? In If Only, they were already able to love since they had loved each other before. In a book that I am currently writing, my hero has been wounded by a woman that he cared deeply about and so it takes more of an effort for him to open up his heart to somebody new.

I think it depends on the book and the characters. Like people, every character is different.

What can readers expect next from you?

I am currently working on the second book in this series, titled What If. It is about a woman who married for love instead of for money. Fourteen years later, she is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, a husband who can’t keep a job and she is drowning in debt. When she wonders what would have happened if she would have married for money instead, she quickly discovers that having money isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Now she has to find her way home before her husband and daughter are lost to her forever.

I am also working on a story about a wounded Marine who returns home from Afghanistan to discover that his wife has abandoned him when he needed her the most. He finds comfort in the arms of another woman, an artist with abandonment issues of her own. But can two wounded souls break through the battered barriers of each other’s hearts?


 If Only by Lisa M. Owens

Buy If Only  ebook/dp/B00ASOMPH4/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356572772&sr=1-1&keywords=If+Only+by+Lisa+M.+Owens

What would you do if you had the opportunity to go back and relive your greatest mistake?

Five years ago, Bree Sexton walked out on her fiancé and into the arms of a charming and handsome stranger. She has regretted her decision ever since. Instead of a fairy-tale marriage, her “prince” shattered her dreams and her spirit with physical violence and emotional cruelty she barely escaped.

She then mysteriously wakes up in bed with the fiancé she loved and left, the life she’d dreamed of now a reality, until her cruel ex-husband reappears to destroy her new life. But what is real, and what is make-believe? Is she really getting the chance she has always dreamed of? And when it is all said and done, will she finally end up with the man she has always regretted leaving? Or will she wake up to discover herself alone?

Teaser Excerpt:

She pushed her hands against Scott’s muscular chest, knocking him backward onto the bed. He just lay there for a minute in stunned silence before grinning wickedly. She gave her husband a sly wink as she grabbed the hem of his navy polo shirt and pulled it over his head. Grasping it by the collar, she twirled it above her head before tossing it onto the carpet.

He reached for her, but she quickly swatted his hands away.

“Not yet, big boy,” she murmured with feminine satisfaction. She grasped the hem of her chemise and removed it in one swift motion. Using her discarded chemise as a rope, she tied her husband’s hands and then brought them up above his head, leaving him completely helpless against her.

Bree pressed her body against his, her breasts heaving against his massive chest. She grabbed him by the shoulders, moving her body up and down in a fluid motion, causing her nipples to rub provocatively against his broad frame. Scott writhed in agony underneath her. He groaned, his body responding to her each and every touch. He tried to reach for her, but with his hands bound, his attempts were in vain.

She chuckled as her fingers danced across his chest, his body tightening at her touch. Her fingertips grazed one dark nipple, her mouth coming down to encircle the tight bud with her tongue, and then continuing on to the other. Then she began to suckle greedily as her hands went farther south, reaching for the fly of his stone-washed blue jeans.

Bree’s fingertips brushed against the coarse fabric, and she grinned with pleasure as he swelled beneath her hand. She unsnapped his jeans and then reached for his zipper.

Her right hand traveled up his chiseled chest. She caressed his rippled muscles, her fingertips investigating each and every inch of his exquisite masculine body. Then her left hand wandered inside his jeans, exploring the rigid core of his masculinity. Her fingers stroked the length of his shaft, reveling in the size and strength.

Scott groaned as his body shifted beneath Bree. “Woman, do you know what you’re doing?” he questioned, his voice rough.

Bree gazed up at him innocently, her emerald green eyes wide with mischief. “I’m playing with my new toy,” she murmured with a devilish grin. She bit on her lower lip as she looked over at her husband. “Although, I would probably have more fun if I had somebody to play with me.” She pouted.

Her husband grinned up at her as he held out his tied hands for her inspection. He sighed. “And I can’t play with you because my hands are tied. Literally,” he stated with a rueful look on his face.

 About the Author

The writing bug bit Lisa M. Owens at an early age; she was writing short stories and poetry by the age of seven. At the age of eight, she entered a writing contest at her elementary school. About fifty books were written, but Lisa was one of the thirteen writers chosen who received a certificate and the chance to meet Oklahoma writer Sandy Miller.

A former victim of domestic violence herself, Lisa worked at the courthouse for over seven years. Almost three of those years she worked on the Marriage License/Protective Order desk. She helped women file protective orders and worked closely with the staff and counselors at DVIS.

Frustrated with books that merely gloss over the subject of domestic violence, Lisa wanted to write a book that told the entire story. Her dream is for her words to help give someone the courage to leave an abusive relationship.

She resides in Oklahoma and has two children. This is her first published novel, and she is currently working on the next novel of her If Only series.

Lisa enjoys hearing from her readers and can be reached at P.O. Box 9643, Tulsa, OK 74157-0643, or by e-mail, She can also be contacted on her website,

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