Release Blitz~ Violent Silence

Violent Silence by Paul MayersbergViolent Silence by Paul Mayersberg

Pandora Hammond is a contented married mother. Contented, that is, until she has a random and wildly passionate encounter with a complete stranger in an exclusive Los Angeles hotel. Far away in the Arizona desert, Pandora’s husband Alec is at work on a movie, when a young woman – a girl he has been having an affair with – a dies on set during a stunt. These two events are connected by enigmatic daredevil Charles Wildman, who crashes into their world. Cars, terror tactics, sensory deprivation and guns – all are deployed in the war to win Pandora, body and soul of Pandora.

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He had been there on Tuesday morning sitting alone at the same table in the dining room. After the game Pandora had a late breakfast with her tennis partner, Beverly, who was the mother of a school friend of her daughter. She liked the room in the Bel Air Hotel. It was old-fashioned, luxurious, a large dining room in pale green and pink. Apple and salmon were two of her favorite colors.

Today was Friday and she was back with Beverly. The man looked at her frequently. When she looked back at him she had to smile. It was acceptable as a conventional smile of recognition. The fact was she liked the look of him. He seemed to epitomize the cool Californian man. He had a tanned, bland intelligence. Pandora came from New Hampshire. She had married a young architect, Alec Hammond, thirteen years ago.

They had moved out to Los Angeles. Their daughter Paulette had been born here twelve years ago, and they had stayed.

More than her marriage, the birth of Paulette had changed Pandora, turned her into the stable woman she now was. Her father, Alfred Harten, was a nineteenth century man. He inherited wealth which allowed him to pursue his private interest in classical Greek and Roman culture. After the death of her mother when she was six, Harten retreated into a world of his own. Little Pandora grew up privileged, in a large old farm-house, alone except for a succession of English nannies and her pony, Smoky. At school she had been a rebel. In college she had had a few brushes with the law over drugs. Wayward, was her father’s word for her.

Glancing again at the man across the dining room Pandora remembered her early troubles with men, escapades that had upset her father. She had been promiscuous. She had taken risks, but for some reason had never gotten pregnant. For a time she thought she never would. She was relieved. But it worried her that she might die childless.

Pandora met Alec Hammond when her father hired a firm of architects to convert two barns into a guesthouse on the Harten estate. She had liked him immediately. He was a serious young man, different from the men in her crowd. He was not sarcastic. He was mature. He had goals in life. He had had to struggle. He didn’t have a chip on his shoulder. But above all he had an innocent air. He was clean and fresh. She liked that. Alec Hammond lifted what she saw as the curse of sterility from her life. He made her pregnant. He gave her Paulette. For that she loved him. He made her happy. She became content.

The man was still in the dining room at eleven thirty when Beverly had to go. The place was empty apart from him. The waiters had already set the tables for lunch. Crystal wine goblets on the apple green cloths. Like the rooms in the hotel the tables were waiting for new occupants. She signed her Diner’s slip and waited.

He was looking at her again when a tall, dark-haired woman came running into the dining room. She was looking for him. She came up to his table, opened her purse, pulled out a gun and aimed it at the man’s head.

‘I’m going to blow you away,’ she said. Her voice was husky and shaky.

‘No, you’re not,’ the man said evenly.

Pandora was scared. She wondered whether to call for help or intervene.

The dark-haired woman’s finger tightened on the trigger.

‘Put it away,’ he said.

The waiter came back with the credit card and receipt inside a green leather folder. He saw the gun.

‘Hey!’ The waiter called out.

The woman jerked around. The man coolly snatched the gun from her hand. She burst into tears.

‘Sorry about this,’ the man said to the waiter. ‘It’s not loaded.’

The dark-haired woman ran out of the dining room.

‘Shall I get the manager?’ asked the waiter.

‘No, no. Just forget it. Thank you.’ He handed the waiter a fifty dollar bill.

‘That’s not necessary.’

‘Please take it. Then you can give that lady over there her receipt.’

‘Thank you sir.’

The waiter came up to Pandora. He shrugged. She thanked him and gave him a five dollar bill. The man came over to her as the waiter left.

