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Suspiciously Obedient by Julia Kent

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent comes the second book in her “Obedient” trilogy:


A fake persona with very real emotions…

As “Matt Jones,” CEO playboy Michael Bournham has just stumbled into his wildest dream and worst nightmare while playing a middle-management employee role for a reality television stunt. Getting caught making love with his administrative assistant, Lydia Charles, on camera let unscrupulous Hollywood producers blackmail him before launching the video on YouTube. Fired from his job and ridiculed on social media, Mike needs to hit “reboot” on his life. Hiding Lydia away in Iceland with a made-up job, he sends his best friend Jeremy to watch over her. Meanwhile, he disguises himself once more and booked a cabin at Lydia’s family’s campground in Maine, to immerse himself in her world.

A best friend with deeper intentions…

After more than a decade of world travel and hedonistic fun, dot-com millionaire Jeremy wants more out of his friendship with Mike, but more than that – he wants Lydia. Struck by her beauty and essence, he follows Mike’s order and obeys, courting her with a friendship that quickly becomes a deeper bond, charged by Lydia’s fantasies about him – and Mike. Unable to resist, he becomes her confidante and bedmate, helping her to come to grips with her impulsive decisions and to find her way back home to Maine.

A woman torn by desire…

Lydia accepts the move to Iceland to become the Director of Communications for European Operations not realizing it’s a sham position Michael Bournham created to help hide her from the firestorm of the viral sex tape. Living in a new country should be fun, but side glances and whispers from her new Icelandic employees dig at her. Ignored by her new boss at Bournham Industries, Lydia’s disenchantment with her bold move is softened only by Jeremy’s appearance. Wild and loose, he fills a void in her life – and soon fills her bed.

When she decides there’s no place like home, the new couple embarks for her family’s campground – and Jeremy’s suspicious obedience will be revealed.


USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent turned to writing romance novels after learning that she could not work as a fighter pilot because her fear of flying disqualified her. Turning to her second love, she became a dog groomer, but had to abandon that job after adopting too many strays. Writing about very real, very flawed people is a natural extension of her life and, well, her. She lives on the east coast with her partner, two small children, seventeen dogs that weigh less than fifteen pounds each, and a monthly consumption of Nutella, brie and french bread that makes cardiologists cringe.

She is originally from Ohio.

She loves to hear from her readers by email at, on Twitter @jkentauthor, and on Facebook at Visit my blog at



Welcome Valerie J. Clarizio

CookiesforSantaFINALHi and welcome to my blog, Valerie J. Clarizio . Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out? 

Currently, I’m working on the third novella in the Nick Spinelli Mystery series.  The first novella, Cookies for Santa was released by Melange Books in November of 2012.  The second novella in the series, Craving Vengeance, is set for release in fall of this year.

Two weeks ago, I signed with Whiskey Creek Press for two of my full-length novels.  The first novel, Unforeseen Obsessions, is a romantic suspense, and the second novel, Taken by Surprise, is a women’s fiction novel with romantic and suspense elements.

Lastly, I’m just finishing a contemporary romance, Plan Interrupted, in which I will soon be querying for agent representation.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Oh yes, dark chocolate.  I keep private stashes and use it as rewards for meeting goals.

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you. 

I never read for pleasure until about five years ago.  I can count on one hand how many fiction books I read prior to that.  A friend of mine handed me a Janet Evanovich book one day and urged me to give it a shot.  I not only read that one, but within one year’s time, I had read everything Evanovich wrote, as well as most of JA Konrath’s books.  I believe I logged over 50 books read in that year.

Is there something special you do to celebrate when one of your books is released?  

Not really, I just smile a lot, and sneak some dark chocolate from my private stash.

Could you tell us a couple of favorite books that inspired you to write? 

I kind of touched on this already but…the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series, and the JA Konrath Jack Daniels series, are what really got me started.

If you could collaborate with one author who would it be? 

JA Konrath, I think he has a twisted mind like mine.

Are your characters able to love or do they need to be taught? 

My main characters are able to love, but without a doubt, they need help to unleash it.

Thanks for coming. Is there anything else you want to add? 

Check out my website/blog for news about upcoming releases, blurbs, and testimonials :

You can also find me at:

Twitter:  @VClarizio



Cookies for Santa (Think Christmas in July)

Book blurb:

Detective Spinelli’s life is tossed sideways when he is reassigned from the Homicide division to assist in the Child Services division of the Social Services Department for the holiday season. From the beginning, Spinelli and Caseworker Shannon O’Hara generate their own kind of fireworks, causing more than the normal workplace stress. They both have their own philosophies for dealing with the clientele. However, the forces of nature have their own plan for Spinelli and Shannon.

