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Smut in the City, edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse

Sultry, smouldering sex in the city is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From the stifling heat of the London Underground to the crumbling walls of Rome’s Colosseum, Smut in the City has it all. Whatever your interpretation of sultry urban sex, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Lusty couples, horny office workers, hunky bakers and gardeners, tourists and the Mafia are portrayed for your titillation in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.






Within the Crumbling Walls

By Lucy Felthouse

Exiting the Colosseo Metro station, Libby shot a grin at her boyfriend, Ciaran. “I don’t think we’ll have any trouble finding it, do you?”

“Hmm?” Ciaran frowned, then turned his gaze in the direction that Libby was pointing. He gave a sheepish smile. “No, I don’t think we will. Shall we put the map away?”

Libby nodded, and Ciaran spun round so she should take the map and load it into his backpack. Zipping it back up, she patted it twice to signal she was done. Ciaran turned and held out his hand. She took it, and together they took their lives in their hands crossing the busy Roman road and walked to the Colosseum.

Despite the early hour, the queue was already considerable, and the couple exchanged a wry look. But then Libby remembered something. “Hey, don’t look so glum babe. We can skip the queue, remember?”

Ciaran frowned. “We can?”

Pulling a small credit card shaped and sized item from her pocket, she replied, “Yes! Our Roma cards mean we can get in quicker. That was one of the selling points the rep kept going on about when she was trying to flog them to us.”

Ciaran slapped his forehead theatrically, then retrieved his own card from his pocket. “Of course!” He used his not inconsiderable height to peer over the heads of the group in front of him. “Okay, I see it. There’s a separate line for RomaPass holders, and it’s moving tons quicker. Hurrah!”

He made his way through the crowd, using a combination of touches on people’s backs and the words “excuse me.” Libby followed quickly in his wake. Soon they were at the back of the very short and swiftly-moving queue. People passed through, showing their cards to a very stern-looking Italian man, who nodded and pointed them towards another line.

This time they scanned their cards through some kind of barcode reader, and finally, they were in. Within the crumbling walls of the ancient Colosseum, probably the most famous landmark in Rome. Looking around, Libby could see why.

Photos and videos didn’t do it justice. She wasn’t sure if Colosseum translated to colossal or not, but it was certainly the most apt word to describe the place. It really was huge—and they hadn’t even seen the best part yet. Following Ciaran from the ticket booth area—which was literally within the great walls—they passed out into the open area in the middle. Libby gasped. It was amazing.

They were at ground level, with two or three levels above—she wasn’t sure which—and of course, the one below. Where the gladiators, warriors and fierce creatures would have been kept before being forced to fight in the arena.

Realising Ciaran was gaping at the sight before them too, she encouraged him forward. “Come on, we’re kind of in the way here.” Looking left, she saw an area which was fenced off and held warning signs urging the public not to enter. Libby snorted. The whole place was falling to pieces, how could they possibly deem one section more dangerous than another?

Shaking her head, she turned her attention to the right and saw an area which would allow them a better view of the arena floor. She grabbed Ciaran’s hand and pulled him with her.

Leaning on a barrier and looking out, Libby saw that arena “floor” was not an accurate description. At one end of the enormous structure, a wooden base had been erected, but the rest of the oval was open, displaying what lay beneath. It looked like a labyrinth, and suddenly she became aware of an English-speaking tour guide telling his group the history of the place. She eavesdropped for a while, then fell to thinking how lucky she was to have been born in this day and age. She’d never know anyone who’d be thrown to their deaths in such a place—or be forced to watch them killed in such a brutal manner.


Lucy Felthouse:

Victoria Blisse:


Welcome Antwon Bantu & author Rawiya

Character Interview with Antwon Bantu & author Rawiya

Rawiya: Good morning. I’m happy to do my first character interview with one of my own. From Sugar Daddy, my guest is Antwon Bantu, famed barrister from Birmingham. Thanks for traveling all this way to see me, Antwon. 

