Wicked Wednesday with Lace & Leather by Leanore Elliott


Lace & Leather

Leanore Elliott

Wicked Muse Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

LACE & LEATHER AT AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/chfx9rh



A Hot Ride Through The Wild Frontier…

Jess (Leather) was on a bloody trail to track down his father’s savage killers. A woman unlike any he’d ever known before seems to appear out of the blue and captures his attention. But is she his to keep? Will he give her up to have his revenge?



Jess slid her nude body along his jeans and further up, gradually rubbing her bare skin over him as if she were a wet towel. Her nipples were tingling from the buttons on his shirt.

By the time he raised her belly to his face, Lacey gulped as she indeed became a moist shivering mess. She was constantly surprised by his sheer physical strength; his raising and holding her in the air seemed just a normal feat to him.

Jess used his tongue to trace a path up her silky folds and back down.

The feeling was like a blazing brush stroke of pure euphoria as she helplessly whimpered.

Raising his head, he quietly looked at her while that magnificent smile of his slowly appeared and spread out on his face.

The affect of this smiling sexiness to her already pounding heart was immediate and inescapable. Oh… Lacey almost huffed the thought aloud.

Jess dipped his head again and breathed a searing stream of warm air onto her tender skin as his mouth rested at her open thighs. “Open yourself to me.”

Slowly and with shaking hands, Lacey reached down and placed her fingers on either side of her folds, opening herself to his mouth. Her hands shook as she revealed herself to his eyes and lips while her soul seemed quietly bared to this savage cowboy as well. The vulnerable sensation of the act was exhilarating and completely terrifying at the same time.

The sky blue in his eyes darkened to simmering cobalt as he stared at her exposed skin. He raised his head and looked at her shivering body. “I will make you scream—again.”

She fought to hold her quivering body still and knew without a doubt or any pretense at self-delusion that she would ultimately and most certainly—scream.


125 pages of Heat by Award Winning Erotica Author Leanore Elliott


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