Shannon moonlights as Santa Claus’ little helper at the mall, and when Santa and an elf turn up dead Shannon appears to be next on the killer’s list. Spinelli is placed back on homicide and goes undercover as Santa to help capture the killer. He catches a great deal of grief along the way but will he capture the heart of his little Santa’s helper as well?

Kindle and print versions available at Amazon:

Welcome Mysti Parker

heartsinexile-coverHearts in Exile (Tallenmere #3) by Mysti Parker

Fantasy Romance

Categories: Action/Adventure

Publisher: Melange Books

Release Date: May 26, 2013

Heat Level: Steamy

Word Count: 124,000

Available at:

Amazon | B&N

The ‘Tallenmere’ Series is available at Melange Books, Amazon, B&N and many other online bookstores.

A Ranger’s Tale (Tallenmere #1)

Serenya’s Song (Tallenmere #2)


In Tallenmere, fate has a way of catching up with you…

Somewhere, hidden in the waters of the Southern Sea, lies an island unlike any other. Within the amber glow of its pyrogem-laden cliffs, legend says the very heart of the dragon god Drae keeps the island, and its occupants, alive.

Loralee Munroviel, daughter of Leogard’s High Priestess Arianne, had no idea what she would face when she arrived by boat ten years ago and was left alone in exile. All she knew about Draekoria’s inhabitants was written in one tattered notebook. Now, her life revolves around keeping Drae’s descendants happy. Never in her life did she imagine being a Dragon Keeper.

Captain Igrorio Everlyn, known as Sir Robert to his unit of Holy Paladins, has faced his share of hell, battling the evils of Emperor Sarvonn’s tyranny and the dark god Tyr’s abominations. But none of that compares to the ten years of hell he’s been without Loralee, presumed dead.

One freak storm changes everything. Now the two of them must fight to reestablish the delicate balance of the island before the dragons take things into their own hands. Through it all, they discover the secrets that kept them, and their hearts, exiled for a decade.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

 Teaser Excerpt:

After a shipwreck, Sir Robert wakes up in a strange cottage, only to find Loralee, the love of his life, whom he thought had been dead for a decade… 

“I don’t understand. What is this place?”

“It’s an island. Very few know of its existence.”

I shook my head, trying to clear the fog of this confusing dream come to life. “But, why would you be here, and why would you be sorry? Unless…”

The words wouldn’t come. My racing mind pitched in to help. Unless she didn’t want to marry me after all.

Wrenching pain I’d kept tucked inside broke free, and I clambered to my feet. Loralee followed suit, backing herself into the small dining table.

I tried, but could not hide the bitter anger in my words. “How could you do this to me? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through?”

Her eyes widened. She clutched the table with one hand and her robe with the other. “What you’ve been through? I didn’t want this. I was forced here.”

“What do you mean, forced here? Where are your shackles?” My voice roared through the little cottage as I gestured around me with one arm. “Where are the bars? This looks like no prison I’ve ever seen.”

Her voice cracked the air, rivaling with my own. “I was betrayed, forced into exile. Don’t you understand? I never wanted to leave you. I never wanted anything so much as I wanted you.”

Pacing away, I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I had to calm myself, to let the weight of this discovery, the improbability of her explanation to sink into my water-logged brain.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at her just yet, so I stared at my bare feet instead. “Why didn’t you tell me, write to me?”

“I tried. I begged the supply ship crew to bring my letters to you. They always took them, but never brought one in return. I suspect they destroyed them, but I had no way of knowing.” She sucked in a shaky breath as though trying to hold back her tears. “I never stopped loving you.”

Turning back to face her, I felt like a mindless beast. Here I was, raging against the love of my life when she’d all but been brought back from the dead.

“Loralee.” I eased toward her. She cringed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Without a word, I leaned in and pressed my forehead to hers, allowing myself to breathe in her scent for the first time in a decade. We stood suspended like that for a while, lost in time, and emerging from a purgatory neither of us had imagined ten years ago. I would have been content to stand like that forever, but Loralee burst into tears and wilted to the floor.

I followed her down and opened the quilt to wrap us both inside. I held her tight while she cried.

While I cried.

I finally got enough breath to speak again. “What did you mean by forced here? They told me you were…” I couldn’t say it, not with her warm and so very alive against me.

“I know.”

