Final Day of Swept Away Blog Hop/Contest


It is the final day of the Swept Away Valentine’s Blog Hop and I hope you have enjoyed my posts.

To find the list of participants on the blog hop, please go to

Okay, my prize is a $10 Siren-Bookstrand gift card and all you need to do is leave a comment on any or all of my posts these past four days along with your email address in case you win I have a way to contact you to be entered. I will draw the winner on Feb 19th to give people time to enter and find the posts.

Now for my final posting I am giving you a sneak peek into my upcoming futuristic menage (m/m/f). This is my ode to Firefly along with my love for anything Captain Jack from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 🙂 Welcome to Space Pirates: Bounty.

This is a work in progress and may change once it is edited.

Space Pirates: Bounty by Raine Delight

Science fiction/futuristic Menage (m/m/f)

Will be submitted in the next two months and this may change after editing.

Can one woman find a way to save her friend while falling in love with the sexiest space pirates this side of the galaxy?

Kara Griffin is determined to save her friend, Reggie from the alien slavers but what she finds is a love with two of the hottest space pirates this side of the galaxy. Capt. Rafe Gregory and his first mate, Tyrese are shocked to find a woman stow away on their ship but soon find themselves falling for this feisty earthling. The chase is on…the question is who won’t win but who will fall fast and hard when these three come together in passion and desire.

Teaser Snippit:

Year 2240

Kara Griffan tried to keep her mind active as she searched for any life on the top of Earth to be aware of, the sand dunes looked endless and after several years of trying to make a life after the disaster that ended life as she knew, it was hard to understand how it could have gotten this bad or change this much. Before the disaster, she used to work in NYC as a Wall Street Trader. She loved the bustling plazas and the way the city sounded made life so rich and full. It was pure heaven as far as she was concerned until her father begged her to come home when the doom and gloom scientists told of an impending disaster. It wasn’t until after her father’s death that she was able to leave and check out what he built in case of a disaster. She was cleaning out the house for the real estate agent to sell so she could get back to her life when the disaster struck. Luckily she was able to get to the bunker with her friends and was able to survive though two of their group of five didn’t after walking outside soon after the blast. It was enough to discourage anyone from stepping foot outside for the interim.

The continuous blowing sand and wilting hot sun hitting Kara’s head made her eyes water and her body felt like she walked a thousand miles. She trudged on, never giving up on getting to her friend, Reggie’s place when she felt the back of her neck prick with an awareness that made her slow her steps and try to hide in the dunes. The blowing sand made it hard for her to see clearly but soon she saw in a quick clearing that a ship was perched over her friend Reggie’s place and then she heard the screams. Those terrified screams of a woman trying to fight something and losing. Heart pounding like a locomotive, Kara tried to see who or what was going on but the damn sand flying around made it hard to see anything at all. Then before she could assimilate everything, the ship flew up and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Leaving a silence that made goose bumps rise on her arms and her heart pound in fright.

“REGGIE” Kara screamed as the wind howled around her, blowing sand in her eyes, making them water and burn. Please be there! Oh god, please…Please…Please! The last thought she had was please don’t let it be the raiders. Kara raced across the sand, unmindful of the sand that tried to suck her down or that she was too late to save anyone.  Reggie’s place was in utter shambles, tables knocked over, clothes scattered and what looked like blue goo bubbled on the wall.  No Reggie greeted her call as she tried to find her friend.

“REGGIE!!! Come on out…please!” Kara called as she searched frantically amid the destruction; all the while praying under her breath for a miracle that she knew deep down may be futile. All it took was the empty destroyed house to show Kara that those raiding pirates found another survivor to steal and this time it looked that they were determined to take every one of them before the Earth dies a true death. Shaking her head, she tried to still the racing of her heart but it was hard. Who would they hit next? How did they know where to look? Did they have look out crews to pin point where the next batch of victims were? It was a terrifying puzzle that had Kara scared to the depths of her soul. Everything she knew of aliens and life on other planets was from Hollywood movies and they are about as truthful as the Easter Bunny. Who these raiders were, she didn’t know but she was damned sure about to find out.


6 thoughts on “Final Day of Swept Away Blog Hop/Contest

  1. This sounds awesome! I love m/m/f stories! There so hot! And fun! I love the complex relationship and how everything just works! Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! 🙂

  2. Sci-fi was my very first reading love. So if I can get it and romance in the same book, really great.

    carolcobun @

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