‘Sorry about that. Were you scared?’

‘Yes, I was a bit.’

‘The gun wasn’t loaded.’


‘You’re shaking.’

‘No, not really.’

He put his hand on her quivering arm. It didn’t stop, her quivering.

‘Let’s move out of here. Enough excitement for the moment, don’t you think?’

‘I guess so.’ Pandora was still shaking.

They left the main building of the hotel. They walked together along the curving path towards the bungalow area. It was a walk through a miniature jungle, a beautifully kept jungle of sweating greenery and single flowers, aflame like daytime candles.

Pandora had no idea why she was walking with this man. Perhaps he was going to tell her what the incident had been about. Perhaps he wanted to ask her to keep quiet about it, like the waiter. Perhaps he was going to offer her a drink to steady her nerves. Well, she could use a drink.

‘My shack’s over there,’ he said pleasantly.

They walked over the little bridge towards a group of terracotta colored bungalows, each with its own palm tree and garden. Hardly shacks. The most expensive hotel accomodation in Los Angeles.

Suddenly Pandora stopped with a cry. The man turned and saw that her high heel had stuck between two wooden slats in the bridge. She laughed. She wiggled her shoe.

‘Take your foot out.’

He bent down and with both hands removed her foot from the shoe. He noticed the pale freckles on her skin that went naturally with her sandy blonde hair. She hopped.

He twisted the shoe heel around to try and release it. It was difficult. She watched as he gave the shoe a jerk. The heel snapped.

‘I’m sorry.’ He looked up at her apologetically.

‘That’s all right,’ she said.

It wasn’t all right really. It was a nuisance.


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Guest Author Day with Elodie Parkes

1Thank you for inviting me to the blog for the release of The Winter Girl, my latest contemporary, erotic romance, from Hot Ink Press.

Just a little about me to let your readers know who I am.

I live in the United Kingdom and I work in an antiques shop as well as writing. I have two dogs that keep me fit with their need for walks. Love the countryside and the coast.

I write romance, contemporary, and erotic with a twist of mystery, suspense, or the paranormal, now and then. I like to make the story unusual in some way, by a quirk in the tale. My books are always steamy.


About the book:

The Winter Girl, a June 14 release from Hot Ink Press, and author Elodie Parkes

Lily Prescott is only just over a relationship break up when she decides to take up residence in a house left to her by her recently deceased grandmother. Her corporate law job takes a back seat as she licks her wounds in the small country town. She looks around the main shopping street and discovers people who will befriend her, but she also runs into the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester.

Loved for his lifelong association with the town, Starr hides his methods for staying single well from his friends. He’s nearly thirty, gorgeous, a designer, owns a business and on the lookout for his ‘Winter Girl’….

Will it be Lily? What is a ‘Winter girl’?

Fun, sex, romance and a little twist of the paranormal, makes this a must read erotic romance.



I loved writing this book. The inspiration for it came when I was traveling for work and stopped for a break in a lovely, ancient place in England. The place has a main road running through the center and yet maintains an air of mystery. The town is surrounded by a huge ring ditch and ancient standing stones. There is a shop on the high street that did give me some inspiration for the shop in the story, but there’s no gorgeous Starr Forrester in there. He’s the bad boy in the book. He’s so sexy even though I created him, re-reading my work I fell in love with the guy. He’s deep and we get to know his true nature through snippets if information and his friends as much as his thoughts.

It’s a love story and I hope readers love it as much as I loved writing it.

Excerpt 18+ 

His heart was beating so hard he thought it might be moving his sweater. He didn’t intend to, but his needs washed over him, and he held Lily’s face still, kissing her until he felt weak with it.

She was responding. He felt her arms go up around his neck to keep him kissing her.

He held her to his body and let the pleasure of this pressure sink into his cock. His erection was thick and hard against Lily’s stomach. He heard himself groan just a little and Lily was holding him now around the waist moving slightly against him. He slipped an arm around her waist to keep her where he wanted her. His other arm around her shoulders, he kissed her until he couldn’t breathe.