The weight of it all came crashing down on me. “This is my fault, isn’t it? You’re here because of me.”

She made no attempt to wipe her cheeks, but shook her head and stared at the rafters as though entreating the gods. “No, it’s not your fault. Not at all. There is so much to explain, I don’t know where to start.”

I couldn’t comprehend any of it, so I focused on the here and now. “You found me on the shore?”

She nodded.

“The crew, Francis…did you find anyone else out there?”

“No, I had Xax-, I mean, no, I searched but didn’t find anyone else.”

The familiar weight of grief squeezed my chest, and a few more tears escaped before I could stop them.

She pulled me close and whispered, “I’m so sorry. I know how much you loved him. We all did.”

“We all grieved for you. You’ve been here…all this time?”


“By the gods, Loralee, I’ve missed you so much.” I put my wet cheek against hers and pressed my lips to her soft skin. “Part of me died the day I thought you… please…just tell me how you ended up here.”

Loralee took a few deep breaths and finally pulled away from me. She caressed my cheek and smiled weakly.  “I’ll make us a pot of tea. And then, I think we should start at the beginning, back to the Great Plague and when we first met. Do you remember that?”

Smiling past the sadness, I covered her hand with mine and closed my eyes. “How could I ever forget?”


 About the Author

Mysti Parker (pseudonym) is a full time wife, mother of three, and a writer. Her first novel, A Ranger’s Tale was published in January, 2011 by Melange Books, and the second in the fantasy romance series,Serenya’s Song, was published in April 2012. The highly anticipated third book, Hearts in Exile, has already received some great reviews. The ‘Tallenmere Series’ has been likened to Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’ series, but is probably closer to a spicy cross between Tolkien and Mercedes Lackey.

Mysti’s other writings have appeared in the anthologies Hearts of Tomorrow, Christmas Lites, and Christmas Lites II. Her flash fiction has appeared on the online magazine EveryDayFiction. She has also served as a class mentor in WritersVillageUniversity’s six week free course, F2K.

Mysti reviews books for SQ Magazine, an online specific publication, and is the proud owner of Unwritten, a blog voted #3 for eCollegeFinder’s Top Writing Blogs award. She resides in Buckner, KY with her husband and three children.

Connect with Mysti Parker

Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Prize is 1 eBook copy of “Hearts in Exile” (Int); 1 autographed print copy of “Hearts in Exile” (US/Canada). Contest endsJuly 14. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.


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Welcome Sarah Cass

DerailedCover_MEDDerailed by Sarah Cass

Dominion Falls Series Book Two

Secret Cravings Publishing

Buy at: Publisher / Amazon / B&N / Goodreads

The sins of a past she can’t remember could destroy a present she’ll never forget.

The crimes of her forgotten past threaten the very life Jane Doe has learned to cherish.

Jane is out of time. With a warrant on her head, a maniac out for her blood, and a secret baby on the way, something has to give.

Without Cole Mitchell’s help to find the answers, there may be no hope left.

Cole has nowhere left to hide. He unwittingly let Jane into his heart, and is ready to share the secret of his dark past.

Fate has a way of playing its hand, and tragedy strikes. With the world crumbling around them, it’s easy to lose faith. If they can’t forgive past sins, they have no hope for the future.

Because the noose waits for no man or woman.  

Teaser Excerpt:


She yelped when he grabbed her wrists and yanked her close. Like a startled deer, she froze in place. Then a small gasp of air and she sagged. “I’m sorry. My head. It’s racing. I don’t know what to think.”

“First off, stop worryin’ about Graham. He ain’t sendin’ no telegram.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Sure I do. After Michael broke his nose, he shut up real fast.” Cole laughed when her jaw dropped. When the amusement started to light up her features, it warmed him all the way to his toes. “Yeah. Graham was running his mouth, and Michael beat on him. He got knocked out cold.”

“Michael?” Through her tears, a laugh escaped. “He’s half Graham’s size. Goodness, he’s barely bigger than I am. How did he do that?”

“He said something about five brothers and a mean older sister.”

She shook her head with a sigh. “That is no guarantee, Cole. He could just be biding his time until he has something to get me on. He doesn’t care for me.”

“Let me worry about Graham.” He tugged her close, shoving the papers from his lap. Once she was settled there, he smirked. “Now ya got some stuff here that you gotta go through, and it’s all reading. That should excite ya.”

“You know what, Cole? I’m not excited. The more I learn about myself, the more trouble I seem to be in. I really am at a point where I don’t care anymore.”

“That don’t sound like the Jane I know.”

