Where in the World Blog Hop for SCP

Ok here are a few hints to where I am. Can you guess?

1) I live near one of the famous waterfalls in the USA on the East Coast. Can you guess it?

2) A local town near me is known for snow and a certain kind of Chicken Wing.

3) A small town near me had a significant prison event in the 70’s that is still talked about today.

So do you know where I live near?

If you get all three clues right, you are in the drawing for a tote bag and candle from me. Contest Winner to be announced Monday. Good Luck!

Check out the rest of the blog hop participants at http://secretcravingspublishing.blogspot.com/


11 thoughts on “Where in the World Blog Hop for SCP

  1. Ditto. (I had the answers before I looked at Linda’s). You live in upstate New York–beautiful! I went to school in the Hudson Valley & just got back from a trip to Glen, NY (NW of Albany). Love it! Meredith

  2. Same answers as above. I also did not cheat, I live in New York State in the Lower Hudson Valley, 25 miles north of NYC.

  3. Oh wow, this is a neat and unique thing to do.
    I have always been fascinated by Niagara Falls. I could just sit and listen to the sound of the water every day.
    I love me some buffalo wings. Ever heard of the restaurant/bar Buffalo Wild Wings?
    One of my favorite places to eat. I’m very addicted to playing the trivia game.
    I’m guessing the last question has to do with Attica. I know where you live. You get
    a lot of snow too!!!

  4. Congrats guys 🙂

    Mary Preston you were chosen as my winner. I need you to email me at raindelight@yahoo(dot)com to claim your prizes. If I don’t hear from you by Friday I will draw a new winner.

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