Sneak Peek into Mistletoe Magic, Devon Falls 6

Here is the blurb for the next Devon Falls book, Mistletoe Magic. This features Grady O’Neil, The owner/bartender of the Dirty Diamond Bar & Grille and cousin to Jaxon Sinclair. Now that he has family and friends finding love, Grady finds he is a bit jealous of their togetherness. But when new resident to Devon Falls, Ian Bears, drops into Grady’s bar and grille, well let’s just say sparks fly and lusts are over boiling  But Grady doesn’t believe in love only lust and Ian has his work cut out for him to convince Grady that love isn’t a weakness but a strength.

Get ready for Mistletoe Magic, Devon Falls 6

Paranormal Bear Shifter story, M/M

Tagline: Falling in love was never in the cards for this playboy but when Grady finds himself falling in love, things just got more complex than he imagined.

For Grady O’Neil, life was to be lived and falling in love was just not in the cards for him. But when he spies Ian Bears, well let’s just say his lust was engaged. But Ian doesn’t want to be a notch on Grady’s belt; he wants a white picket fence and all the fixings. Grady and Ian butt heads even as they fight their feelings for one another. Can this bear shifter get this gun-shy guy a way to see that falling in love isn’t the worst thing to happen to someone? That it is just the beginning of something so magical it will change their lives?


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