She snorted. “No one knows me. Not even me.”


“I’m not in the mood for arguing with you.”

“But arguin’ is what we do second best.”


He grinned at the small twitch he saw at the corner of her mouth. “And much as I’d love to remind ya what we do best…I don’t think you could handle it right now.”


“Besides, if we got ourselves hurt again because of our…best…Daisy would be awful mad.” He chuckled when she turned away as far as she could to hide her smile. “But that ain’t ever stopped me before.”

She let out a small squeal when his hand slipped under her skirt and along her thigh. Swatting at his hand, she playfully beat at his chest when he leaned in to capture her lips.

Her lips were warm and inviting. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed her touch until she was there. He pulled her close and traced the seam of her lips with his tongue. She opened up to him so fast it took his breath away, and he shifted to lay her down on the floor.

She planted her hands on his chest and pushed him back. “Wait.”


Sarah Cass’s world is regularly turned upside down by her three special-needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers, dabbling in horror, straight fiction, and urban fantasy. An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible and though she may emerge scarred, she’s also stronger. Changing Tracks is her debut novel, but she’s already ahead of the game with another novel set for release in April. While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpses into her life and art.

Where to find me:

Redefining Perfect –

Sarah’s StoryLines –

Twitter –

Facebook –

Goodreads –



Been a bit chaotic here between me being sick and then kids end of school year events to deal with. I got three books done-two new Devon Falls books and one paranormal M/M I fleshed out and made a bit longer. They are right now with my beta readers and if all goes well, I should have them submitted by beginning of August. *fingers crossed*

Welcome Author Virginnia De Parte


Hi and welcome to my blog, Virginnia De Parte. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake. 

Q. To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?

A. My next release is A Stellar Affair, the fourth in the series of the genetically altered Corban family.  This futuristic romance is the love affair of Stella, who is a child of six in Love’s Red Heart, so I’ve jumped years ahead in this novel. Stella’s talents have matured and her loyalty to her family and their continued security creates a big problem when she falls in love with a Matt Saunders, as normal and as red-blooded as they come.

 Q. How would you describe yourself in five words?

A. Intelligent, imaginative, loyal, kind and busy.

Q. If we asked your muse to describe you using five words, what do you think they would say?

A. Stubborn, driven, fanciful, opinionated and noisy!

Q. Do you have a book that was easiest to write or one that was the hardest?

A. ‘A Stellar Affair’, due out in September, was definitely the easiest to write, as by then I’d become familiar with the main characters and their traits. The hardest to write was the first, Love’s Bright Star’. I was feeling my way with the characters, building their lives and dreams and learning how to write romance with a twist of sci. fi. and adventure. 


Q. What can readers expect next from you?

A. While writing Stella’s romance, due for release in September, I created a character that appeals to me immensely.  Thomas Winter has blood-hound genes, works in the customs department searching for dangerous drugs with his dog, Buster (who is totally useless but lovable). There’s a lot more to his story than this: his other talents, his unfortunate looks and his dream of one day finding love. I’ve started his story, but have been sidetracked into writing a young adult adventure. Every few days I pop over and add a bit to Thomas’ plot line. By the time I get to him I’m sure the story will flow out of my fingertips.

Thanks for coming.  Is there anything else you want to add?

Just thank you, Raine, for this opportunity to talk about my work and myself. I wish I’d started writing years ago instead of waiting until I had the time.  To any budding writer – make the time to do it!

I have a blog: and on this I post cameo pieces with a romantic flavour; pieces that I often use as the beginning of short fiction or novels. Comments are welcomed. There is an additional page which lists my published books, their covers and excerpts.




Love’s Red Heart

For Amazon:

In the near future genetically altered individuals live among the wider population, not always trusted, wanted or even accepted. Jill Corban, a nurse from a  g-altered family is  looking for ways to control her chameleon genes. A vacation to visit her family teaches her these skills and a meeting with Dr. Michael Scott offers her a chance at the kind of love she’s given up hope of ever finding.

Their romance takes a dusty trip through the heartland of Australia, blending tales of the Dream Time with adventure. Is their attraction to each other strong enough to survive the challenges of prejudice, a time stopping rescue, and challenges to Michael’s research programme?
Can their desire survive these events and grow into love?
Discover the beauty of the Red Desert and how the power of love can change a life, for Love’s Red Heart beats within us all.
Teaser Excerpt:

They stood at the window and looked over the night lights of Alice Springs. Michael took her in his embrace, pulling her around to face him, one arm around her waist, his hand resting in the small of her back. With  his other hand he ran his fingers through her hair, brushing the long red threads from her face and moving to grasp the ends of her green silk scarf.

