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Altoids and Survival by Paty Jager

Thank you for having me here today, Raine.


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So you’re thinking what do Altoids and survival have in common. While conjuring up my heroine for Secrets of a Mayan Moon, I wanted to give her MacGyver like qualities without having to task my normal(not genius) brain. So I came up with the idea that being as she is a genius but a bit bumbling, Isabella has found herself in predicaments and needed objects to help her overcome her problems, she needed a security blanket of sorts. While turning this idea over in my head I came up with the idea of a survival vest. A fisherman’s many pocketed vest that she takes when she goes on digs or any place she might run into trouble.

This vest is equipped with inside pockets to tuck her ever-present journal, money, and identification. The outside pockets hold energy bars, a small first aid kit, duck tape, and her survival tin.

I found several sites on the internet—Field and Stream being one— that tells you how to make a survival kit out of an Altoids tin.

This is how Isabella packed her survival tin:

On the bottom of the tin, she placed a small signal mirror, two x-acto blades, several yards of nylon string, two magnetized sewing needles, a Fresnel magnifier, safety pins, and two feet of aluminum foil folded into a small square.  She rolled mini magnesium fire starter and tinder tabs in a sealed bag and taped it. Using the knife, she chopped off an inch of a candle and tucked it into a corner of the tin, placing the remainder of the candle in her backpack. Two quart-sized zip-lock bags were folded into a small square along with a glass vial of twenty water purification tablets. She wound fifty feet of braided fishing line on a sewing bobbin and nestled it in the tin along with a plastic tube of hooks and swivels. Ten feet of twenty-four gauge snare wire looped around the inside of the tin.


Secrets of a Mayan Moon Blurb:

Indie Published

Action Adventure Romance

82,000 words

Child prodigy and now Doctor of Anthropology, Isabella Mumphrey, is about to lose her job at the university. In the world of publish or perish, her mentor’s request for her assistance on a dig is just the opportunity she’s been seeking. If she can decipher an ancient stone table—and she can—she’ll keep her department. She heads to Guatemala, but drug trafficking bad guys, artifact thieves, and her infatuation for her handsome guide wreak havoc on her scholarly intentions.

DEA agent Tino Kosta, is out to avenge the deaths of his family. He’s deep undercover as a jaguar tracker and sometimes jungle guide, but the appearance of a beautiful, brainy anthropologist heats his Latin blood taking him on a dangerous detour that could leave them both casualties of the jungle.


Secrets of a Mayan Moon is available at Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords



“Where did you get a knife such as this, seño?” His gaze remained riveted on the long, wide blade as she held it up for him to see.

“A man outside the airport.”

“They do not sell those as souvenirs.”

A nervous giggle tickled her throat. “No, they don’t.” She shoved her light-weight glasses back up to the bridge of her nose and wiped at the dampness clinging to her neck and chest. “A man wanted my box. I tried to tell him it was mine. My name was clearly written on it, but when it popped opened, my belongings weren’t inside.”

His eyes narrowed. “What was inside? Did you tell this to the security?”

“I was afraid if they saw the knife and then I told them…” She held her tongue. She’d said too much to a stranger already.

Isabella shook her head. “All that matters is my vest and supplies are gone. I have to get more before I continue on to the archeological dig at Ch’ujuña.”

The man stared at her then waved at the knife. “Would you know this man if you saw him again?”

“Yes. Even though at first the only thing I saw was this knife, I’ll not forget his nasty teeth or his dark eyes.” A shudder rippled her skin.

“How did you get the knife?” His dark eyes studied her.

Her face heated under his scrutiny and her mortification, realizing how close she came to possibly losing her life. “I knocked the knife and the box to the ground when my pack slipped and swung.” She hadn’t done anything as daring as her movie idol Indiana Jones. No, clumsiness saved me, not bravery. Her heart hammered realizing what the consequences could have been if her backpack hadn’t become off balance. She had no doubt the man would have hurt her to gain the package.



22 thoughts on “Welcome Paty Jager today

  1. I love the survival kit, Paty! One of my favorite books ever is Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveroux, when the heroine get s snatched back into medieval times. She’s got her big purse full of everything with her, and manages to charm everybody. So I decided I needed to have my just-in-case stuff along with me as well in case it happened LOL. My kids still tease me about it.. especially when they need something that I don’t have in there.

    Great post. Best wishes with the release!

  2. I thought the survival kit was a stroke of genius, Paty. Not only did it actually help get her out of difficult situations but it really spoke to her character–one of always being prepared and in control (so she thinks). Loved this story and Isabella Mumphrey.

    1. Maggie, Thank you! This book was something I had a blast brewing up and enjoyed almost every moment of writing it. All but the revisions it required after I realized I was not focused on the real issue of the book. Once I figured that out, I loved the book.

  3. I should have a survival kit, but i would probably leave it home. Sounds amazing. Very exciting and has some science a well.

  4. New to me author but the book sounds like it’ll be an amazing read… Thanks for sharing…

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