Swept Away Blog Hop-Day 2/Contest


Welcome to Day 2 of the Swept Away blog hop. Today I am giving you a glimpse into my new series I am working on that I currently call Destined Mates. What happens when the mating mark comes to find you and your destined mate isn’t the one person you expected. This is a little teaser in my first book in the series called Betrayed by Destiny. It is a bit rough and is unedited so it may change once I submit it and it goes to edits.

First, my giveaway this hop is a $10 Siren-Bookstrand gift card to one lucky reader. All you need to do is leave a comment along with your email address so I can contact you in case you win on the three posts for the hop here on my blog. The more you comment on my posts, the better chance of winning.

To find out the rest of the participants in the hop, go to http://thebloghopspot.com/event-page/

Now onto Betrayed by Destiny (Book 1 in the Destined Mates series)

Paranormal M/M romance

Work in progress

Tagline: Can a broken man find the love destined to be his?

Maxwell Evermore thought his life was perfect. He had a wonderful mate in Jaden Creed, great friends and a good if boring job as a salesperson at an advertising firm. When he is sidelined by the leaving of his lover, his life over, Max finds that sometimes when one door closes, another opens & in this case with a lion shifter named Leo who will heal his shattered heart if Max will let him.

Teaser snippit:

He was gone…away from me and the life we built together. He was never coming back and though I wanted to rail against the injustice of it all, I knew I would forgive and possibly live again. But right now all I wanted to do was cry a river of tears as the pain of the loss of my lover finally had me to my knees.

Whimpering, I tried to stand but my legs wouldn’t keep me up. The pain was too intense as I felt the connection with the man I loved with all my heart, Jaden, die a little more as each minute passed. The connection that brought me such comfort was completely gone within a matter of minutes as Jaden walked away from me and the love I had for him. I never felt this pain before in all my life. I thought I could withstand anything life through at me but this anguish was almost too much to bear. Feeling as though my heart would give up at any minute, I crawled over to the couch and hugged the pillow as the tears streamed from my eyes, wetting the fabric as I wailed against all the pain that welled inside me.

“Why, Jaden?” whispering as I rocked back and forth. “What was so bad about our life that you had to walk away from me? Our three years together?”

Jaden’s last words replayed in my head…I don’t love you anymore, Maxwell. I found someone else…my destined mate, a woman who will carry my young and I am determined to be with her. It was fun but we were never meant to be together in a forever kind of life, Max. Be well and eventually you will find the one meant to be yours. I am sorry, Max, for everything. I hope you can forgive me…eventually. A keening wail rose in my throat as those last words of Jaden’s played again, striking my heart with a piercing arrow, causing more tears to leak from my eyes. Never expecting the one man that professed to love you and want to be with you to break your heart…heck he shattered it in a million pieces.

Sniffling, Max wiped his face with his hands and lay against the couch, “So we were not destined mates but that doesn’t mean we didn’t love one another, damn it.” Throwing the couch pillow across the room in a fit of anger he saw it strike the vase Jaden picked up on one of their excursions at the antique shows. He watched it wobble back and forth, like it was on slow motion then fall off the stand and shatter into pieces. That crash had him screaming out loud as the pain of Jaden’s exit finally became real. The pain was all consuming and he didn’t know how long he stayed curled up on the couch alternating between whimpers, crying and fits of anger. He ignored the phone ringing, the pounding on his front door…everything and everyone. He wanted to be alone and wallow in the misery that his life had become.


11 thoughts on “Swept Away Blog Hop-Day 2/Contest

  1. I am thinking a box of kleenex might be necessary reading this book.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  2. This book sounds like it is written just for me to read…I’m in 😀


  3. Thanks for the giveaway! Sometimes I wish I was swept away by someone’s love especially on Valentine’s Day. Being young, I have yet to have the opportunity. If I could choose any man in the world to sweep me away, I would certainly choose Alexander Skarsgard. He’s nice, funny, polite and well educated. If I could pick a fictional man, I would choose Jamie Fraser from “Outlander.” With his rough physicality, loving sensibility, and fierce passion, I know I would be happy for the rest of my life. I wish I could be swept away to New Zealand or Scotland, somewhere beautifully green and primitive.
    Enough with my epic daydreams…
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  4. This sounds very good! Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! 🙂

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