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VanishedPride MEDI incorporated the concept of Domestic Discipline in Vanished Pride. While each of the couples have their unique kink, the hero from Vanished Pride –Donovan- comes from generations of couples who practiced Domestic Discipline as part of their culture. The idea of the male mate taking the female mate in hand was nearly second nature to him and he struggled trying to keep this side of himself buried. It wasn’t until he unleashed this part of himself that Paige accepted him as her mate. She needed the ritual as much as Donovan did.


“We’re going to do this Claiming on my terms now, Paige. Your way didn’t work so well. So right now is your chance to say stop. It’s now, or never again,” Donovan spoke through the waves of pleasure his fingers were orchestrating. Paige shook her head frantically, not wanting him to stop her from reaching these heights.

Then in one life-altering moment, he stopped stroking and his palm struck her bottom and sent flames flying. She knew he held back because the magnitude of his strength was too great but Goddess help her, that slap hurt. She yelped and threw out a few choice expletives, but Donovan seemed to ignore her. He softly rubbed her cheeks again, this time bringing the sting front and center to find the throbbing in her clit. Then the second slap came across the opposite cheek and a third before she had a chance to recover.

Paige’s body was quivering. She couldn’t think beyond the vibrations, the feeling of his hand on her skin. As she gave herself over and relaxed into him, Paige raised her bottom towards his palm, instinctively seeking more. Donovan’s muscular arm lay across her back to hold her tightly against his lap. His hard cock pressed into her belly and seemed to be calling to her. She wanted to know how it would feel inside her.

Thoughts of his cock receded into the back of her consciousness as Donovan’s hand continued to deliver her spanking. His slaps rained down, burning and delighting her at the same time. She was crying and yet she couldn’t help but reach for more.

“You need to consider others, Princess, to move outside yourself and see the bigger picture. For the final five, focus only on the sensations I provide. I know you can do this,” Donovan soothed her with his words. The gentle stroking of his hand made her feel cherished.

“I-I can’t. It’s m-my soul sin. I-I can’t let it g-go,” Paige whined through the tears and tremors rocking her body. She felt helpless, exposed and vulnerable. She wasn’t accustomed to any of these emotions.

“Mind over matter. You can do this and I promise it will help.”

“H-how do you kn-know?” Paige spoke through her tears.

“Because I’m your mate; and it’s determined that I’m to know what’s best for you.” Donovan’s confidence as he spoke reassured a part of Paige that still held doubt. She shuddered at his words, too many emotions racing through her mind to think straight, and then did as he said, finding comfort in his gentle touches. Donovan’s hand slapping down on her bottom with such authority pulled her into the spell he wove.

Readers will see Paige learn to embrace Domestic Discipline as Donovan introduces her to both discipline spankings and erotic spankings. Consensual adult spanking can take on either type of purpose, and though Donovan knows when Paige needs it, readers not acquainted with Domestic Discipline can be confused by the difference.

Consensual adult spanking isn’t exclusively about sex. Sex can be a component, but it isn’t a required element depending on the purpose of the spanking. I admit there is a lot of sex in the book but the spankings aren’t simply a precursor to sex. They serve a greater purpose of bringing the mated couple together. Discipline spankings are about the emotional release. In Vanished Pride, Donovan uses them to help Paige overcome her soul sin of Pride.

The Seven Sin Sisters series balances on the prophecy that each male mate must eliminate the soul sin of their female mate in order to complete their Claiming and live a fulfilling life. Domestic Discipline plays so nicely into the prideful ways of Vanished Pride’s heroine. It provides for a quickly established bond of intimacy and comfort, security and trust and allows Paige to let go of her soul sin and embrace her mate.


Paige floated in a place where she was free from everything, until she felt a rhythmic pulsing in her clit. His hand had moved to her delicate little bud once more. As her pussy clenched tight, Paige screamed out through an orgasm she hadn’t expected. By the looks of Donovan, he didn’t expect it either.

After a few moments of silence, Donovan sat Paige up on his lap, brushed her sweaty hair from her forehead and kissed her there. “Well done,” Donovan grinned at Paige and suddenly she felt immensely shy. When she tried to move away, she was startled by the soreness on her bottom.

Donovan wasn’t letting her move; he held her hip with one large hand and her chin with the other. “You enjoyed that. Goddess, you couldn’t be more perfect for me.” His eyes were shining, large and bright, and his smile was radiating appreciation and love. Gone was that terrible angry face he’d had when he first put her across his knee.

The heat inside her wasn’t going away, even after her climax and the tenderness of her bottom. In fact, as he continued touching her body, her need was growing more intense. She wanted to touch him too. She tentatively stroked his beard, the stubble tickling her fingers.

Donovan moved his hands to frame her face and drew her head up to meet his eyes. He brushed a sweet kiss against her lips before speaking again, his voice now growing huskier with desire. “It’s time.”

Paige knew exactly what he meant. She nodded.

“Take your tongue and strike it to my sharpest teeth. The blood exchange will bind us and I can take you then. Ho bisogno di te.” His words were barely finished when she pressed her mouth to his. Paige was more than ready to take what she wanted.

While I’m abundantly aware that I’m no expert on Domestic Discipline, I strove to be true to the basic tenets. For complete and accurate information on the current practice of Domestic Discipline, refer to the http://learningdd.blogspot.com. A Domestic Discipline arrangement is not obtusely different from other relationships because the practice takes place in private. It can be romantic, passionate, thought provoking and sometimes even life changing which is the reason I used the lifestyle in Vanished Pride.


Paige cried out as another slap came down, tears flowing down her cheeks, and yet couldn’t help but reach for more at the same time. “Good girl, Princess. Mind over matter. We’re going to end this on a happy note. I promise it’ll help.”

Paige couldn’t respond as the last strokes, done while he touched her so privately, were simply too much to contain. She was ready to explode, burst and come apart. She shuddered when the final stroke burned more deeply than all the others. She screamed out as so many emotions raced through her. Donovan’s hand was tapping her clit. Her muscles were clenching and unclenching.

“Let everything go. Relax and let go so I can catch you,” Donovan leaned over her and spoke into Paige’s ear. His breath was warm and caused shivers. He continued to tap her sensitive bundle of nerves until her legs shook. Then her whole body began shaking. “That’s it, Principessa. Let all that energy out and I’ll catch you.”

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Paloma Beck

  1. Thanks so much for having me at your blog. I’m excited to share this book with new readers -as well as those already following the Seven Sin Sisters series- because Donovan and Paige are two of my favorite characters in the series. We get to know them through the first three books and I think readers will enjoy seeing them finally find their HEA.

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