Lily rested her face against his when he stopped the kiss.

They breathed together, their eyes closed.

Lily felt the melting sensation in her lower stomach and wetness of wanting to make love between her legs. She couldn’t open her eyes nor move from Ash. If he had laid her on the floor and pushed that enticing erection into her, wet, swollen, and throbbing with need, she would have welcomed it. She felt her breasts heavy and nipples erect. She wanted his mouth on them.

Ash held her close.


Elodie is holding a giveaway event to celebrate the release of The Winter Girl.

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Blog Stop~ Reality Hero

realityhero-coverReality Hero by Ashlynn Monroe

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Categories: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Superhero

Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Release Date: June 17, 2013

Heat Level: Steamy

Word Count: 72,000

Available at:

Amazon | ARe | B&N | Beachwalk Press


Can reality TV handle a reluctant superhero bachelor, ten attention-seeking women, and one evil villain?

Dina Dell’s career as a television producer has hit bottom. Desperate to save her job, she comes up with the idea for a reality show called I Want to Date a Superhero. But the only superhero bachelor she knows is the only man she’s ever loved—Zane Blair.

Zane was once a normal human, but a traumatic childhood incident mutated him, along with Dina’s sister and their friends. Dina was the only one who escaped without any superhero abilities. And while she might be the “normal” one, that only left her feeling like more of an outcast.

Her lack of powers put Zane in danger. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before someone used her to get to him, she left, breaking both their hearts in the process. After all the pain she caused him, will he be willing to help her now?

Then an old enemy emerges, putting Dina’s plans on hold. When her superhero friends are the ones who need help, Dina just might learn that sometimes little Miss Average can be a hero too.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.


She’d never get any rest and she had a mountain of work so she sat down and started going over everything. There was a lot more to putting on good TV than just turning on a camera. The phone rang and she jumped. Her hand slapped around on top of all the papers on the desk until she found her cellphone buried under them.  Her eyes were so blurry that she didn’t even bother to look at the caller ID.

“Hello,” Dina said.

“I’ve never been ashamed of you until today. Dina, how could you? You know Zane would never let you down. You used his feelings to abuse his good heart. I’m so angry with you that I don’t even know the right words to express it. If you needed something, why didn’t you talk to me first? I could’ve helped you. We could’ve come up with something different.”

There was a pause. Dina didn’t know what to say. It was a small relief when Ella continued.

“He hates the media, and now he’ll not only just be on your show, but the tabloids will eat him alive too. They’ll do all they can to find out his secret identity. You know the lies those rags print. This will start a feeding frenzy.”

Dina knew she deserved the tongue lashing, so she said nothing. She had no defense, because her twin was right.

“Call this off. Please, as my sister, do this for me and save the best man in the city from this horrible mistake. I know how you feel about him, and you know how I feel about him. We both know how he feels about you.”

There was another pause. Dina’s throat closed. She knew, and it tore at her heart.

“Are you still there?” Ella sounded annoyed.

“Yes,” Dina whispered brokenly.

“When you left, you ripped out his guts. Don’t destroy his life. He still loves you.”

“I know.” That was what made asking him to be on the show so damn hard.

“I don’t know why you turned your back on us, but you owe him. We all do. He’s the best of us. We’ve lost Aaron. Don’t take Zane away too. If he’s exposed, God only knows what will happen to him—us. Don’t do this, Dina.”

She bit her lip. She wanted to tell her sister she’d come to her senses, but it was too late.

“Ella, I’m so sorry. I hate myself, but it’s too late. They’re already airing the promos on the network, and the casting call went out. In the morning, I’m going to have dozens of women begging me to be on this show. Zane and I have been over for a very long time. We both know which one of us is in his life. You should be with him, not me. I’m his Achilles heel.”

“Being in his life isn’t the same as being in his heart, sis. He’s always loved you, and while we look alike, I’ll never be you. He wants you.”

