Wicked Wednesday with Delsyn’s Blues by Lou Sylvre


Title: Delsyn’s Blues (Book 2)

Author: Lou Sylvre

Series: Vasquez and James
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Sequel to Loving Luki Vasquez

Vasquez & James: Book Two

Sonny James and Luki Vasquez are living proof that the course of love never runs smoothly. Ambushed by grief, Sonny listens to a voice singing the blues from beyond the grave. While revisiting the sorrows and failings of his past, in the here and now he puts up a wall against love. Just when Luki chips through that barricade, the couple becomes the target of a new threat from outside: an escalating and unexplainable rash of break-ins and assaults.

Thoughts of infidelity rise between them, a threat that may strain their newly mended love past its limits. To come through the trials alive and together, Luki and Sonny will have to unite against enemies who were once friends and overcome crippling hatred and overwhelming fear. If they succeed, maybe then they can rekindle the twin flames of passion and love.

 Wicked Hot Excerpt:

“Bed, Luki. That’s where to go from here.”

Sonny put his hand out across the table, and, oh, it felt so good, such a relief, when Luki took hold of it lightly, ran his own fingers over the palm in a way that felt like sex. And Luki took his sweet, fat lower lip between his teeth, and his pale eyes, half-lidded with speculation, flashed one of those hidden smiles.

Luki said, “Not a bad idea, sweetie. But listen, why don’t you go take your shower. I want to call Ladd first, get a better idea of what he saw while it’s still fresh. I promise not to be long.”

Sonny tended to his ablutions—all of them, head to toe and everything between—hoping all of the everythings would be needed. Just as he stepped out of the shower, Luki kissed him on the way in to take his own shower, but he looked a little distracted, or maybe worried. Sonny made a conscious decision not to fret about it, not to think about it at all. He had other things on his mind and wanted those other things to stay on his mind. He poured glasses of cool water for both their night tables, turned down the sheets, adjusted the lighting—he liked to see whatever happened in bed when they weren’t sleeping, and he knew Luki felt the same way.

He prepared everything and crawled between the softest sheets, enjoying the way his sex felt heavy, increasing just because he was thinking about Luki’s beautiful body sliding around with his own. But then he remembered the worry on Luki’s face as he’d passed by on his way to shower. It deflated his happy bubble just a little. Which he didn’t want. Let it deflate tomorrow. Not now. Sonny was slightly more dismayed when he heard the back door open and shut. Luki was going out for a smoke, that was certain. But how could he want to smoke when he had Sonny lying there, waiting for him.

Luki came back in before he could have smoked it all the way. His eyes roved all over Sonny, reminding him of the first time they’d met. Luki licked his lips, but the moment passed and he crossed to the other side of the bed. Instead of climbing in, he sat on the edge and cleared his throat.

“You should quit,” Sonny said.

“I’m sorry if I smell like smoke, sweetie. I know you hate it and I don’t blame you. But I needed to think.” He sighed and then—without further explanation—he held out Melvern’s leather box. “I’m sorry. I opened this. I think you should look.”

Sonny stared at the box, nodded, opened it, found another box inside. A beat up shoe box marked in purple felt-tip pen strokes in Del’s unmistakable hand: “My Blues.” He opened that box and inside found cassette tapes, numbered and dated and with some inexplicable markings. “He made these after he came home,” he said, turning his back to Luki.


That heavy emptiness that was always waiting since Delsyn died rose up into his throat again, like a giant teardrop always trying to fall. “I don’t want to listen to them now.”


“I want you to make love to me, Luki. A little sick, huh, in light of everything?”


“No, you won’t make love to me?”

“Don’t be stupid, baby. I mean no, it’s not sick at all.”

Sonny didn’t turn around, and he spoke only a little louder than a whisper. “I’m still trying to forget.”

Luki ran his hand, strong and soft at the same time, up Sonny’s arm, raising goose bumps in passing, and then over his shoulder, up the neck to tease at his earlobe. “Turn around.”

When he turned, there Luki was, nearly naked and completely glorious, eyes full of that ice-cold sexual challenge that was irresistible to Sonny. Not that he wanted to resist it. And when Luki spoke, it was with that husky, breathy sound that vibrated way down deep in Sonny’s world.

He said, “I think we can find a way for you to forget for a while. Trust me, baby. It’s better than dope.”

Looking at Luki: dark, damp curls framing his face, muscles hard and shapely, skin smooth, brown, and glistening, erection pushing back the towel wrapped around his waist. Looking at Luki turned Sonny on, no question.

Listening to Luki: voice like smooth gravel in a riverbed, soft words that coaxed and promised and insisted, sounds shaped and flavored by sweet, fat lips and capable tongue. Listening to Luki turned Sonny on, absolutely.

But then, Luki’s touch. Sonny’s every cell begged for it.

“Come here,” Luki said, a command.

Sonny did as directed, rolling to the edge of the bed and then, when Luki’s strong hands pulled him around, sat with his back toward Luki, nestled in the V of his spread thighs. Luki’s lips and tongue and fingers kissed and licked and gently scratched, making patterns like lace, a warm, wet, web that captured Sonny and from which he hoped he’d never escape. Then Luki rose to his knees, still holding Sonny in place with his strong thighs. Now he continued his kisses up over his shoulder, flattened his tongue for one long lick along his collarbone, tongued his ear and sucked on the lobe, sucked the sensitive skin of his neck, pulling it hard against his teeth, danger sweet as only Luki could make it.

