Book Spotlight with Vanessa Johnston

DangerousInterlude_LRGThank you for having me as a guest author today. I’d like your readers to know about my latest release, Dangerous Interlude. It’s a contemporary erotic suspense romance with a 4-flame rating––so it’s for adults only. Available now at Secret Cravings Publishing:

Here is the blurb for Dangerous Interlude:

For her big audition as the lead singer for The NicNacs, Marcy Wilkin wears a sexy mini-skirt, stilettos and a low-cut top. With her voluptuous double-D size, she doesn’t need a push-up bra to show off her ample cleavage. She knows she’s hot and she sings her heart out, expecting to get the gig. But when The NicNacs insist on a different game plan, Marcy can’t believe what she hears. This was supposed to be her big chance. Realizing she can’t afford to let it go, she makes a decision that will change her life forever. It takes her on a path she hopes will bring her success and love, or at least admiration. Besides, anything’s better than her job at Dilmar’s Department Store. But in her rush to grab this opportunity, her rash behavior with a handsome stranger distracts her from realizing the danger that surrounds her.

Beautiful woman in waterAnd coming February 7 from Secret Cravings Publishing is The Handmaiden’s Choice. I’m very excited about this because it’s my first fantasy romance. It’s a hot, 5-flame ménage romance. Need I say––adults only, please!

Here is the blurb for The Handmaiden’s Choice:

As the favorite handmaiden to Queen Magda, Raelene enjoys her status and the life she has. But now that The Great Contest had begun, she questions the laws of the country of Magdalith and the queen she serves after falling in love with one of the contestants––who loves her in return. Not only is this forbidden if anyone discovers their love, their lives, especially Raelene’s, would be jeopardized. Meeting in secret, they plot their escape from the palace. But with few resources, where can they go? When a handsome envoy from an unknown kingdom appears at Court, Raelene wonders if she can prevail on this stranger for help. But will her attraction for him complicate things even more?

Happy reading,

Vanessa Johnston







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