“May I? Can I take your hair down?” She nodded and he untangled the knot to drop the scarf to the floor before running his fingers through the topknot releasing her hair from the pins that had held it loosely in place. He cupped her chin in his palm turning her face to his, covering her lips with his. A kiss so deep and long, so overpowering in its sweet taste, it melded her body into his and their breath flowed and exchanged, their love released at last.

Michael lifted his lips from hers and murmured in her ear, “We’re wasting time.”

“I’m shy Michael. It’s so long…I’m scared I’ll disappoint you.”

“And you think I do this on a regular basis and I’m in a position to judge and make comparisons?”


“I’m as nervous as you are. Being a doctor doesn’t mean I don’t have self doubts like everyone else.”

She buried her head against his chest, a sudden onrush of anticipation causing her legs to tremble.

“Let’s just start slowly and follow where it leads us,” Michael said.

She allowed him to lead her to the edge of the bed, and stood frozen, her nervous tension making her body rigid. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as he turned off the lights and folded back the bedspread before wrapping her in his embrace once more. She shivered from either nerves or the evening chill, she didn’t know which.

“Cold? I’ll soon warm you up” and with a deep intake of breath Michael removed her pashmina shawl, slipped the straps of her sun frock off her shoulders and turned her around so he could unzip the back of her dress. He eased her frock down to the floor and in response to his gentle pressure behind each knee she lifted her feet to step out of it and kick her sandals off at the same time. Now she stood barefoot in her bra and panties and his warm hands lingered to stroke her hips before turning her around to face him. He took her hands in his and placed her palms on the front of his shirt, against the buttons.

“Your turn.”

Oh, they were taking turns? Now she had a plan to follow her shaking eased. She unbuttoned his shirt, easing it off his shoulders and taking each arm out of its sleeve tossed the shirt aside. Relaxing into the rhythm she knelt to untie his shoes, to slip his feet out and slowly peel his socks off his feet. The idea that removing socks could be so sensual had never occurred to her before.


Love’s Bright Star

For Amazon    

Thank you again, Raine. On the 9th August I will be happy to talk about the third in my series: A Talent for Loving. Until then, may your ideas keep flowing out of your fingertips!


Book Spotlight/Giveaway~ Dariel Raye’s “Torin (Dark Sentinels #2)”


Torin (Dark Sentinels #2) by Dariel Raye

Erotic Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Categories: Interracial/Multicultural

Publisher: Dariel Raye Publishing

Release Date: February 9, 2013

Heat Level: Sizzling

Word Count: 38,850

Available at:

Amazon | B&N


When greedy land developers set their sights on Dark Sentinel land, Torin turns to attorney Stephanie Bates for help, but she’ll need his protection to stay alive long enough to save his land.

Real estate lawyer, Stephanie Bates, has risen to the top of her field through meticulous sacrifice and goal setting. She has no time for distractions – and that includes pets, messy relationships, and loose ends.

Torin DuMont is a forensic scientist who chose the profession to avoid dealing with people as much as possible. Raised by a stepfather who hated him, he’s been forced to live a life of solitude, fueled by anger and distrust. When wolves and shifters start turning up dead, Torin must battle an enemy bent on destroying those he was born to protect. His greatest challenge, however, is Attorney Bates and the surprising affect she has on his heart.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

Book Trailer:


5/5 Stars

“…This was every bit as wonderful as the first, romance, sex and the constant presence of evil.  Will Torin and Steph find what Akila and Sable have? Is there hope of a mating between a sentinel and a human? Are they compatible enough to have children together? Well, I can’t wait for the next book so I can get some more answers and meet another hunky alpha and another amazing potential mate.”–Linda Tonis (Read complete review at Paranormal Romance Guild)

5/5 Stars

“Torin DuMont is larger than life, and commands attention from the first moment we meet him. He’s brash and very much an alpha male. Stephanie Bates is a hard-butt Real Estate Attorney, with some issues of her own to work out. From their first meeting these two bring out the best, and worst in each other. Their exciting adventure is full of many unexpected twists. The book will grab your attention and run away with it. Dariel Raye certainly knows how to keep the pages turning. A little over descriptive at times, but that only adds to her unique writing style. Overall Torin is a wonderful addition to the Dark Sentinel Series. Readers who enjoyed the first one {Sable}, will be blown away by this sequel. Well done, Dariel.Catrina Barton, Amazon Reivewer

5/5 Stars

“Loved this book, a lot of my questions were answered in this book. The first book was good but left me frustrated with so many questions. I’m looking forward to the third book in this series. I think this story will only get better with each book!”–AlabamaGirl, Amazon Reviewee

 Teaser Excerpt:

Who Are The Dark Sentinels?

