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HappilyEverAfter_SMDo you believe in happy endings? I do, and that’s one of the reasons why I write traditional romance novels.  Many times, life seems unfair. Bad things do happen to good people, and hard work doesn’t always seem to pay off. When we look long and hard at the world around us, we often see only what’s wrong.

But that’s not the way I want to live my life. I want to believe that goodness trumps evil, that kindness is its own reward, and that, yes, love overcomes all.

I’ve been called naive, foolish, and unrealistic. Maybe I am, but I’m also happy. Happiness, I’ve learned, is a choice we make. It isn’t a one-time, irrevocable decision, but an on-going process. Each new day brings opportunities for us to discover the joy and beauty that exists everywhere around us.

Happily Ever After, my new historical romance from Sweet Cravings Publishing, is a story of two people who have known sorrow and pain. Anne Hopkins grew up in a home with an abusive father. While George Mather grew up in a loving home, his world was shaken by the death of his wife.

Good people. Bad things. It’s reality.

Anne, however, learned to use her imagination. She escaped into the world of fairy tales — a place where she could always find happy endings.

But fairy tales don’t always have happy endings, as George is quick to point out.


“My point, Mr. Mather, is that no matter how wicked or frightening a story might be, in the end, the prince and princess always live happily ever after.”

“That’s not necessarily true. I seem to remember several fairy tales that don’t have happy endings.”

Anne looked away. She didn’t want to listen.

“What about The Little Mermaid?” he continued, moving so that he once again stood in her line of vision. “She died. Don’t you remember?”

Anne’s throat went dry. Yes, she remembered the story, but she’d learned long ago that sometimes it was better to forget certain things.

“If you want to dwell on sorrow and sadness, that’s your choice.” She drew herself up, ready to do battle. Happy endings were worth fighting for. “I choose to believe that goodness is real, that miracles can happen, and that, yes, we can find happy endings if we’re willing to look for them.”

~ ~ ~ ~

I share Anne’s belief. It is because of this — a steadfast belief that goodness is real, that miracles can happen, and that we can find happy endings — that I wrote Happily Ever After. My hope is that I can help others find the strength to believe, and that through the power of love, we can all discover our own “happily ever after” endings.

Christina Cole

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About Happily Ever After

Heat Rating: Sensual

Anne Hopkins wants to help Rowena Mather, a troubled 9-year-old girl who is grieving over her mother’s death. But helping Rowena means dealing with the girl’s father, too.

George is a desperately lonely man. He’s drawn at once to his daughter’s new caretaker, but his heart is trapped in the past, still bound to his late wife, Margaret, and to the vow he made to her.

An innocent child with frightening nightmares, a broken man struggling to cope, and a devoted grandmother who can’t stay away from her opium…the Mather family need Anne in their lives.

But what of the secrets Rowena shares about her father? Could George be the dragon of Rowena’s dark dreams? Has his grief turned him to anger and violence?

George has questions about Anne Hopkins, as well. He’s seen her with another man, and he’s heard the rumors about town. Is she the kind-hearted woman she appears? Or is she hiding a shameful secret?

Happily Ever After is available at the following online booksellers:

All Romance Ebooks


Barnes and Noble


Sweet Cravings Publishing


11 thoughts on “Welcome Christina Cole today

  1. I love ‘happily ever after’ endings. I want the fairytale even if it’s only in a sweet romantic movie or a book where the author takes me to place where dreams do come true. I can’t get enough of it. I love your book cover! I wish you the best success!

  2. I am suffering from Cabin fever. After a week of looking after 2 ill children, I have succumbed to their virus and feel like …….(insert word here). Reading this would be wonderful! You authors are great at taking us away from the monotony of life for a while!

  3. Christina, I look forward to your Happily Ever After tale! Reading is one of my daily pleasures that takes me away from the sameness of the day.

  4. Thanks to everyone who dropped in to visit while I was “guesting” here at the blog. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments and knowing that I’m not alone in my wish for happy endings.

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