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The Other Woman by Darlene P. Winston

Publisher: Sweet Cravings Publishing

Genre: Mainstream Fiction, Contemporary

Heat Rating: Sensual

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Krys Harriston has what every girl wants—a good job, a handsome hardworking husband, two beautiful kids and a loving home…everything that makes her happy. But there’s another woman out for revenge trying to break up her marriage, and this is one woman Krys may not be able to compete with. Her husband, Cameron, never imagined that the one person who loves him unconditionally is the very one causing his world to come crashing down around him. Does he have enough strength to fight the evil forces and save his marriage or will he allow it all to slip away?

Teaser Excerpt:

  “Baby, I know this is hard for you, but what about what it’s doing to us? We’re torn apart too. If it’ll make you feel better, go to her.”

  “It’s not that simple, I’ve already tried that.”

  “So, what about us, Cameron? Are you going to throw us away because there’s a rift between your parents?”

  “Rift between my parents? Is that all you see? Can’t you see that their marriage could be in jeopardy because of me? Forty-some-odd years down the tube because of me! Do you know how hard it is to live with that?”

  “Cameron, you aren’t the cause of your parents’ problem, your mother is.”

   He looked at her as if she had three heads. “Krys, please.”

  “So that’s it, Cameron? You no longer give a damn about us.” It was a statement rather a question.

   “Please!” he said as he grabbed his head with both hands. “Please let me deal with this my way, okay?”

   “Okay, Cameron,” she said barely above a whisper, “You deal with it your way. But you’re going to have to deal with it alone because I’m not taking this shit.”

    He looked up at her. “Are you leaving?”

   She looked at him and then said, “No, I’m not leaving.” She pointed at him. “You are.”


   She got up to go to the bathroom. “You heard me, I’m tired of feeling like a stranger in my own home. Get your shit and get out!” With that, she slammed the bathroom door.

   Krys knew he must have been stunned at her ultimatum. Finally he followed her into the bathroom and stopped beside her as she stood brushing her teeth.

   “What good will my moving out do? What about the kids?” He stepped back to lean against the door jamb.

    Krys looked over at him as she leaned over the sink to rinse her mouth. If he could have read her mind, he would have heard her ask, Lord, where is my husband because this specimen standing before me sure isn’t the one I married? She reached for a towel. She wiped her mouth and continued to eye him. She stepped around him and walked out of the bathroom and got in the bed.

   Cameron stood in the bathroom door. “Krys, I asked you a question.”

  “Damn it, Cameron, the good it’ll do is I’ll have some peace of mind. And as for the kids, they’ll be just fine. You can come by to pick them up and spend as much time with them as you want.”

  “And what will this do to them?”

 “What will you staying do to or for them, Cameron? Do you think that they haven’t noticed the difference in our relationship?” She started to cry again. Damn it, the tears just keep coming, she thought. “What do you think that is doing to them?”

   He moved over to her and tried to wrap his arms around her. She held up her hand to stop him.      


  “I’m sorry, baby.”

  “Me, too, Cameron.” At that moment she couldn’t contain the tears and all hell broke loose.    

  “But, you know what? Sorry, doesn’t fucking help the way I’ve been feeling these past few weeks!” She wiped at the tears that continued to fall no matter how hard she willed them not to.   

  “Sorry doesn’t excuse your actions toward me. Sorry doesn’t make me want to stay with your sorry ass after you swore to me that you’dforsake all others for me. Sorry hasn’t wrapped an arm around me at night nor has it given me an orgasm. Sorry sure as hell doesn’t make me think that you deserve my love after the way you’ve been treating me.

   “Well, guess what? I’m sorry, too, Cameron, sorry that I’ve put up with your mother’s shit just to save face with you. Maybe if I’d told her ass off the very first time she looked down her nose at me we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’m just so fucking sorry to have to put your ass out, but you know what? You’ve got to go. And when you realize that your mother can only be your mother and not your lover and friend then you let me know what you’ve decided to do about this situation.” She paused long enough to draw breath into her lungs. This time she spoke more calmly, “So Cameron, I say again, get your shit and get out.”


About the Author: 

DARLENE P. WINSTON is a native of Waverly, Virginia. She is an avid reader and spent much of her adolescence at the local library, where she got excited about books and the power of words. She earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Virginia Union University inRichmond and years later she returned to school for a master’s in Business with a concentration in Information Technology Management fromTouro University International. Currently Darlene resides in Chester, Virginia with her husband, son and their dog and she has a daughter in college. Darlene loves bowling, traveling and spending time with her husband and two kids when their busy schedules permit. She works full time for a large insurance company.

website: http://www.darlene-p-winston.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pagedarlenepwinston/181688095321353




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