Wicked Wednesday with Wicked Allure


WICKED ALLURE by Leslie C. Ferdinand

ISBN:  9781475010800

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBqIYE7JjSo

Amazon Buy Link:   http://www.amazon.com/Leslie-C-Ferdinand/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WickedAllureByLeslieCFerdinand

Twitter: #WickedAllure1


Madigan DeLeon is thrust back into Zachary Steele’s life, lured home, under false pretenses by her mother.  Soon, Madi’s heart and body is fully reengaged with Zach, but her head is urging caution.  Zach is determined to have a second chance with Madi and he’s not going to allow anyone to stand in his way.  Not even Madigan herself.

Teaser Excerpt: 

Once more.  She could indulge her deepest desire and allow herself to be with him, just once more.  She’d sort through everything else later.

His tongue touched the rim of her ear, always a sensitive spot for her and her heart began an even more frantic rhythm, the nerves beneath her skin prickling in rising pleasure. When he drew his hands away to undress her, her eyes fluttered shut.

Once she was completely naked, he grabbed her waist and dragged her body up until her wet heat settled against his mouth.  Exquisite sensation stimulated her entire body at the contact and she braced herself on her knees, moving rhythmically against his swiping tongue.  Like a dancer, she lost herself to the internal beat of her body.  He sucked her little bud and a scream caught in her throat, her body jerking, her nipples hard and hurting.  Her breath coming in short pants, Madigan wiggled faster against Zach’s mouth, enthralled and inflamed by the sight of his mouth devouring her wet flesh.

Noticing that she watched him, he pushed her slightly up and extended his tongue, flattening it against her clit and moving it in short, fluttering strokes.  Madigan’s senses reeled at the erotic image.  Her womb tightened and she shivered.  He continued to lap at her with the flat of his tongue, bringing her to the brink of madness before easing up and refusing her the satisfaction of release.  He was using his tongue to inflict the sweetest torture upon her.  Licking.  Lapping.  Stroking.

Madigan squeezed her breasts together, caressing her aching nipples with her fingertips.  “Please, Zach,” she moaned, her voice high and desperate.  “Please let me come.”

At her cry, he reached behind her and slid a finger into her, his tongue still flicking mercilessly against her folds, her own fingers pulling at her nipples.  Heat spread from her breasts and into her belly, centering between her legs.  Shivers seized her and she convulsed against his mouth, frantic and intense.

Barely giving her a chance to catch her breath, Zach was freeing his hard length and flipping her over.  Gently cradling her head in his hands, he surged into her in one, smooth motion.  Madigan wrapped her arms and legs around his body, allowing him to penetrate her deeper.  He was thick and heavy inside of her, the tip of his penis caressing her sensitive inner walls as he drew out and touching her womb as he heaved in.  “Zach,” she whispered, lifting her hips ever so slightly and matching the rhythm of his thrusts.

“So hot and small and wet,” he growled, pulling almost completely out of her only to push into her again.

“Zach!” she cried, kissing his temple, his jaw line, his mouth, her taste flavoring his lips and tongue.

His thrusts became hard and fast, and she knew he was almost ready to spend.  “Can’t come inside me,” she managed.

He closed his eyes, the tendons in his neck bulging, the muscles in his shoulders bunching with tension.  In a sudden rush and flurry of motion, he pulled out of her and got to his knees, urging his erection against her mouth.  She wrapped her lips around his slickened head, drawing on him hard and deep, tasting the musk of her own juices and the sweet saltiness of his pre-ejaculate.  He threw his head back and pumped once into her mouth, then stiffened as his seed burst from his body and down her throat.



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