Antwon: Ah you’re welcome, Rawiya. Matthew and I needed a break from the rigors of ol’ Britain anyhow. He’s taking a little time off while Uni is out of session.

Rawiya: That’s great. How long does he have to go before he finishes? 

Anwon: Not long at all, my dear. In fact, he should be receiving his certificate shortly.

Rawiya: Excellent. And how are things in barrister (lawyer) land these days? 

Antwon: Busy as usual, love. Even though I’ve slowed a bit, I’m still fighting for gay rights. Seems people still won’t allow us to have the same opportunities as straight people do. Shameful really.

Rawiya: Agreed. So tell me and the audience about the story, Sugar Daddy? 

Antwon: *crosses legs and straightens Burberry tie* Well, it’s a romance of course about two people from different worlds and backgrounds, finding love. That’s subject matter you love to do, right?

Rawiya: Very much so. Love is love regardless of orientation, gender, and race, and in your case, age. 

Antwon: Yep well, I’ve always dated younger men to make me feel young too. Gettin’ a little long in the tooth, I’m afraid.

Rawiya: Oh stop, you’re very handsome and mature. That’s what Matthew asked for. 

Antwon: Thank you. It’s true  he did and I’m glad we found one another. I didn’t have many hang-ups about my age until I met Matt. He really keeps me on my toes, in and out of the bedroom. *winks*

Rawiya: *laughs nervously* Oh, well… heh… Okay then. So, the readers know this book is set around culinary school. What is Matthew’s favorite dish to cook? 

Antwon: Ah, he loves everything. He really keeps this ol’ man from going hungry. He’s a bit of a neat freak too. Matt isn’t lazy by any means. He’s always complaining about where I lay my coat and or clothes. Well, that’s until I shut him up properly. *cocks eyebrow*

Rawiya: Well, wow… *fans self* We know who’s in charge in this relationship.

Antwon: Well, we defer to each other regularly. At first, I tried to muscle him but failed miserably. *sighs*

Rawiya: Oh I see. Well, Matthew is a strong guy. Don’t let the sweet face fool you. So tell me, since he’s younger and you’re more experienced, would you say the age difference has added something to your love or placed a barrier between you? 

Antwon: It’s added to it. He teaches me things and vice versa. I didn’t consider myself hip or anything until I dated Matthew. He’s up on all the latest music, style, etc. Even though fashion sense, I’d already had. Still, having a lover who is younger has made me appreciate life more. You can never stop learning or growing in my opinion. Matthew adds spice to my life and I’m happy I’ve met him.

Rawiya: So am I Antwon. This has been really fun. I’d like to get the two of you together soon to talk more. Do you think we can do that? 

Antwon: Of course Rawiya. That would be awesome. Matthew loves talking about our love. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

Rawiya: Fabulous. Thank you Antwon. We’ll see you soon!


Blurb: Matthew Davidson wants a MAN! The setting shifts away from the America’s to Britain where Matthew and his childhood friend, Devon Peartly attend a cooking school to obtain their cooking certificates. The young man wants a partner so badly, he decides he’ll try an online dating service in hopes of finding a black man that can take care of and satisfy him romantically.

He finds that man, Antwon Bantu on an online dating site and is instantly intrigued. Little does Matthew know that Antwon is involved in a “convenient” marriage and is seeking a younger partner so he can finally get on with his life. Instead of confessing the truth, he decides to hide it, fearing he’ll lose the chance with Matthew if he informs him. To complicate things, Antwon’s wife claims to be in love with him. Antwon must choose what’s more important; loving Matthew or saving his impeccable reputation as a top barrister in the London courts?

Which will he choose?

Amazon, Are, Smashwords

By the second day, Antwon wanted to know more about his new friend.

They’d exchanged messages and already had several private chats. Now, he wanted to do more than that. He hoped his insistence wouldn’t scare the young man off.

