Welcome Author Cinsearae S.


CC book coverHi and welcome to my blog, Cinsearae. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  

Thank you so much for having me here, Raine! Jake has lovely eyes, lol.

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?

I’m happy to say that the second installment to my Vampire Stripper series is underway. I’m about halfway through the first draft. I’m pretty excited about it and can’t wait to get it finished. The first book, DIARY OF A VAMPIRE STRIPPER is still getting great reviews. 🙂 I should also have a second collection of eerie stories out for Halloween, CREEPY CRAWLERS 2: More Twisted Tales of Terror. The first book, CREEPY CRAWLERS: An Anthology of Spine-Tingling Terror, includes one of my award winning stories, “Bad Phone Call.”

          I’ve also just put out the April issue of my magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected (which I’m happy to say was a winner at the 2012 P&E Polls for ‘Best Cover Artwork’). This ‘zine had been my baby for quite a few years, and I love giving newbie writers in the paranormal/horror genres the opportunity to see their name in print. I also love interviewing authors and artists *wink*! J
How would you describe yourself using only five words?

Hmm, good one. I’d say, eccentric, open (…to a point, lol. Don’t want to expose all my secrets!), muser, funny (I have a dark sense of humor; be warned, lol), and multilayered.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If any of you saw the recent rendition of The Woman in Black (starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe) I WANT THAT HOUSE, ghosts and all; I don’t care! LOL! I LOVE the fact it’s so secluded and surrounded by marshes!
Is music a factor for you while you are writing? Do certain songs put you in the right frame of mind to write certain stories?

There are times when I listen to music, and other times when I need complete silence. The early mornings and late at night is when I need peace and quiet. Any other times I’ll listen to music, and that’s when I’m just checking for typos or working on some artwork *grin*. Occasionally, I’ll listen to music while writing, but it has to be instrumental only; voices would be a distraction. I love listening to anything by Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate. Other than that, I love listening to Depeche Mode, The Cure, Diary of Dreams, Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson (the latter two when I’m working on art, lol).


What is the strangest source of writing inspiration you’ve ever had?

Are you sure you want to know? LOL! I wrote a short piece on death based on a dead cat I’d pass by everyday going to classes during my college days. The piece was based on empathy, sorrow, mourning and eventual disregard in a world that is fast-losing its humanity.


Are your characters able to love or do they need to be taught?

They are quite able to love, though some of them tend to fight it, abuse it, or take it for granted, never giving in completely to it. Love may be a many- splendid thing, but often it’s taken to a more darker level. It has a tendency to cause quite a lot of drama, to say the least.


Could you tell us a couple of favorite books that inspired you to write?

When I started reading King in 8th grade, the first book of his that I got a hold of was Pet Sematary. I got so engrossed by the story, there was just something about King as an author and his penchant for horror that inspired me to want to publish a creepy book of my own one day.


Thanks for coming. Is there anything else you want to add?

Thank you again for having me here, Raine! There’s a campaign underway to help bring Audra and Lucida even wider recognition. Visit http://kck.st/WP3h4H for trailers, downloads, and get a peek into what’s going to happen with the girls next! Anyone is welcome to follow me at these links too!




I’m also on Pintrest and Google+. And of course, visit my virtual home at http://BloodTouch.webs.com!


DoaVS book coverBOOK BLURB

GENRE: chick-lit/dark comedy/paranormal romance 

Her best friend is a werewolf. Her boyfriend is a ghoul. And she really, REALLY can’t stand her vampire husband. 

Trying to juggle college tuition and rent, young Audra Perez seeks a fast fix to her financial woes by auditioning as a stripper for the Hoochie Coochie Club. What she didn’t expect was to actually be chosen. Barely a few months into her new job, she becomes acquainted with a mysterious, distinguished gentleman by the name of Darren Von Eldon, and they secretly begin dating against club rules. Then one passionate night at his beach house changes Audra’s life forever. 

Now as a newly-awakened vampire, this only adds to her day-to-day mundane burdens. Refusing to drain humans, she hunts birds for nourishment, and finagles a way to avoid going to classes during the day. But bigger problems loom ahead. Radical cops that know about her kind roam the night, seeking to destroy any and all ‘monsters’, and her best friend’s family has a bone to pick with Audra’s. Headless bodies are turning up on vamp and were turf, each side blaming the other for the murders. It’s up to Audra and her friend Lu to figure out who’s doing the killings, and their search leads them beneath the city streets to encounter an abomination neither one of them will ever forget. 

And the relationship issues? Well, it’s not easy dealing with a boyfriend and a vampire husband, so let’s not even go there… 

Life’s a bitch, and then you DON’T die. 

DIARY OF A VAMPIRE STRIPPER is available at https://www.createspace.com/3778782 in print, or at Amazon.com for Kindle, http://amzn.to/SrITEI  Chapter downloads are available at http://bloodtouch.webs.com/doavs.htm !


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