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KillerWolfsClothingcoverHi and welcome to my blog, Kelli Wilkins. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake. 

To get us started, can you tell us a little about your most recent release?

Hi, it’s nice to be here! In the summer of 2012 I had two romances come out within two weeks of each other.

My romances span every genre (contemporary, fantasy, historical, gay, and paranormal) and every heat level from mild to scorching-hot. To date, I’ve had 14 erotic romances published with Amber Quill Press. The most recent was a contemporary gay paranormal titled Killer in Wolf’s Clothing. It’s an unusual look at the werewolf legend and blends comedy with the paranormal. (I have another Amber Quill Press novella (Ultimate Night’s Delights) scheduled for release later this summer.)

In addition to my Amber Quill Press romances, also wrote a full-length historical romance, The Viking’s Witch, published by Medallion Press. I’m pleased to say it just won a Gold Independent Publisher’s Award for Best Romance e-book. This full-length novel is set in Celtic Scotland. My next Medallion Press book is scheduled for release in April/May 2014.

Summaries and links for both books are below:

Killer in Wolf’s Clothing


A super aggressive Alpha male, a serial killer, and a visit to a kinky sex club…What has Larry gotten himself into? 

When Larry learns that his boyfriend Greg changes into another man during the full moon, he has a hard time accepting it—until he meets Deke, Greg’s alternate Alpha personality.

Deke doesn’t play nice and has no time for games. He only wants two things—to get laid and to get revenge against the arsonist who murdered his friends. Finally free from Greg’s restraints, Deke is ready for action, and Larry is more than willing to submit to Deke’s needs.

Together, Larry and Deke set out to find the killer. Their hunt takes them to an all-night Alpha sex club where things heat up for the two of them. But when Larry unwittingly falls into the clutches of the murderer, it’s up to Deke—and Greg—to save him before it’s too late.

Buy link:  http://amberquill.com/AmberAllure/KillerWolfsClothing.html



The Viking’s Witch

About to be burned at the stake by her fellow villagers, Odaria does what any betrayed witch facing certain death would do. She calls down a curse. Within seconds, rampaging Norsemen raid the village, capturing everyone except her.

But her reprieve is short-lived, and Odaria lands in the clutches of the Norse leader Rothgar. Can she remain true to herself and fight her growing attraction to this domineering man, or will she fall under his influence and be used for his ambitions?

After Rothgar witnesses Odaria’s powers firsthand, he strikes a bargain with her. The raven-haired beauty will use her magical abilities to help him with his quest in exchange for safe passage off the isle. But can this cunning woman be trusted, or is she using him to exact vengeance on her village?

Together they must fight bloodthirsty villagers, battle a mutinous band of Norsemen, find a missing Norse ship, and learn to trust each other . . . before time is up.

Buy link:  http://amberquill.com/AmberAllure/KillerWolfsClothing.html http://medallionmediagroup.com/books/the-vikings-witch/
Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

I write all my books in longhand with pen and paper. After the rough draft is done, I revise the story as I type it, then go back and make more detailed edits.
If someone hasn’t read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why?

That depends on what genre they like to read. My romances include almost all genres, and the heat levels vary from mildly sensual to sizzling.

Historical readers would love The Viking’s Witch. It’s a spicy historical novel set in Celtic Scotland. Or, if they like Gothic-style novellas, they could spend time with The Dark Lord.

Readers of fantasy would like either A Most Unusual Princess (mild heat level) and/or A Midsummer Night’s Delights (super sizzling-hot). (Both books spawned sequels!)

Contemporary romance readers can fall in love with the heroes from The Sexy Stranger, A Perfect Match, or Trust with Hearts.

Paranormal lovers would like Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover, or my paranormal/comedy, Beauty & the Bigfoot. (Yes, it’s a Bigfoot romance!)

And readers of M/M romances would like Four Days with Jack (contemporary) or Killer in Wolf’s Clothing (paranormal). I like to say I have romances for everyone!

Book summaries, excerpts, and reviews for all of my romances are on my site: http://www.KelliWilkins.com.


Is there something special you do to celebrate when one of your books is released? 

Not really. As soon as the book is available, I start ramping up the promos like crazy! I’m posting blogs, social media updates, sending out press releases, interview and review requests, etc. When I completely finish a book and send it to the publisher, I relax and give myself a week off and not focus on writing. Or, sometimes I switch things up and write a horror story!

What is the strangest source of writing inspiration you’ve ever had?

This isn’t too strange (at least not for me) but several of my books (or book ideas) came to me in dreams. One morning I woke up and the entire book A Perfect Match was in my head – the characters, dialog, and scenes – everything. I grabbed a pen and paper and started writing it all down before it went away. 

Do you have a book that was easiest to write or one that was the hardest?
The easiest (or best) part of being a writer is having the freedom to invent whatever I want. I love the process of writing the story. Creating characters, worlds for the characters to live in, and telling the story of their adventures is a lot of fun.

However, once the “fun” part of writing is over, then the real “work” begins. Revising, editing, and proofreading the story is necessary, but it’s not terribly creative. You have to pull yourself out of the story and focus on wording, the plot, and other details that make the story “work” as a whole. This painstaking and not-so-favorite part of the process has its rewards in the end, though. I have a phrase I use when I’ve finished a story: “I love having written.” This means I love having it all finished, polished, and done!

Most of my books have been easy (and fun) to write. Beauty & the Bigfoot was a lot of fun to write – partially because it was a comedy with wacky characters, and partially because the plot was just…. strange!

I don’t think any of my books have been “hard” because I don’t sit down to write the story until I know I’m ready. Longer, full-length novels (A Perfect Match, The Pauper Prince, The Viking’s Witch) are harder to write in the sense that they’re longer and take more time to write, edit, revise, etc. I don’t control the length of the stories, though. I keep writing until I come to the end.


What can readers expect next from you?

I just finished another historical/fantasy for Amber Quill Press. Ultimate Night’s Delights is the last book in a series that includes A Midsummer Night’s Delights and A Midwinter Night’s Delights. The first book starts out “straight” then readers are quickly drawn into a world of swapping, naughty games, and anything goes, including M/M and ménage. Although all the books are connected, they stand alone as individual reads. Ultimate Night’s Delights should be released sometime this summer. (I encourage readers to check out both of the previous books – excerpts, blurbs, and reviews are on my site.)


Thanks for coming. Is there anything else you want to add?  

Readers can learn more about my writings and follow me on these sites: 

Website: www.KelliWilkins.com

Blog: http://kelliwilkinsauthor.blogspot.com/

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Kelli-A.-Wilkins/e/B001JSAB24/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Amber Quill Press Author page: http://amberquill.com/AmberHeat/bio_Wilkins.html

Medallion Press Author Page: http://medallionmediagroup.com/author/kelli-wilkins/

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/@KWilkinsauthor

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1123678.Kelli_A_Wilkins

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kelli.wilkins1 

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with everyone! I love hearing from readers and invite folks to contact me. Let me know your favorite book, character, or scene from any of my romances (or horror stories!). 

Happy Reading,




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