So far, the twosome found out they had a lot in common. Both loved sushi and long walks on the beach, retro and soul music, as well as classic American films and others with subtitles. Even though their ages were thirty years apart, they seemed to be a pretty good match. Because of that, Antwon wanted to move their online relationship into reality.

On the third day, Antwon decided a phone call would be the next step.

In all honesty, he really wanted to meet this young man face to face, but felt he’d be rushing it. He couldn’t tell what his attitude was this soon so he decided against it.

As he sat in his office finishing lunch, he thought of the most appropriate way to ask Choco about exchanging phone numbers.

After discarding the empty bag, he signed into the site to send him a message.

He typed, Choco, I really would like to get to know you on a more personal level. Can we exchange telephone numbers, please? I believe we’ve made a connection that’s worth exploring a little further. Here’s mine. And he added his home phone number.

“Whew. Been a while since I did that,” he muttered, hitting send. He hoped the young man would get it right away. The lawyer was more than intrigued and wanted to hear his voice.

Really, he desired more but would settle just to hear what the young man sounded like.

He leaned back in the chair, staring at the screen of his laptop, waiting for a response. He’d never been so excited to talk with a man.

Suddenly, the fifty-one year old felt as though he were a teen again, impatiently sweating while he eyed the screen. “This feels silly,” he mused to himself, “but…” he bit his lip, “he’s just so damn interesting!”


Matthew looked at the message on his screen with a big smile on his face. The man wanted to chat on the phone?

It meant he could hear that deep sexy voice. Matthew imagined he had to be a baritone – rich and resounding.

Anxious, Matthew typed in, sure what time should I call you? He leaned against the wall and waited for the response back. That voice. He’d imagined it constantly. He couldn’t wait to actually hear it.

“Matthew. What’s up? You dreaming again, mate?”

Matthew sighed, turning the phone around in Devon’s direction. “He wants to talk more. Dlovr just gave me his number.”

Devon raised an eyebrow. “Is that so? Will he be sending you a picture?”

The young Brit smiled and looked back at the LCD screen.

Yes that should be next but he didn’t mention it.

“No, not yet, but I’m sure it’ll come up. Besides, I already told you that wasn’t the most important thing. I really like this guy and…” The sound of his cell beeping interrupted him. “Okay, so. We’ll be talking tonight at about nine pm.”

Devon grinned, closing his door. “Yeah? Can I listen in on the other line?”

“No!” He pushed Devon away. This is a one on one conversation. You’ll probably laugh and embarrass the hell out of me. I can’t have that.”

He laughed and tapped Matthew’s shoulder. “Oh you’re no fun. C’mon, time for class.”

Matthew nodded and followed his good friend.

He was really looking forward to talking with Dlovr so he could get to know more about the man behind the perfect profile.

Matthew pictured a mature man, most likely grey hair, who wore nice suits and had a beard.

Yes, that had to be it, especially since that’s exactly what he hoped for.

About the Author:

RAWIYA is the more sensual erotica writer in the BLRawiya duo. Rawiya’s first sole author book, “Time to Make the Donuts” is now available in multiple digital formats through online vendors and her first MMF Living In The Now was released in April from Naughty Nights Press.
Rawiya loves multiracial characters who overcome obstacles other than race. Sweet, sassy, and spicy would be the best way to describe her work. Happily married mother of two, loves music, computers, and travel. She blogs regularly at Wicked Sexy Writers. For more please visit the Rawiya’s blog on WordPress.





Welcome Laura Tolomei Today


If this love you can’t do without is another aspect of power, it’s also the most volatile one, never stable, always uncontrollable. It can turn to hate quicker than white Virt becoming black. Virtus

The Pledge

SERIES: Virtus Saga Book 5

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENRE: GLBT, Gay, Ménage, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m/m/f, m/m/f/m/m/m

ISBN: 978-1-77111-294-9

HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

PAGES: 284

WORD COUNT: 98.756

RELEASE DATE: September 1st, 2012

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER: Angela Waters



While love and passion rise, enemies and misunderstandings become stronger. While resolves strengthen, the world and its nightmares stand in the way until one thing, and one alone, will save them–the pledge.