About the Author

Ashlynn Monroe has been dreaming up stories all her life. She started to put them on paper at thirteen, but it wasn’t until she was thirty that she decided to share them with others. She’s a busy mom with a full time job, fantastic friends, and a unique sense of humor. She’s just a regular girl who’s in love with the idea of happily-ever-after. She’s honored to be multi-published by some of the best electronic publishers in the industry. Ashlynn survives each day by dreaming up her next tale of romance.

Connect with Ashlynn Monroe

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Kindlegraph | Goodreads


Prize is an Ashlynn Monroe Beachwalk Press eBook Prize Pack consisting of 1 copy each of “Slave to His Desire”, “A Gift of the Darkest Magic”, “Given” AND “Reality Hero”. Contest is tour-wide and ends July 10. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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Blog Stop~ Spring’s Surprise

Cover_SpringsSurpriseSpring’s Surprise by Cynthia Gail

Sara Michaels is single again. And she’s celebrating her thirtieth birthday with a complete spa makeover and a day of boutique shopping with her two best friends. After a ten-month battle for freedom, a long weekend in Nashville, Tennessee is just what she needs to erase the memories of a broken heart.

Jack Tanner is the soon-to-be new partner at Chester & Dorsey Development Firm. Jack’s love life has been on the back burner for years as he’s built a successful career. But the moment he meets Sara, he takes a hard look at his life and his priorities.

Sara steps out of her comfort zone and spends an unforgettable weekend with Jack. She’s never felt so carefree. Until she realizes too late that three days can change everything.


As the song continued, Jack led Sara around the dance floor in silence. When they rounded a corner, out of sight from their friends, he leaned down and softly brushed his lips across hers. A fleeting gesture. By the time Sara realized she had been kissed, he was whispering in her ear, “I’m looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Could I take you to breakfast before you head out to Beth’s stables?”

His breath on her neck made her feel intoxicated. And something inside her wanted more.

After a moment, Sara slowly turned her head and met his lips, this time kissing him back. She wasn’t sure where her courage came from, but it felt good to be in Jack’s arms. It had been a long time since someone had kissed her so gently or held her with such reverence. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt desired, but she was going to enjoy every minute. Even if on Tuesday she had to return to the real world and her real life.

Jack urged her closer, but their feet kept dancing to the slow rhythm of the piano and before she knew it, the kiss was over. Watching a slow smile form on his lips, she could see his pleasant surprise, mixed with a simmering heat.

“We’re leaving around eleven.”

“Then I’ll pick you up at eight. There’s a café down the street from where Jenny lives.”

As the song ended, Sara turned back toward the direction of their table. As Jack placed his hand at the small of her back, his thumb gently rubbed against her skin, sending a flutter through her stomach. He brushed one last kiss on her earlobe and whispered, “Thank you.”

 SBB Springs Surprise Banner copy

Giveaway Information: 

Cynthia will award one $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter and a $15 Starbucks GC to another randomly drawn commenter.

Follow the tour and comment; the more comments you leave, the better the chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

Cynthia Gail headshot

My husband and I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee with our eighteen-year-old son and three dogs. When I’m not working or writing, I can be found with family and friends. I love to bake in the winter, grill in the summer, and on occasion, I sneak away from everyone and curl up with a good book.

I hope you enjoy my stories. Each one touches on modern day issues, fears, and challenges that women face every day. And each one illustrates that love is within reach if you let down those walls and allow your heart to open. Our lives and experiences are so much more meaningful when we have someone to share them with.

Book Blitz~The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotic Stories

The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotic StoriesThe Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotic Stories, edited by Barbara Cardy

Seriously hot lesbian erotica from the top writers in the field – Olivia London, LynnLake, Catherine Lundoff, Eva Hore, Kannan Feng and Lucy Felthouse to name just a few. There are no fewer than 42 superbly-written stories in this bumper collection.

•              Chloe wasn’t the least bit worried about her job performance evaluation – sure, she was the bottom performer in terms of sales, but as she put it, ‘What a spankingly fine bottom it is!’

•              Wanting to get away from sexual temptation Natalie takes a job teaching exercise in a health hydro but fellow instructor Jade introduces her to some delicious extra-curricular activity . . .

