My muse is a demanding slave driver

So I am sitting at the laundromat tonight, watching reruns of Numb3rs TV show and just vegging when my muse taps me on the shoulder going…here you need to write this book…I mean NOW!

Did I ever say my muse is one demanding bugger? *grumbles*

So I am sitting here and finally to shut the poor thing up *oh my aching head), I wrote down over 1000 words tonight on this untitled story. It is a paranormal M/M and it is centered on magic, fated or destined mates and seven years….here is the book synopsis (may change once I really get into it) and I am still working on a title and tagline for it but I am really charged on this one. I love it when a story just grabs you by the throat and yells “WRITE ME!”

Untitled work in progress story (working title-Magic & Mayhem)

Mac Fitzgerald waited the past seven years for his fated mate to come to him. He felt that tingle when he was sure his mate would come claim him and his magic would awaken finally. But on that fateful day seven years ago, he hasn’t felt that tingle of magic, hasn’t had the erotic dreams of his mysterious mate and has just about given up hope of ever being claimed by him.

Until now, seven years later…now his skin is tingling again, his magic is waking up and his dreams are as erotic as ever. Mac is determined to not let his hope soar until he is claimed-heart, body and soul-by his mate. But will he be forgiving when he finally finds out who his mate is and why he didn’t claim him years before?

I hope you like the premise and I hope to have more news on this one after I get these two deadlines out of the way!




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