“Princess, for you I have two words alone—thank you.” He uttered them softly. “Thank you for being in my head, in my heart, in my spirit, my life. Thank you for the constant sharing. Thank you for the love and for having believed in it far more than I ever did. Thank you for having waited for me to come round to how immensely I love you. Thank you for putting up with my…insufferable lover, as you call him.” His wide grin took them both in. “Mostly, thank you for always being there as your own woman, never a submissive slave. You are our master, the one who teaches and gives us new strength every time your spirit breathes on us. You are our deep-rotted core, the one without whom we wouldn’t exist or be where we are today. You have made all this possible, so again I can only thank you. I…no…” He glanced at Chris and received a silent go ahead. “We can’t live without you.”

MMMMMF (605 @Carl w/servants)

One moment he was in the spacious bedroom, driving his cock into the yielding flesh he had leaned against a wall and held up in his arms, sucking the pointy nipples in front of his mouth. The next, he was in a cramped quarter, three narrow cots lined up to a side under a tiny window, a fireplace opposite them, a small cabinet next to it. Yes, not the most comfortable surroundings, but Chris seemed at home with three young men whom the leader recognized from the dinner.

Blinking incredulously, Prince Caldwell stopped hammering. It could not be. What was happening was simply unbelievable and without explanations. Was he there in the flesh or just in spirit? Was he actually seeing his angel about to start his orgy or was he imagining it?

No, we’re actually seeing him. Ylianor’s soft voice put one doubt to rest. And he can see us, too.

Raising his gaze, the prince caught the flash of confirmation in the blue-gray eyes staring directly at him.

Well, there was no end to the strangeness.

Or to the Virt. She chuckled.

It must be your doing, Princess. Breathing, he realized his shaft was still hard, stone-like to be precise, and still drowning in her. Never happened to us alone.

I think it was more of his doing, when he opened up like he did, pulling us inside his core. She looked up and intercepted Chris’s gaze. He wants us here, evidently.

But you’re the link. He had no material evidence to sustain his claim. It just felt like a truth.

Does it matter who’s responsible, my love?

No, of course it made no difference, not to his cock throbbing painfully now that two of the servants—one dark, the other red-haired—dropped to the floor to pull down Chris’s pants and litigate his swollen piece among them. The third, a blondish guy, removed the angel’s shirt and sucked his nipples lavishly.

“Now the ass.” Chris accompanied the order with a vigorous push on the shoulders. The young man had no choice except to comply.

That his angel wanted it all was an understatement. He thrust his hips forward to tempt the two at his feet who took turns in swallowing him whole, if possible, while the other one was sticking his tongue tip right through the rear hole. It was so damn exciting Duncan wondered whether he would last at least as long as Chris. Luckily, from the blaze in the blue-gray eyes staring at him, the angel did not appear better off. Also his princess was having trouble, if the tighter squeezes on his equipment at each cock bobbing from one mouth to another were any indication, which made it necessary to slow things down. Taking the erection out of her silky trap, he brought her on the floor for a thorough drilling of her throat. As usual, she could not gobble it all, however wide-open her mouth was, much like the redhead at his angel’s service.

“Hey…” His gaze on the dark-haired, Duncan knew he was searching for a name.

“It’s Cully, sir.” Which the man immediately provided.

“Right, Cully, why don’t you hold…” Again, his angel faltered as he glanced at the redhead.

“He’s Jaylor,” the dark-haired servant provided patiently, as though he had already told Chris many times before. “And he’s Grain.” He indicated the blond at the angel’s butt.

“Got them.”

Sure you do, Angel. Come five seconds, you’ll have forgotten them. The prince was sure of it.