•              While Little Lucy was licking her out in their shared cell, one of the top dogs was planning her fight with the Dragon Lady, but losing would mean a total humiliation in front of all the prison’s bottom feeders.

•              Tanya’s a shy girl, but her girlfriend knows exactly what shy girls need and she’s willing to use some very unfair tactics to get her way.

•              Emma was no stranger to BDSM, but being kidnapped by an unknown number of strangers was too much.

•              Rose is the perfect desperate housewife – rich, pampered and bored! She’s given a thrill when a young sales assistant does more than measure her inner thigh – she spreads them wide.

•              Amanda is a prim and proper librarian who fills her days stacking books and her evenings playing with herself under her desk.

•              Little Kaylee seeks an older woman’s advice about her recent love troubles, but the sensitive talk session soon becomes a show and tell.



  • MEN! by Dominique James
  • INSTRUCTION by Courtney James
  • GOING SOLO by Alex Severn
  • COMING IN THREES by R. Mary Esade
  • ELEVATOR ECSTASY by Julia Jones
  • POMEGRANATES by Olivia London
  • MISS LAWRENCE by Alex Severn
  • THE INNER CIRCLE by Lucy Felthouse
  • DRAGON by Lucinda Coombes
  • LADIES WHO LUNCH by Catherine Lundoff
  • SWEET DISCIPLINE by Jay Lawrence
  • ROLE-PLAY REVERSAL by Chris Westlake
  • HOLY MATRIMONY by Chloe Ramsay
  • WOMEN’S TOP FANTASIES by Dominique James
  • SERVING SARA by Angel Propps
  • SHY GIRL by Kannan Feng
  • THE CHASE by Chris Westlake
  • FIRST NIGHT ON A WATERBED by Giselle Renarde
  • HEN DAY by Eva Hore
  • KIDNAP LOVER by Dominique James
  • SEX SHOP DEAL OF THE DAY by Chris Westlake
  • MUSE by Maggie Morton
  • MOTEL HUSTLE by Lynn Lake
  • SHUSH by Kannan Feng
  • BLACKOUT by Giselle Renarde
  • A FIST FULL OF FUN by Dominique James
  • ADDICTED TO LUST by Chris Westlake
  • HAIR TODAY, COME TOMORROW by Dominique James
  • THE GO-TO GIRL by Courtney James
  • FORBIDDEN TOUCHES by Chris Westlake
  • PAINT IT RED by Kannan Feng
  • CORE PLEASURE by Elizabeth Coldwell
  • GAUGE by Sommer Marsden
  • SEDUCING YOUR PEN FRIEND by Dominique James

Available from:



Adele peered out of her front window. Yes, there they were again. Donna and Josie, linking arms and chatting away. Just a few short weeks ago, Adele would have been part of that conversation. But now, inexplicably, it seemed she was no longer in the inner circle. The two women had scaled back their invites for afternoon tea, their book club meetings weren’t so frequent and Adele felt as though she was being deliberately excluded. And she had no idea why. There’d been no falling out, no cross words, nothing.

Adele decided she wasn’t going to take it any more. If she was going to be ignored and left out, she at least wanted to know why.

Watching the pair head into Josie’s house across the street without so much as a glance in the direction of her house, Adele drew away from the window.

Hurrying, so as to not lose her nerve, Adele slipped on her sandals, left the house and pulled the front door shut behind her. She walked across the quiet street. It was a cul-de-sac, so there was no thru-traffic; and, it being the middle of the day, most people were at work, including the husbands of herself and the other two women. The lack of other company during the day was what had originally brought the three women together, but now it seemed Adele was surplus to requirements. Blinking back angry tears, Adele stomped across to Josie’s house, ready for a confrontation.

Once she got closer, however, she noticed something amiss. Despite the time of day, the living room blinds were closed. The sun wasn’t even at this side of the house yet, so that wasn’t the reason. Intrigued, Adele crept closer. Lots of wild thoughts began to run through her head. They were obviously up to something they wanted to keep secret. But what? Extra-marital activity? Criminal activity? Or worse?

