Welcome Annette Snyder today and a Contest

Creating a story takes a lot of time.  Honing it into something readable takes even longer. Add that to all things involved with publishing, marketing, daily household chores (ya gotta eat) and real jobs, making up stories is time consuming.   I could definitely spend those hours elsewhere, not sitting at the computer wondering what Nolan will do when he discovers Virgie isn’t in love with Eric in Respectable Affair. Sometimes I wonder why I neglect lawn mowing and laundry and instead have to spin a tale.

Then I get an email from someone who says they couldn’t stop reading Viveka’s War and didn’t get to bed until it was time to wake up. I’m not a person who likes to stand up in front of people performing but I do like to entertain and writing is a way I can accomplish that.

As a child, I was fascinated by my great-grandparents’ stories about life as they moved across an ocean and to the West.  That bit of family history seemed so important and maybe I wrote my TravisPass series to document it?

Whatever the reason, an idea for the story of Amen Packard in Intimate Flames that I invented because of a lighter I saw on the sidewalk or, Going Twice, the story I’m writing now of his sister Dana, an auctioneer, I’m drawn to write.


Is writing profitable? I read once, during my extensive publisher search that only the top few authors ever make any money as writers and that’s true in my case. I remain hopeful that my talent will shine and I’ll do more than break-even. Who knows what direction my work will go but I’ll keep writing until I run out of ideas-I don’t like doing laundry anyway.


Blurb of Respectable Affair:

Between Virginia Seidle’s terrible jaunt with men and Nolan Vickers’s upheld honor toward his institutionalized wife, no one in town openly faulted the pair for banding together to raise Nolan’s son, John.  When love blossoms, would people be as accepting?

Can Nolan and Virgie put their clouded pasts behind and keep their affair respectable?


Excerpt of Respectable Affair:

The heat of worry rushed through Virgie’s veins as she wondered what she would do and where she would go. She held her fear but wasn’t sure how long she’d act calm when her life was about to be thrown into turmoil because of a crazy woman she hardly knew. She took a deep breath and looked to the floor. The wooden surface she waxed only days ago shined in the afternoon sun. Please don’t fire me. I have nowhere else to go. Virgie didn’t speak though apprehensive thoughts ran through her head as she listened to Nolan.

“Up until this meeting with the doctor, I thought Elizabeth would eventually get better, but it seems there’s little hope for that.” Nolan shifted in his seat.

Virgie looked up and wanted to beg for her job. She didn’t. Eureka Springs was a small town. The last thing she needed was to have Nolan Vickers say one to thing to someone about how she pleaded that he keep her on.


Website:  http://annettesnyder.atspace.com

Blog: http://annettesnyder.blogspot.com

Purchase:  www.whiskeycreekpress.com

All my work is available locally in stores, through many online avenues or by contacting me.


Here’s a great prize because November is my birthday month:

Comment here today or drop me an email through my website and I’ll toss your name into a hat for an autographed copy of one of my novels.

Thanks Raine for hosting me and thanks to you for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “Welcome Annette Snyder today and a Contest

  1. Thanks for sharing the excerpt seems like it’ll be a great read.
    (My mother birthday is in November as well-the 17th to exact)


  2. The book sounds like a good one, Annette. Hey, we’re all compelled to write certain stories–that’s why most of us became authors. Glad to learn more about you and I still appreciate you having me on your “states” list. Never expected to actully win for Michigan that year–a real plus. I think it’s great you do this every year. Jane

  3. It must be tough to keep writing and only break even. Keep on writing as I enjoy your books.
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    Your books look wonderful, so I do hope you find success with your writing.


  5. Mary-
    I pulled your name from a hat and you’ve won one copy of my published/paperback novels of your choice.
    Visit my website to pick which you’d like and email me your mailing info so I can get that out your way. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I appreciate your interest in my work. Sending you an email

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