“So why don’t you hold Jaylor’s head still?” Well, maybe not since Chris managed to get the names straight.

“Gladly, sir.”


If you’re curious to learn more about the characters in the Virtus Saga, check out the Who’s Who, now available on line @my website.

And for the fans of the Virtus Saga, a very important announcement: Book 6, The Heat, is scheduled to be released Nov. 15, so don’t miss it!



Ciao from Rome,


Laura Tolomei aka Lalla Gatta

Website – @LallaGatta Blog

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TRR’s GBLT Madness Blog Hop-9/27-9/30

Welcome to the GBLT Madness Hop where you can win some fabulous prizes from the participants. The hop runs from September 27th to September 30th and you can space yourselves out over 4 days, from September 27 to 30.

Now for my portion of the hop, I am going to talk about one GBLT book that I adore and recommend.

First though, my prize giveaway is a e-book PDF of Hot Summer Fun anthology with ten sexy tales ranging from contemporary to paranormal to bdsm by myself as well as Sara York, Patricia Logan, Lisa Worrall and many others. All you need to do is comment on this post what is one of your favorite gbtl books to enjoy or are itching to read over the course of the hop and voila! you are entered. I will draw the name on October 1st.

My ultimate favorite M/M Story is Paws On Me (Protect & Serve 3) by Silvia Violet. It has a big bear of a man, a sexy club owner and some serious sparks between them. Silvia has a knack of creating a storyline with equal parts humor, sexiness and romance that appeals to me on all levels. Her stories always leave me wanting more and frankly, if you haven’t checked out her Protect & Serve stories at Changeling, I urge you to please go over there NOW!

And isn’t this cover to die for? *fans face* I swear my pulse went up a notch when Silvia debuted this one and then when I saw the bear on the cover, Whoa momma…I was in love. 🙂

Paws On Me is a story of a police lieutenant who finds he is attracted to a man who may be a potential murder suspect and when all Seth Morrison wanted was sex..he got romance instead with Brandon Lord, a sexy smooth club owner who may or may not be a murder suspect. With the right amount of action-in and out of bed, mystery and loads of simmering scorching heat between these two, well you can understand why I say keep a bucket of ice nearby to cool you down. They say opposites attract and believe me, Seth and Brandon are as opposite as they can be but they fit together so perfectly and I loved how Seth tried to fight his attraction to Brandon and failed at that. 🙂

Paws on Me is book 3 in Ms. Violet’s Protect & Serve series (it’s a multi-author series) and the other books are as follows: Savage Wolf (1), Sex and a Hoof (2), Paws on Me (3) & Hoofin’ It To The Alter (4).

I recommend reading the other books as well for those characters pop up as well as Seth and Brandon in some of the other stories mentioned here. You can bet you will fall in love with them as well. I can’t wait to see if this author drops back into this world again in the future. I am sure there are more stories to be told there.

You can find Paws on Me at Changeling Press.

Please click on the graphic below to get to the next random blog that you haven’t visited yet and if you haven’t registered or logged in for the hop, then please click on the button to do that as well.

The Romance Reviews GLBT Madness Hop

Wicked Wednesday with Lace & Leather by Leanore Elliott


Lace & Leather

Leanore Elliott

Wicked Muse Publishing

Erotic Paranormal




A Hot Ride Through The Wild Frontier…

Jess (Leather) was on a bloody trail to track down his father’s savage killers. A woman unlike any he’d ever known before seems to appear out of the blue and captures his attention. But is she his to keep? Will he give her up to have his revenge?



Jess slid her nude body along his jeans and further up, gradually rubbing her bare skin over him as if she were a wet towel. Her nipples were tingling from the buttons on his shirt.

By the time he raised her belly to his face, Lacey gulped as she indeed became a moist shivering mess. She was constantly surprised by his sheer physical strength; his raising and holding her in the air seemed just a normal feat to him.