Determined to get answers, Adele walked right up to the window. The ladies obviously hadn’t been too careful when they’d drawn the blinds. One of the slats had caught on something on the window sill and it wasn’t quite flush to the others, creating a gap. A gap perfect for peering through. Begging to be peered through.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, Adele gingerly peeked through the hole, half expecting one of the girls to be looking back, glaring angrily at the intrusion. She needn’t have worried. There was nobody there. Not right by the window, anyway. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, Adele could make out shapes moving in the room, over by the sofa.

On the sofa, she realised, as her brain caught up with what her eyes were seeing. There were two people on the couch, and they were…


Barbara Cardy originally trained in art, design and construction, before moving through a variety of careers. To date, she has edited twenty-seven anthologies of various kinds. She lives in Kent with her two boys.

Blog Stop~ The Blood Bride

bloodbride-coverThe Blood Bride (Blood Secrets #1) by Imogene Nix

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Categories: Mystery/Thriller

Publisher: Total-e-Bound

Release Date: June 21, 2013

Heat Level: Steamy

Word Count: 78,900

Available at:

Amazon | Total-e-Bound


Hope just wants to be an ordinary nestling. She went to college and escaped, but now she’s back and there’s a secret everyone is keeping from her.

Xavier is the new master of the nest, ready to welcome home the daughter of the house who he has never met. He’s unprepared for the woman who steals his breath and enchants him.

Now Hope and Xavier must fight for lives and those of the innocents. After all, it is only by overcoming the rogues that they will have a chance of a timeless future together. But will it be in time?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.


Copyright © Imogene Nix, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Hope hauled the last heavy box up the stairs of the manor house, occasionally catching glimpses of the way her midnight black hair shone in the sunlight, when she passed the window in the living room of her apartment. “Thank heavens this is the last one,” she muttered to herself, sliding the box down to rest on the floor, before straightening and rubbing the nagging ache in her back. She could have had help, all she needed to do was ask, but now that she was an adult she needed to stand on her own two feet, she reminded herself.

Straightening up, she looked around at the mass of boxes waiting for her to delve into. “Well, gone away and back again. Where do I start first?”

The phone trilled and she started for an instant, before extending her hand to the receiver on the shelf beside her. “Hope.”

“Miss Hope, do you require any help? Lisi is wondering if you require her assistance.” The muffled voice of one of her guardians flowed out of the earpiece. She had forgotten that living at the manor meant the goldfish bowl lifestyle she had tried her best to escape at college. Not that she’d had much opportunity to live a free lifestyle. She’d been lodged with a guardian family within the college grounds. Even then, her personal team of five guards had shadowed her every move—to classes, shopping and even to the hairdresser’s.

They hadn’t escaped her notice, the looks some of her classmates had thrown her way. Longing for the lifestyle they’d thought she enjoyed. Little did they know, Hope would happily have swapped, a lot of the time. Downtime had existed within a carefully vetted group of companions, each from houses of similar status. The cloying atmosphere she hated, but, nonetheless, she had submitted to her parents’ will. Only a few times had she sought to do activities that they would have deemed inappropriate, but her conscience had always kicked in, and she had derived no enjoyment from the guilty feelings that had overcome her.

“No thanks, Jeffrey. I have all the boxes up here and I am going to take my time going through everything.” How could she explain that she needed a freedom that had been denied? That this small and almost insignificant rebellion was one she embraced? But she couldn’t. It wasn’t fair to Jeffrey to share that.

“Fine, Miss Hope. Oh, and I am supposed to remind you, the new Master has requested your presence in his library after sundown.”

She nodded, knowing it was expected that she would take her oath of fealty. “Oh. Right. I’ll be down for sunset.” She laid down the receiver. It’s one thing to owe your continued safety to a vampire nest Master, but quite another to be at his beck and call all the time, just as her parents had been. Her temper spiked momentarily. The emotion coiled through her then she shuddered, pushing away the negative thought, while absently reaching for the boxes she needed to stack, store or unpack. The rough exterior of some of them brushed against her hands. For now, she had time. Lots of time.

