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Interview with a Demon Slayer: Danny of GANGBUSTERS

RD: Thank you, readers, for stopping by. Today, I have I-Marshal Daniel Tierney in the hot seat. Danny’s the hero of GANGBUSTERS, the sizzling, gritty, high-action Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure by Michele Hart. I understand GANGBUSTERS is the third installment of the I-MARSHAL STORIES series, tales of futuristic demon hunters and fallen angels at war. 

DANNY: Yes. Angels, demons, lasers. GANGBUSTERS has secret technology, demonic possession, microchips, fist fights, teleportation, unholy resurrection, forbidden passion, assassination, doomed missions, daredevil antics, a battle for love against a Hell-spawned horde. Just everyday, on-the-job issues for a demon slayer.

RD: I had the chance to speak with Faith, your heroine, and she told me to tease you as much as possible in payback for what you’d done to her the first night you’d met. 

DANNY: (He chuckles uncomfortably.) She knows I love to torture demons, so she loves to torture me. She shouldn’t have told you any part of our first night since she’s aware secret technology was involved. I think she just wants a little spanking when I get home. Hint, hint to Faith, if you’re “listening”.

RD: All right, let’s skip that part. Faith says you were angry all the time. 

DANNY: I was. I fell for her on the job, anathema in my profession. Undercover cops can’t become emotionally involved with witnesses. We sure can’t fall for reporters seeking to bust our covers. That’s what she wanted to do the first night we met. And the second night we met. I just wanted to put her in the sheets of her bed and rock her world. Not being able to do so made me angry. I wanted to take her off the case, but every moment, she became more valuable. It’s not a good place for a man to be, watching the woman he cares for step into more and more danger. I knew the gangsters around her, and the monsters they really were. I was angry the woman I wanted would stir that pit of vipers. There was no stopping her. She’d wanted a Pulitzer. If not for my intervention, this story would’ve given her an ugly trip to an unmarked grave…about page ten. You can’t write a Pulitzer-worthy story beneath two meters of dirt.

RD: (She tugs at her collar.) No. No, you can’t. Faith had said you lost your mind when the criminal kingpin of your world kissed her hand. 

DANNY: Metaphor. Lost my mind…cut the demon’s wings off, plugged all its goons, set the building afire. Again, metaphors. Kicked that demon’s ass all over the mortal realm, dragged the monster to Hell, casted its filthy carcass into the bottomless pit. Dissolved its immortal spirit in the molten floes of the Abyss. Just metaphors. Theories, unprovable allegations. One couldn’t prove what really happened since there was no witness or evidence to the acts. Because I may or may not have been visible.

RD: (Her mouth went dry, and she took a gulp of water from a nearby bottle.) Faith said she didn’t believe in demons until she met you. 

DANNY: She gives me too much credit. Faith was already bellybutton-deep in smoke-snorting fiends when I was contracted to kill her. She just likes to fantasize I put demons in her life. Faith, if you’re reading this, don’t forget how you got demon-slimed. I was light-years away when that happened, and you were the one who’d given a scumbag demon directions to our hide-out. Just pointing that out to aid your memory, baby. She loves it when I call her baby.

RD: (She considers Danny’s lively gray eyes, his salt-and-pepper hair, and his big, genetically gifted physique wrapped in speed-racing leathers.) I…don’t think I’d mind if you called me baby, either. Faith tells us the I-Marshals have a new weapon in the destruction of demons. Can you tell us about it? 

DANNY: No. I can’t. Faith, we’ll be playing The Arrest Game tonight and having a long talk about what Alliance tech we’ll reveal to the public.

RD: Faith tells us the I-Marshals possess invisible super-soldier suits, demon pistols, interstellar teleportation, healers, telekinetics, time wizards. 

Danny retrieved his palm computer from his pocket and typed a text message.  A few seconds of ominous silence followed. A beep sounded from his palm comp, and Danny showed the interviewer a text message.

DANNY: Faith would like to rescind permission for you to use information given in her interview.

RD: (She shuffles her paperwork, perplexed.) Well, then…okay… Danny, what would you like to tell us aboutGANGBUSTERS

DANNY: My team hunts down villains producing a drug that will open the entire galactic sector to boundless crime. How? It masks direct guilt detection by the fMRI lie-detection machines used by all Alliance law enforcement agencies. Without direct guilt detection, criminals walk free. Atop that, we learn a demon with a particular hatred for my team has discovered a way to come back from my destruction of him. Despite repeated slayings, Freak, a nasty spirit of obsession, returns on a mission to kill the gangbusters and take our women. Freak’s plans to sell that life-after-destruction process to the hordes of Hell sends us all—angels, demons, mortals—to violent confrontations. Resurrection sucks when the bad guys have it. It’s even worse when the biggest monster you ever knew wields emotional power over your woman.

RD: That sounds perilous. 

DANNY: Too perilous. We’d never intended to put Faith at so much risk. It almost cost her all. I’m very lucky to have her. No mortal should be forced to live a minute with the flames of Hell in her veins. You gotta read what happened.

RD: I think I do! Give us a little tease for the other I-MARSHAL STORIES

DANNY: (He rubs his strong, square jaw sprinkled with days-old stubble.) Let’s see… I’m not great at teasing.

RD: Faith said you bring down demons half again your size, but you fall like monsoon rains for the slightest tease. She says it’s a weakness of yours. 

DANNY: (He scowls.) Faith is an unreliable witness and bad at details!

RD: She’s a trained investigative journalist. 

DANNY: Faith is a very bad girl who is earning a bigger spanking with every passing minute of this interview. I-Marshal teases…

LUMINOUS NIGHTS is about a lonely freighter captain traveling deep space who encounters a prison escapee claiming to be a famous—and dead—I-Marshal. But he’s really an avenging angel on a mass-murder mission, recovering stolen secret technology from the hands of the black market. Beware the chocolate scenes. A couple of reviewers said they’d never forget them.

VIGILANT is the story of a desperate young woman caught in a human-trafficking ring and the I-Marshal guarding her and watching a beast plan to savage her in a feast of revenge.

How about those teases? Tons of action in and out of steamy sheets. Thanks for the chance to chat about our story. It’s time for me to go.

RD: Rushing off to slay demons? 

DANNY: Rushing home to spank Faith. She’s asked for it and knows it’s coming. It was her motive and goal. She just wants my hands on her naked bottom, and I’ll be damned if I’ll disappoint her.

RD: You aren’t angry with her, are you? 

DANNY: Angry at Faith? Never. I almost lost her to the demon hordes. I’ll never waste our time being angry at her. I’m lucky to hold a woman brave enough to love a demon slayer. Besides, I know she’s my punishment for a life of sin. (He smiles slyly.) Have an exciting day, everyone.


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