Jess used his tongue to trace a path up her silky folds and back down.

The feeling was like a blazing brush stroke of pure euphoria as she helplessly whimpered.

Raising his head, he quietly looked at her while that magnificent smile of his slowly appeared and spread out on his face.

The affect of this smiling sexiness to her already pounding heart was immediate and inescapable. Oh… Lacey almost huffed the thought aloud.

Jess dipped his head again and breathed a searing stream of warm air onto her tender skin as his mouth rested at her open thighs. “Open yourself to me.”

Slowly and with shaking hands, Lacey reached down and placed her fingers on either side of her folds, opening herself to his mouth. Her hands shook as she revealed herself to his eyes and lips while her soul seemed quietly bared to this savage cowboy as well. The vulnerable sensation of the act was exhilarating and completely terrifying at the same time.

The sky blue in his eyes darkened to simmering cobalt as he stared at her exposed skin. He raised his head and looked at her shivering body. “I will make you scream—again.”

She fought to hold her quivering body still and knew without a doubt or any pretense at self-delusion that she would ultimately and most certainly—scream.


125 pages of Heat by Award Winning Erotica Author Leanore Elliott

Welcome Robyn Seitz


The Oathbreaker’s Son

By Robyn Seitz

Published:  June 2012 Sweet Cravings Publishing

Urban Fantasy Sweet Romance


Zoe Striking was looking for a new lease on life and hopefully an opportunity to find love with the man she had her eye on for years.

Mike had been admiring Zoe from a distance and secretly hoping she would never happen across the little house on Valley Drive. When Zoe announces she has moved into the house, Mike has no choice but to step forward as both a suitor and an ally, but the conflicting stories about what happened in the house have Zoe running away from everyone, including herself. What she can’t run from is her heart.

She is in love with two men; one who can give her everything she needs and one who has captivated her very soul.


“This is the last one ma’am.”

By his voice, Zoe surmised this must be Adam. She decided to toy with him a little. “Oh yes, this is the box of the little square mirrors. I glue these in lines all around the room so I can see myself everywhere I go.” She smiled an evil grin, enjoying herself. The young man’s eyes shot toward the ground and Zoe had to stifle another bout of hysterical laughter.

“Uh, yeah. I’m…uh…glad that everything is safe.”

She snickered deviously. “Especially all of my mirrors.” She let go of the box and it slammed into the concrete porch. The man gasped and cringed, anticipating the horrific splintering of a thousand shards of glass. The cardboard connected with the concrete in a dull thud. A tiny giggle exploded from Zoe’s lips. She handed the man a twenty-dollar bill and picked up her box of books, just as comprehension spread across the young man’s brow. She quickly shut the door in his face to avoid embarrassing the man any further.

She turned around to find Maria standing there with her arms crossed. “You’re evil,” she stated. “You know that don’t you?”

“Yes and I love it!”

Maria rolled her eyes, returning to the spot on the floor where she had placed the pizza box. “You and this house belong together.”

“I really think we do too,” Zoe replied. She smiled, but not at Maria. She was smiling at her new home.

The pair sat down for dinner, sipping the wine in between bites of food and conversation. By the time the pizza was finished off, the bottle of wine had nearly followed suit. The two women had discussed Zoe’s interest in the baker’s son Mike, men in general, periods and were hot on the topic of psychics. Zoe persisted, “I didn’t say I don’t believe in them Maria. There are just so many of them out there that are crooks. How do you know when you can trust one?”

Maria took a swig from her glass. “I guess you have to go to one and see what they tell you. If it comes true, you know you can trust them.”

“And if none of it comes true, I’ve just handed some twit fifty dollars of my hard earned money for a laugh.” Zoe held her glass up in front of her, staring at the swirling red liquid within. Abruptly, glaring back at her in the reflection, Zoe swore she saw a face. Startled, she flung the glass away from her, smashing it into a thousand tiny pieces on the floor. A soft, high-pitched shriek resonated at the back of the house causing Zoe’s stomach to turn sour.