Ripping the tape off the first box, she then started to root through it, unwrapping reminders of her slightly more free college life, formulating arguments to put to her parents, knowing that the dice were stacked against her. Her life had been mapped out since her birth, but perhaps she could find a way around some of the roadblocks. At least she hoped so. With that thought, she set to work.

* * * *

He stretched in the bed, feeling the cool sheets around his body, savouring the experience of knowing he could rise when he wanted to. Luxuriating as he came to full awareness of his surroundings. His bed. His home. His nest. A feeling of exultation swept through him. One he had experienced several times in the last six months since he had become Master.

Xavier had only recently been transferred to this nest, after Cyrus had been called to ascend to a seat on the Council with his predecessor Cressida, the most senior of the vampires on the Council.

A new Master had been required for the nest, a situation arising from the ascension of Cressida who had saved the child Hope from the rogues. The death of another of the Council meant that Cyrus had answered a call to accept a seat. It was an almost unheard of event for a nest to have two new Masters in under a hundred years, but Xavier had accepted his unexpected promotion. Not that he would take it for granted—no, he worked beside his vampires as required, so they knew he would ensure their safety while they ensured his.

The household he had taken over was well run, and he had no fears for the financial status, even though they had lost the manor and many assets during the dark days of clearing the rogues who had attacked the house. Indeed, he had been with Cyrus the night he had ascended and had seen the great strides Cyrus had made during his Mastership.

He swiped a hand over his stubbled face and a voice to his left said quietly, “Master, refreshments for you.” A crystal goblet appeared in a white hand at the edge of his vision. He accepted it with a grunt, the ruby red liquid inside calling to him on a primal level. Blood wine. Sustenance that would ease the clawing hunger he always felt on awakening.

His teeth extended and his mouth opened. The first drop touched his tongue and a frisson moved through him, the ecstasy of drinking flowing into his body. He took his time, savouring the flavours.


Full bodied.

Tart aftertaste. The wine, the only human sustenance he could now enjoy. Food was relegated to a memory of things long past.

He closed his eyes as the last drop flowed, and breathed deep. Yes, a Master could very quickly become accustomed to this lifestyle, but not now and not today. He needed to meet this Hope, the one who had turned their entire world upside down. James had told him little about his daughter, save that she would need to remain within the house, protected from the world. That someday she would assume the mantle of leading the house from within, while her brother oversaw the legal and financial affairs of the nest.

He pushed the bed covers away, unconcerned about nudity as he padded to the bathroom. He might be a vampire, but he still bathed and shaved, a thought that made him chuckle. Even after all these years, when vampires had made their entry into the human world, humans outside nests thought vampires had no need for those daily rituals.

He moved through his ablutions. She would be waiting for him, but he would present himself to her in his most urbane incarnation. She would take her oath of fealty, then he would meet with his advisers, James and David leading the human contingent.


A mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats and prize winning chooks. She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship Captains and things that go bump in the night.

She is also a firm believer in writing what you enjoy… something she strictly adheres to!

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Prize is 2 eBook prize packs (1 prize pack each to 2 winners), each consisting of 1 copy each of “Blame the Wine”, “The Blood Bride”, “Starburst” AND “The Plan” from Imogene Nix. Contest is tour-wide and ends July 5. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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Blog Stop-Tweet me, Text me, Love me

tweetme-coverText me, Tweet me, Need me by Susie Medwell

Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.

Release Date: May 6, 2013

Heat Level: Sensual

Word Count/Length: 24,000 words/274 pages

Available at:

Amazon | B&N


Texting and tweeting can lead to trouble when the truth gets out…

Dating your boss is bad. Finding out he’s married with a baby on the way is a whole lot worse, but losing your job when you show him the door really sucks. And when he knows all your family secrets, there’s bound to be trouble. But the job Samantha’s got lined up can put her life back on track. One last date for research purposes before she can finish her article on online dating–then she’s a man-free zone, and it’s serious journalism all the way.

Ben has only one thing on his mind: to keep the promise he made to look after Sam. All he has to do is work out how he can support a girl who distrusts men, hates charity, and definitely doesn’t want rescuing. He thinks he’s come up with the perfect solution, until he realizes it’s his heart, not his money he needs to invest.

