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The Oathbreaker’s Son

By Robyn Seitz

Published:  June 2012 Sweet Cravings Publishing

Urban Fantasy Sweet Romance



Zoe Striking was looking for a new lease on life and hopefully an opportunity to find love with the man she had her eye on for years.

Mike had been admiring Zoe from a distance and secretly hoping she would never happen across the little house on Valley Drive. When Zoe announces she has moved into the house, Mike has no choice but to step forward as both a suitor and an ally, but the conflicting stories about what happened in the house have Zoe running away from everyone, including herself. What she can’t run from is her heart.

She is in love with two men; one who can give her everything she needs and one who has captivated her very soul.


“This is the last one ma’am.”

By his voice, Zoe surmised this must be Adam. She decided to toy with him a little. “Oh yes, this is the box of the little square mirrors. I glue these in lines all around the room so I can see myself everywhere I go.” She smiled an evil grin, enjoying herself. The young man’s eyes shot toward the ground and Zoe had to stifle another bout of hysterical laughter.

“Uh, yeah. I’m…uh…glad that everything is safe.”

She snickered deviously. “Especially all of my mirrors.” She let go of the box and it slammed into the concrete porch. The man gasped and cringed, anticipating the horrific splintering of a thousand shards of glass. The cardboard connected with the concrete in a dull thud. A tiny giggle exploded from Zoe’s lips. She handed the man a twenty-dollar bill and picked up her box of books, just as comprehension spread across the young man’s brow. She quickly shut the door in his face to avoid embarrassing the man any further.

She turned around to find Maria standing there with her arms crossed. “You’re evil,” she stated. “You know that don’t you?”

“Yes and I love it!”

Maria rolled her eyes, returning to the spot on the floor where she had placed the pizza box. “You and this house belong together.”

“I really think we do too,” Zoe replied. She smiled, but not at Maria. She was smiling at her new home.

The pair sat down for dinner, sipping the wine in between bites of food and conversation. By the time the pizza was finished off, the bottle of wine had nearly followed suit. The two women had discussed Zoe’s interest in the baker’s son Mike, men in general, periods and were hot on the topic of psychics. Zoe persisted, “I didn’t say I don’t believe in them Maria. There are just so many of them out there that are crooks. How do you know when you can trust one?”

Maria took a swig from her glass. “I guess you have to go to one and see what they tell you. If it comes true, you know you can trust them.”

“And if none of it comes true, I’ve just handed some twit fifty dollars of my hard earned money for a laugh.” Zoe held her glass up in front of her, staring at the swirling red liquid within. Abruptly, glaring back at her in the reflection, Zoe swore she saw a face. Startled, she flung the glass away from her, smashing it into a thousand tiny pieces on the floor. A soft, high-pitched shriek resonated at the back of the house causing Zoe’s stomach to turn sour.

“Zoe, what’s wrong?”


Born and raised in a small Canadian town, Robyn’s imagination appeared early in her school writings. After writing a comical story about being as small as a pencil at the age of 11, her teachers often indicated writing could be her forte. However, Robyn had many passions, including a dear love for the Canadian sport of Ringette, where she spent years focusing on her officiating (reffing) skills as well as playing and coaching. In her early 30’s the urge to tell her imaginative tales became overpowering and she began venturing into writing again. Her first published novel, The Oathbreaker’s Son, was released in June of 2012. She has plans to continue with science fiction, paranormal and fantasy. Robyn carries her laptop at all times, including to arenas and soccer fields, writing during practices or before her children’s games. Still a small town girl at heart, most of her work reflects the ideals and even frustrations with living in a community where everyone knows everyone else and everything you do!

Visit my Blog: http://robynseitz.wordpress.com/

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