They lived millions of years ago, fatalities of fear and prejudice. Now, answers to a prayer for survival, they are among us again. Other shifters were nearly extinct, murdered by the thousands at mostly human hands. Capable of shifting at will, without the aid of the moon’s phases, they were born to protect them. Bigger, stronger, faster, and longer living, with highly developed preternatural abilities, they are prized outsiders among their packs. Prized for their ability to protect, yet destined to live as outsiders because of the very differences necessary to prevent the pack’s extinction. 

Born to stand at the crossroads between pack-members and their slaughterers, Sentinels quickly learn that they are on their own – a different species. Born human, only two are born to each pack, male and female alphas, brother and sister. Pack members deny them mating privileges within the pack based on fear. No female wants to bear a sentinel because their lives are constantly at risk. When danger comes to the pack, they are on the front line, considered expendable. 

When they reach mating age, they leave the pack for a time to find a mate – another sentinel. What happens when a sentinel develops feelings for a human? What happens when malevolent scientists learn how to strengthen humans by using sentinel blood?  As you can imagine, with their feral nature barely beneath the surface, their wolf barely sheathed, dark sentinel passions run high. Touch, affection, and loyalty are necessary for their survival, and they are willing to go to extraordinary measures, risk everything, and break every rule for love.

Torin didn’t have to leave his spot against the wall to overhear Cindy and the unavailable Ms. Bates, despite the fact that they were intentionally speaking softly.

“…I tried to reschedule, but he won’t…and he won’t leave either! Steph, you haven’t seen him. He’s huge, and he walked in looking pissed—not a good combination. I started to call for James to escort him out of the office, but I like James, so…”

Both women shared a laugh. “No, no need for all that. You offered him another appointment. If he chooses to wait, let him wait. I’ll deal with him if he doesn’t get tired and leave.” She laughed again. “I keep saying I need a peephole in this door. You’ve piqued my curiosity now. Wish I could work him in. I’m eager to meet one of these Wild Landers I keep hearing about but never seem to run into any.”

“For the most part, they pretty much keep to themselves, but believe me, you’ll know when you see one.” Cindy sighed. “Guess I’ll go back out here and try to work while he’s glaring at me. I doubt he’s going anywhere, Steph. He seems like the stubborn type.”

“Don’t worry, Cindy. If he’s still there when it’s time for you to leave, I’ll speak to him myself and try to reschedule. In the meantime, just ignore him. Maybe he’ll take the hint and leave.”

* * *

Torin stepped outside several times to stretch his long legs, finding fewer clients waiting for Ms. Bates on each return. He’d overheard everything the lawyer and her receptionist said, but it wasn’t what she had said that bothered him; it was the timbre of her voice itself—soft, smooth, and lilting—that elicited an immediate response. Puzzled by his own involuntary reaction, he wanted to hear more of it, like a cobra drawn helplessly and nonsensically to an oboe.

He sensed the sun had gone down before he stepped over to the small window and looked out. Even in the complete darkness, his eyes did not fail him, and he saw the grounds as clearly as if daylight greeted him. Finally, one man remained in the waiting room with him, but it was well after six p.m.

He picked up the pleasant scent of mint, lemongrass, and lilies and turned just in time to see shapely legs, a voluptuous body full of promise. The warm, mocha-colored face wasn’t bad either. Clearly, it was the owner of the musical voice. His wolf bristled beneath his skin, forcing an internal battle just to remain civilized. Confusion increased his frustration. He’d never reacted to a female this way before, and certainly not a human.


About the Author

Dariel is a classically trained pianist and vocalist with a degree in piano and vocal performance and a master’s in counseling psychology from The University of Georgia. She also completed studies and passed comprehensives for a Ph.D. (ABD), and tutors algebra and statistics. She loves animals, nature, all things paranormal, and presently lives with 2 large dogs and a passel of black cats. Dariel is currently writing Dark Sentinels Book Three, two Nephilim series: The Alerians – Dark Progeny and Children of Cain, and two short stories: Kaden’s Reprieve andAshanti’s Becoming: A Summer Quickie.

Connect with Dariel Raye

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Prize is $10 Amazon or B&N Gift Card from Dariel Raye. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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