But can Sam see past the lies and learn to trust a man again? And more importantly…will Ben still want her when he learns about her past?


“After reading the blurb I wanted to read this book. And I’m so glad I have. It’s funny and sexy…”You Gotta Read Reviews


Copyright 2012, Susie Medwell

All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? Enjoying proving I’m an idiot you can’t trust.”

“No.” If she’d thought his voice was hard before, this was new ground. Granite. And he looked angry. “No, I’m not enjoying this. I thought we had an agreement.” He looked straight at her. “Sam, we’re only one day in and you’re lying to me. What am I supposed to think?” His dark gaze bit into her, and her insides squirmed into an ever tighter knot. “I thought that I was a good enough judge of character to ignore all the skeptics who were warning me to steer clear of you.”

“What do you mean?” Fear sharpened her tone. “What do you mean the skeptics?” The gnawing in her stomach increased.

Why the hell hadn’t she seen this coming?

She’d been a bloody fool again. This wasn’t about not trusting her or thinking she couldn’t do the job, it was about every last person in the industry who judged her by what her stepbrother had done. She hadn’t thought it was a problem until Andy had sounded off, had pointed out to her that she only had a job because of him. Without him she was nothing.

The lead weight sank deeper in her gut. He was going to throw her out and all she could do was sit here with bile in her throat, saying nothing. Bowing to the inevitable. Except this time she wouldn’t.

“Oh come on, Sam, you know as well as I do that everyone knows everything in this business.”

“So this is about Mike is it? One day you like my work, then all of a sudden it doesn’t matter how I write, all of a sudden the gossip matters. Well, that stinks. You know that?”

“Hold on Sam, why the hell has this all turned into hysterics about Mike?”

“I’m not hysterical.”

“As near as, dammit.”

“And why the hell shouldn’t I be? It’s you who’s decided to sack me because of him.”

“Sack you? Because of Mike? Is that what you think?” His voice was flat, but when she looked up the granite features had softened. It brought a hard lump to her throat. But she didn’t want pity. Pity would make her cry. Bring the tears she was fighting tumbling out. “I don’t get where you’re coming from, Sam. This is about you breaking our agreement, not about your family. You can be related to the pope for all I care.”

“Then what’s all that shit about the skeptics? About industry gossip?”

“Oh, Sam.” He sighed and leaned back resignedly in his chair. “You know people talk, and one or two mouth off about you two being related and what he did, but I honestly think it’s all crap. The whole Mike thing is a lot of fuss about nothing, Mike was Mike and you are definitely you. But then you do something like this and I just don’t get it. And,” he leaned forwards, elbows on desk, studying her, “I don’t get why admitting you were close to him is such a big deal.”

“Close? He was my stepbrother.” Mike was gone, but his legacy lived on.

“We all have the odd problem relative. That’s what families are there for.”

“It‘s not funny.”

“Not much is in your world is it, Sam?” His voice softened even further and she hated him for it. It was easy for him to sit there making judgment.


Susie has been writing stories for as long as she’s been reading them. She submitted her first novel, a thriller, when she was twelve years old but as she hit her mid teens her tastes shifted from action to romance. She was soon addicted to alpha heroes, and what could be better than writing about them?

Her days are now spent daydreaming, and writing, about good looking, well built men who know what they want and know how to get it, men who know the meaning of sensual and put a girl’s needs before their own… men who have a sensitive side (for your eyes only) as well as a rough edge…men who love women for what they are… men who aren’t afraid to take on an intelligent, sassy woman….

She’s had an exciting and varied life, which feeds into her stories… she’s got an Honours degree in Computer Science …a teenage son… a cat…a cottage in the English countryside…and her own sexy alpha hero! She loves sexy high heels…good food….good wine….music…coffee (lots and lots of coffee)… and sunshine, so whenever she can, heads off in search of the sun and inspiration for her stories. Susie also writes erotic romance as Zara Stoneley.

Connect with Susie Medwell

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