“Zoe, what’s wrong?”


Born and raised in a small Canadian town, Robyn’s imagination appeared early in her school writings. After writing a comical story about being as small as a pencil at the age of 11, her teachers often indicated writing could be her forte. However, Robyn had many passions, including a dear love for the Canadian sport of Ringette, where she spent years focusing on her officiating (reffing) skills as well as playing and coaching. In her early 30’s the urge to tell her imaginative tales became overpowering and she began venturing into writing again. Her first published novel, The Oathbreaker’s Son, was released in June of 2012. She has plans to continue with science fiction, paranormal and fantasy. Robyn carries her laptop at all times, including to arenas and soccer fields, writing during practices or before her children’s games. Still a small town girl at heart, most of her work reflects the ideals and even frustrations with living in a community where everyone knows everyone else and everything you do!

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Welcome Michele Hart today

Interview with a Demon Slayer: Danny of GANGBUSTERS

RD: Thank you, readers, for stopping by. Today, I have I-Marshal Daniel Tierney in the hot seat. Danny’s the hero of GANGBUSTERS, the sizzling, gritty, high-action Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure by Michele Hart. I understand GANGBUSTERS is the third installment of the I-MARSHAL STORIES series, tales of futuristic demon hunters and fallen angels at war. 

DANNY: Yes. Angels, demons, lasers. GANGBUSTERS has secret technology, demonic possession, microchips, fist fights, teleportation, unholy resurrection, forbidden passion, assassination, doomed missions, daredevil antics, a battle for love against a Hell-spawned horde. Just everyday, on-the-job issues for a demon slayer.

RD: I had the chance to speak with Faith, your heroine, and she told me to tease you as much as possible in payback for what you’d done to her the first night you’d met. 

DANNY: (He chuckles uncomfortably.) She knows I love to torture demons, so she loves to torture me. She shouldn’t have told you any part of our first night since she’s aware secret technology was involved. I think she just wants a little spanking when I get home. Hint, hint to Faith, if you’re “listening”.

RD: All right, let’s skip that part. Faith says you were angry all the time. 

DANNY: I was. I fell for her on the job, anathema in my profession. Undercover cops can’t become emotionally involved with witnesses. We sure can’t fall for reporters seeking to bust our covers. That’s what she wanted to do the first night we met. And the second night we met. I just wanted to put her in the sheets of her bed and rock her world. Not being able to do so made me angry. I wanted to take her off the case, but every moment, she became more valuable. It’s not a good place for a man to be, watching the woman he cares for step into more and more danger. I knew the gangsters around her, and the monsters they really were. I was angry the woman I wanted would stir that pit of vipers. There was no stopping her. She’d wanted a Pulitzer. If not for my intervention, this story would’ve given her an ugly trip to an unmarked grave…about page ten. You can’t write a Pulitzer-worthy story beneath two meters of dirt.

RD: (She tugs at her collar.) No. No, you can’t. Faith had said you lost your mind when the criminal kingpin of your world kissed her hand. 

DANNY: Metaphor. Lost my mind…cut the demon’s wings off, plugged all its goons, set the building afire. Again, metaphors. Kicked that demon’s ass all over the mortal realm, dragged the monster to Hell, casted its filthy carcass into the bottomless pit. Dissolved its immortal spirit in the molten floes of the Abyss. Just metaphors. Theories, unprovable allegations. One couldn’t prove what really happened since there was no witness or evidence to the acts. Because I may or may not have been visible.

RD: (Her mouth went dry, and she took a gulp of water from a nearby bottle.) Faith said she didn’t believe in demons until she met you. 

