My Second Blog Hop information

This will run from March 17th to 24th….I will have a page just for this hop and the other one so people know where to go.The Grand Prize is a sexy one *grins*…Enter to win a Basket Full of Naughty. It contains the following in a Cabal of Hotness tote:

The items:
– tickler/flogger (one on each end)
– penis-shaped sour candies
– flask that reads “girls with class don’t need a glass”
– g-spot vibe
– oral sex “essentials” kit
– glow in the dark erotic dice

We’ll also include a $30 gift card and a Cabal of Hotness t-shirt.


One thought on “My Second Blog Hop information

  1. I just had to let you know that I just love it! I have a friend who owns a lingerie store and those are the first things you see when you walk into her store. Good luck with the hop.

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