Welcome Sarah Makela

Character Interview with Ian Bradley from Blacklist Rogue by Sarah Mäkelä

Ian Bradley slides into the booth at the diner across from me. When his gaze meets mine, he grimaces. “It’s you again.”

“Yes, I just want to ask a few questions, if that’s okay.” I sit up a little straighter, feeling awkward at his brusqueness.

He pinches the bridge of his nose. “What’s this for?”

“To promote your… my latest book, of course!” I pull out a pen and notepad, ready to get down to business before he has a chance to decline. “Question number one is what do you want from life, Mr. Bradley?”

He glares at me. “What kind of question is that?” I open my mouth to argue that this is my interview, but he continues, “I want a safe, happy life with Hannah. I don’t want anyone trying to kill us. MAX Home Security needs to pay for what it’s done. And these headaches–”

I clear my throat. Maybe that wasn’t the best question to ask. “Uh, that’s enough for that one. Question two… what is your greatest regret?”

His lips twist in a smirk. “What kind of interview is this? You know the answer to that already. I regret letting my work at MAX come first when Hannah and I were together previously. We lost out on a few years of our lives because of my selfishness. Besides, now they’re after us. I could’ve avoided that.”

“But don’t you recognize that it helped you become the better man that you are today?”

He places his elbows on the table and then glances outside at the people walking on the sidewalk. “I’d rather not have gone through this.” His gaze becomes more focused on what’s going on outside.

I glance out the window, but I just see people going about their business. “What do you love most about Hannah?”

His gaze shifts back to me suddenly. “Everything.” He gives me a look like he’d answered that easily enough.

I cock my eyebrow at him, unsatisfied.

Ian frowns, but he draws out the silence a little more. “Fine,” he says, throwing up his arms. “Her smile, her personality, the way she isn’t afraid to take charge.” He glances back outside, and alarm widens his eyes. “Gotta go.”

“B-but… I wasn’t done.” I shove the notepad in my purse and quickly stand, trying to keep him from leaving, but he dodges around me, running for the exit. A loud howl echoes into the diner from outside.

“Email them to me then.” And just like that, he disappears.


Blacklist Rogue

Hacked Investigations, #3

Changeling Press

Erotic Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi Romance

Buy Now: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1821 

An old enemy comes asking for help, but will Ian and Hannah make it out alive?

When MAX Home Security tries to hire their private investigation firm to prove the corruption the company is on trial for occurred without the knowledge of the upper management, Ian and Hannah are reluctant to help.

Unfortunately, MAX’s legal team thinks it looks good for their PR to have Hacked Investigations involved, forcing Ian and Hannah’s hand. But Ian’s headaches are getting worse, and Hannah and Ian will have to rely on each other even more if they stand a chance of getting out of this mess alive.


Ian Bradley hit send on an email to one of Hacked Investigations’ frequent customers. This time, the business owner had needed him to check on his future partner to make sure there wouldn’t be trouble if he signed the partnership agreement. Ian had the potential business partner’s email hacked in no time, and within five minutes, he’d completed his task.


The client was paranoid, and, even if Ian thought those types of assignments were frivolous, he had a paycheck on its way.

Slender, feminine arms wrapped around his chest as Hannah hugged him from behind. Her lips brushed his earlobe, and her velvety tongue slid along the edge of it. “Now that we’ve wrapped another case, how about we celebrate?” Her voice was a low purr.

He shivered and placed his hands over hers. “I’ll be right there. Let me lock down the computer. Bernard has been surfing some nasty porn sites. I’m not chancing that he’ll get another virus on my machine.”

Hannah nibbled his neck, and he groaned. She pulled away, trailing her fingertips over his chest and shoulder.

Swiveling in his chair, he watched her saunter toward the bedroom. Once she got to the doorway of the bedroom, she looked back at him, giving him a seductive smile.

Ian grinned and then spun around to face the computer. He changed the password again, tweaking the system’s safety features, and shut it down.

From the living room, he heard Bernard, the pint-sized gnome, talking in hushed tones entirely different from his usual loud, obnoxious demeanor.

The urge to see what mischief Bernard was getting into nearly drove him toward the living room, but Hannah’s sexy smile won out. He headed toward the bedroom, thinking of the things he’d like to do to her. His hand was hovering over the doorknob when the phone rang.

Sighing, he walked to the office phone, but it fell silent. From the other room, Bernard spoke in an annoyed, yet strangely husky voice. “Uh huh. Well, buster, I don’t care who you are. There’s someone important on the other line giving me some, uh, juicy details about something,” Bernard said. He had a slight manic pitch that always grated on Ian’s nerves.

Reaching for the phone and fearing the worst, Ian hoped whoever had called their business line wasn’t already completely insulted by Bernard’s behavior. He mentally made a note to keep Bernard caged when at all possible.

“Oh, stop your whining. You can call back later.” Impatience picked up in the gnome’s voice as did his volume.

Ian barely managed to pick up the office phone as he heard the other phone slam onto the receiver in the living room. “Hello? Anyone there?”

“Ah, Ian, hello. It’s been a while.” Senator Kendall’s voice came through clearly.


Author Bio:

Sarah Mäkelä lives in North Carolina with her husband and cats. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, computer and console games, and traveling all over the world. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapters. Find her online at www.sarahmakela.com, www.twitter.com/sarahmakela, and www.facebook.com/authorsarahmakela


2 thoughts on “Welcome Sarah Makela

  1. I love the conversations here and do you have shapshifters? I like the gnomes idea too. Great interview.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    My Angel, My Light As Darkness Fallsv,

  2. Hi Linda! Thank you for stopping by and reading my character interview. Yes, I do have shapeshifters. I have one series involves a werecats in the Amazon Rainforest, and the first book of another series with werewolves that should be available at the end of this year.

    Sarah Mäkelä

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