DANNY: She gives me too much credit. Faith was already bellybutton-deep in smoke-snorting fiends when I was contracted to kill her. She just likes to fantasize I put demons in her life. Faith, if you’re reading this, don’t forget how you got demon-slimed. I was light-years away when that happened, and you were the one who’d given a scumbag demon directions to our hide-out. Just pointing that out to aid your memory, baby. She loves it when I call her baby.

RD: (She considers Danny’s lively gray eyes, his salt-and-pepper hair, and his big, genetically gifted physique wrapped in speed-racing leathers.) I…don’t think I’d mind if you called me baby, either. Faith tells us the I-Marshals have a new weapon in the destruction of demons. Can you tell us about it? 

DANNY: No. I can’t. Faith, we’ll be playing The Arrest Game tonight and having a long talk about what Alliance tech we’ll reveal to the public.

RD: Faith tells us the I-Marshals possess invisible super-soldier suits, demon pistols, interstellar teleportation, healers, telekinetics, time wizards. 

Danny retrieved his palm computer from his pocket and typed a text message.  A few seconds of ominous silence followed. A beep sounded from his palm comp, and Danny showed the interviewer a text message.

DANNY: Faith would like to rescind permission for you to use information given in her interview.

RD: (She shuffles her paperwork, perplexed.) Well, then…okay… Danny, what would you like to tell us aboutGANGBUSTERS

DANNY: My team hunts down villains producing a drug that will open the entire galactic sector to boundless crime. How? It masks direct guilt detection by the fMRI lie-detection machines used by all Alliance law enforcement agencies. Without direct guilt detection, criminals walk free. Atop that, we learn a demon with a particular hatred for my team has discovered a way to come back from my destruction of him. Despite repeated slayings, Freak, a nasty spirit of obsession, returns on a mission to kill the gangbusters and take our women. Freak’s plans to sell that life-after-destruction process to the hordes of Hell sends us all—angels, demons, mortals—to violent confrontations. Resurrection sucks when the bad guys have it. It’s even worse when the biggest monster you ever knew wields emotional power over your woman.

RD: That sounds perilous. 

DANNY: Too perilous. We’d never intended to put Faith at so much risk. It almost cost her all. I’m very lucky to have her. No mortal should be forced to live a minute with the flames of Hell in her veins. You gotta read what happened.

RD: I think I do! Give us a little tease for the other I-MARSHAL STORIES

DANNY: (He rubs his strong, square jaw sprinkled with days-old stubble.) Let’s see… I’m not great at teasing.

RD: Faith said you bring down demons half again your size, but you fall like monsoon rains for the slightest tease. She says it’s a weakness of yours. 

DANNY: (He scowls.) Faith is an unreliable witness and bad at details!

RD: She’s a trained investigative journalist. 

DANNY: Faith is a very bad girl who is earning a bigger spanking with every passing minute of this interview. I-Marshal teases…

LUMINOUS NIGHTS is about a lonely freighter captain traveling deep space who encounters a prison escapee claiming to be a famous—and dead—I-Marshal. But he’s really an avenging angel on a mass-murder mission, recovering stolen secret technology from the hands of the black market. Beware the chocolate scenes. A couple of reviewers said they’d never forget them.

VIGILANT is the story of a desperate young woman caught in a human-trafficking ring and the I-Marshal guarding her and watching a beast plan to savage her in a feast of revenge.

How about those teases? Tons of action in and out of steamy sheets. Thanks for the chance to chat about our story. It’s time for me to go.

RD: Rushing off to slay demons? 

DANNY: Rushing home to spank Faith. She’s asked for it and knows it’s coming. It was her motive and goal. She just wants my hands on her naked bottom, and I’ll be damned if I’ll disappoint her.

RD: You aren’t angry with her, are you? 

DANNY: Angry at Faith? Never. I almost lost her to the demon hordes. I’ll never waste our time being angry at her. I’m lucky to hold a woman brave enough to love a demon slayer. Besides, I know she’s my punishment for a life of sin. (He smiles slyly.) Have an exciting day, everyone.


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