What is coming up for 2013 and a look back to 2012

or in other words what I hope to accomplish this year….*laughs*

I took most of 2012 off….I had six back to back releases so I was tapped out and my muse was tired….very, very tired. So in 2012 I took a break from writing, though I did keep my hand in it by penning two short stories as  my first time tries at writing M/M stories. Both stories are sweet, sexy and short reads. The first anthology was called Hot Summer Fun and had some of my favorite M/M authors there.

HotSummerFun_IRM Version

My story was called ‘A Summer Night Fling’ and it was in part inspired by this sexy pose Joe M from True Blood did in a tree and that gave me my one character, Alex, a werecat shifter. It went on to be my first best seller at All Romance (ARe) and it is available in both print and e-book.

Cal Larson wasn’t expecting to find a hot sexy man stuck in a tree as he took his morning walk in the woods. When he meets Alex, sparks fly and these two will find that love is waiting to claim them. Except Alex has a secret…one that may bring danger to Cal’s doorstep. Can Cal find it in his heart to accept Alex and let this summer fling turn into something much more?

Check out the book trailer for A Summer Night Fling at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxnlmfG6DjA
Then I signed up for the Valentine’s anthology and this cover is stunning plus romantic…..On Valentine’s Day is the title and it is hopefully releasing this weekend on January 20th. I am very excited because the story I penned had me reaching back to the times when I worked as a baker in a few bakeries and the story of Skylar, his mysterious admirer and more was born.
Valentine Anthology Cover

My story is called Moonlight Masquerade and it had me in it’s thrall the time I wrote it. I loved it and hope to go back for more short stories like these in the future.

Mysterious roses keep popping up on Skylar Everclear’s doorstep. No idea what is going, a little disturbed by this secret admirer, he tries to forget it all since he just got rid of the latest line of loser boyfriends and just wants to do his job at the local bakery. But when he meets his new neighbor, Marc Douglas, he finds himself drawn to the quiet young man even as he tries to not let his libido take over. But on Valentine’s Day, a mysterious rose again pops up with a note to meet his admirer that night. Will Skylar take a chance that this time love is right there waiting for him?



In 2013 I am recharged and raring to go…for this year I am determined to get a few books out to Secret Cravings Publishing as well as sub two new stories to two new publishers I have had my eye on.

The goal is this:

Finish going over some areas of Space Pirates: Bounty (Sci-fi/Futuristic M/M/F Menage) & get that out to submission calls.

Finish Mistletoe Magic, Devon Falls 6, for Secret Cravings Publishing. This is a Paranormal M/M with Jaxon’s cousin Grady finding destiny has decided he needs to be loved and that person is none other the one person who terrifies him the most. For Fae Lord Kalen, Grady is the one person to heal his heart and soul. These two have an uphill battle as one resists falling in love with a man and the other is determined to get what he wants..namely Grady O’Neil.

Start Bewitched by Destiny, my fist book in an entirely new series called right now, Destined Mates. This is a story of a witch who hates shifters and a surly were-panther who wants no part in this destined mate thing. Until the mating mark appears on their arms and they then have seven days to fall in love, accept the mate bond or else they are alone forever. I have this earmarked for a new publisher for me and hope to get this done and out to submission calls by June 2013.

And finally get A Devon Falls Wedding into Secret Cravings. The one book I have been itching to write since book one when Jenna and Marc took over…their story has played out in pieces in the first five books of the series and this one takes it to a whole new level.

A special event is coming to Devon Falls on a warm June afternoon…can Jenna and Marc find a way to calm their respective families and friends before their big day goes bust? Plus the readers will meet the final founding family siblings…the Craven Family who are elemental mages. Let’s just say these four siblings will find that Devon Falls is one place they never anticipated ever seeing again.

This is just a short list of what I am hoping to achieve this year. I am not one of those authors who has a book out a month but I hope readers will enjoy what is coming up in 2013 (hopefully) and share in my joy as my muse gets to work sending me story ideas and more.


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