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If this love you can’t do without is another aspect of power, it’s also the most volatile one, never stable, always uncontrollable. It can turn to hate quicker than white Virt becoming black. Virtus

The Pledge

SERIES: Virtus Saga Book 5

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENRE: GLBT, Gay, Ménage, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m/m/f, m/m/f/m/m/m

ISBN: 978-1-77111-294-9

HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

PAGES: 284

WORD COUNT: 98.756

RELEASE DATE: September 1st, 2012

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER: Angela Waters



While love and passion rise, enemies and misunderstandings become stronger. While resolves strengthen, the world and its nightmares stand in the way until one thing, and one alone, will save them–the pledge.


“Princess, for you I have two words alone—thank you.” He uttered them softly. “Thank you for being in my head, in my heart, in my spirit, my life. Thank you for the constant sharing. Thank you for the love and for having believed in it far more than I ever did. Thank you for having waited for me to come round to how immensely I love you. Thank you for putting up with my…insufferable lover, as you call him.” His wide grin took them both in. “Mostly, thank you for always being there as your own woman, never a submissive slave. You are our master, the one who teaches and gives us new strength every time your spirit breathes on us. You are our deep-rotted core, the one without whom we wouldn’t exist or be where we are today. You have made all this possible, so again I can only thank you. I…no…” He glanced at Chris and received a silent go ahead. “We can’t live without you.”

MMMMMF (605 @Carl w/servants)

One moment he was in the spacious bedroom, driving his cock into the yielding flesh he had leaned against a wall and held up in his arms, sucking the pointy nipples in front of his mouth. The next, he was in a cramped quarter, three narrow cots lined up to a side under a tiny window, a fireplace opposite them, a small cabinet next to it. Yes, not the most comfortable surroundings, but Chris seemed at home with three young men whom the leader recognized from the dinner.

Blinking incredulously, Prince Caldwell stopped hammering. It could not be. What was happening was simply unbelievable and without explanations. Was he there in the flesh or just in spirit? Was he actually seeing his angel about to start his orgy or was he imagining it?

No, we’re actually seeing him. Ylianor’s soft voice put one doubt to rest. And he can see us, too.

Raising his gaze, the prince caught the flash of confirmation in the blue-gray eyes staring directly at him.

Well, there was no end to the strangeness.

Or to the Virt. She chuckled.

It must be your doing, Princess. Breathing, he realized his shaft was still hard, stone-like to be precise, and still drowning in her. Never happened to us alone.

I think it was more of his doing, when he opened up like he did, pulling us inside his core. She looked up and intercepted Chris’s gaze. He wants us here, evidently.

But you’re the link. He had no material evidence to sustain his claim. It just felt like a truth.

Does it matter who’s responsible, my love?

No, of course it made no difference, not to his cock throbbing painfully now that two of the servants—one dark, the other red-haired—dropped to the floor to pull down Chris’s pants and litigate his swollen piece among them. The third, a blondish guy, removed the angel’s shirt and sucked his nipples lavishly.

“Now the ass.” Chris accompanied the order with a vigorous push on the shoulders. The young man had no choice except to comply.

That his angel wanted it all was an understatement. He thrust his hips forward to tempt the two at his feet who took turns in swallowing him whole, if possible, while the other one was sticking his tongue tip right through the rear hole. It was so damn exciting Duncan wondered whether he would last at least as long as Chris. Luckily, from the blaze in the blue-gray eyes staring at him, the angel did not appear better off. Also his princess was having trouble, if the tighter squeezes on his equipment at each cock bobbing from one mouth to another were any indication, which made it necessary to slow things down. Taking the erection out of her silky trap, he brought her on the floor for a thorough drilling of her throat. As usual, she could not gobble it all, however wide-open her mouth was, much like the redhead at his angel’s service.

“Hey…” His gaze on the dark-haired, Duncan knew he was searching for a name.

“It’s Cully, sir.” Which the man immediately provided.

“Right, Cully, why don’t you hold…” Again, his angel faltered as he glanced at the redhead.

“He’s Jaylor,” the dark-haired servant provided patiently, as though he had already told Chris many times before. “And he’s Grain.” He indicated the blond at the angel’s butt.

“Got them.”

Sure you do, Angel. Come five seconds, you’ll have forgotten them. The prince was sure of it.

“So why don’t you hold Jaylor’s head still?” Well, maybe not since Chris managed to get the names straight.

“Gladly, sir.”


If you’re curious to learn more about the characters in the Virtus Saga, check out the Who’s Who, now available on line @my website.

And for the fans of the Virtus Saga, a very important announcement: Book 6, The Heat, is scheduled to be released Nov. 15, so don’t miss it!



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