Happy Birthday to Amber Kell/Mikela Chase


Happy Birthday Amber/Mikela and I am thrilled to give you your next installment in Rhea, her birthday blog story.

You can find past blog posts on Rhea HERE & Here is my post at Mikela’s blog for today as well.

Now onto Rhea…..

[Sorry it’s so short but I’m still feverish and headachy.]

“A boon,” Rhea replied. She didn’t know what she might need but she liked the idea of the dragons owing her a favor.

Brurien laughed. “I like you moon girl. You are special to face off a dragon.”

Rhea relaxed. She’d been tense during the entire conversation. She didn’t trust the dragon man. She had a feeling he wasn’t telling her everything. However, not trusting someone didn’t mean they weren’t interesting.

The dragons could make a good distraction from Jamie’s wedding stuff. Not to mention it would help release some of her magic. She didn’t know what was involved in charging a stone but if it released some of her magic she’d do just about anything.

Brurien stopped in the middle of the market to slide a finger along her cheek. “I’ll be in touch pretty. Dragons love things that shine.”

He kissed her on the cheek and walked away.

“I’d be careful with that one,” Rafe warned. “I don’t think he’ll give up easily.”

“He doesn’t have to give up. I agreed to fix his stones.”

Rafe and Peller burst out laughing.

“Oh shut up!” She shoved Rafe who stood closest.

“So what do we do now?” Peller asked. “Want to explore the rest of the market?”

Rhea sighed. “No, I guess I should go hunt down Jamie and see where we are with the wedding thing.”

Rafe shook his head. “It might be better help if you didn’t treat it like she’s having a tooth pulled.”

“It’s not the same?” Rhea asked innocently.

“The king doesn’t think so,” Rafe offered.

Rhea shook her head sadly. “Poor delusional man. He’s doomed for disappointment.”

The trio turned around and headed back to the castle only to be met by four castle guards.

“Miss me boys?” Rhea batted her lashes at him.

“Your sister is looking for you,” one of the guards said.

“Good I’m looking for her too, lead on.” Rhea motioned the guards. Two of the walked in front of her and two walked behind Rhea’s guard who hissed at them.

Grinning Rhea shook her head. This was going to be an interesting merging of families. Luckily she’d only have to deal with them when she visited.



22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Amber Kell/Mikela Chase

  1. Poor thing – I hope you feel better soon.
    Short but still good – I dont want the dragon to turn out to be bad though, I like him. 🙂

  2. Oh boy! I wonder when (or if) the king and the dragon are going to butt heads over Rhea.

    I hope your feeling better Amber!

  3. Feel better soon, Amber.

    I also think that the dragon isn’t sharing all about his request. 🙂 Fun!

    Thanks Raine and Amber.

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