Sonny could barely stand the sound of Luki’s hot breath coming in slow, shaky draughts, his low moans almost below the threshold of sound, his erect penis satiny and slick with its natural lube, rubbing along Sonny’s spine as he squirmed and rocked ever so slightly.

“Damn, baby,” Luki said, still kissing. “I never get over it. Every time I see you, every time I hold you, feel you, taste you, you’re impossibly more beautiful than the last time.” He broke off to roll Sonny onto his back and then stretched himself alongside. Running his hand down Sonny’s belly: “How do you do that to me, baby?” Burying his face and hands in Sonny’s hair, he repeated, “Damn, baby, it never stops.”

Sonny loved the attention, but he needed to give as well as take. He rolled toward Luki so that their chests and bellies and erections slipped, slid, nestled against each other and their lips made one long, hard, rhythmic kiss, tongues reaching deep and sliding together as if they were trying to turn two into one. Somehow—Sonny wasn’t quite sure if he did it or Luki or both at the same moment—somehow the lips and tongue he was loving were replaced by glistening prick and hard testes, begging for attention. Just as Sonny tugged Luki’s balls into his mouth, he felt Luki kiss gently over the head of his penis, felt him taking the glans in through open lips, playing his tongue against the slit at its tip. They explored and exploited and mined pleasure from each other in places well-known and in others unexpected. Soon Sonny found it impossible to sort who was doing what to whom; it all flowed together into one growing, glowing ball of sex.

Sonny nosed in between Luki’s muscular cheeks and dragged his tongue along the crease. He tasted a slight tang of spice from their soap laced into Luki’s singular musk, and he wanted more, took more. Luki’s tongue dipped into Sonny, deep and long and rhythmic, a sweet, soft fuck. Sonny groaned and pulled back enough to give his hands room, delved inside his lover with long strong fingers, still sucking, licking, moaning. Sonny trained his eyes on his own fingers entering his lover, trained his mind on finding the prostate gland inside, that little jewel that would let him drive Luki to sweet, slow frenzy. But what he felt, what made him shiver and sweat, was what Luki was doing to him. He thought maybe the “doing to” and the “happening to” were the same thing.

It was too good, couldn’t last, but Sonny wanted more, longer, so he pulled back. “Luki, please.”

In an instant, Luki’s face was in front of him again, Luki’s lips, tasting of Sonny’s own sex, sliding over his. He dragged the flat of his tongue across Sonny’s hungry lips corner to corner, a signature move that never failed to steal Sonny’s breath.

“I don’t know what you mean, baby. Tell me. Please what?”

“I want you.”

“Still not sure, sweet. Tell me what you want.”

“Luki, please!” He jumped, feeling a sizzle against his skin as Luki’s hand stroked slowly up and down, pushing Sonny’s over-anxious penis against his belly. At the same time, Luki licked and nipped at Sonny’s puckered nipple.

Luki lifted his lips and blew against the sensitive nub. “Please, what, Sonny? I’ll do it, whatever it is, because you’re beautiful, and I love you. Whatever you want, baby—you just have to tell me.”

Luki’s hand continued down Sonny’s hardness, past his testes, stopped to pick up lube from the open pot—creamy, silky, spicy, and sweet. With his anointed hand he began to massage Sonny’s opening, around and around in slow circles, not too soft, threatening to enter but not quite doing so. All the nerves in the sensitive rim of Sonny’s anus began to pulse and ache, so sweetly begging. So Sonny begged aloud, again, saying it straight out this time and not willing to let Luki tease him anymore. “Just fuck me, Luki. Please!” He rolled over in an effort to force Luki to comply, but Luki caught him and rolled him back, almost without effort.

“Not that way, baby. I want to see your face.” He spread Sonny’s legs wide, scooped up more lube and ran his hand over his own penis, leaving a thick, slick coating over an erection that Sonny could barely see for sex-fog in his eyes—but still it was beautiful. Luki slowed down now, pushing Sonny’s legs back, placing a soft pillow under his hips, positioning the head of his penis just at the opening, pulling back a little when Sonny tried to push.

“Whoa, baby. Ease up. I’m not teasing you now. You want it so much—God, that makes me crazy—but you want it so much and I’ve teased you too long and you’re all tense, puckered up.” He chuckled. “Ease up and let me in, okay?”

Sonny let his breathing slow, let himself softly enjoy Luki’s kiss against the inside of his wrist, the underside of his knee, his thigh; let himself savor the still, warm glans of Luki’s penis pushing against his opening, not moving at all, just waiting. And, wonder of wonders, his breathing slowed, even as the sex-haze grew thicker. And he felt his muscles let go, start reaching gently for Luki’s shaft, just hungry enough.

“That’s it, baby,” Luki crooned. “Here it is. This is what you want.” He started to rock, not hard, but like waves on a deep lake: insistent, rhythmic, driving in a little farther each time. His penis had a sweet, perfect curve, and fucking this way, face to face, the glans massaged the slick knot of nerves inside Sonny with every stroke. He caught Sonny’s legs in the crooks of his elbows and pushed them back, raising Sonny’s ass. “Hold your legs up for me,” he said, his voice gone sweeter still. Sonny complied—as if he had any choice. Luki leaned over him, catching his weight on his arms, and kissed Sonny’s mouth, matching the rhythm of his tongue to the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out of Sonny’s ass. “Sweet man,” he breathed. “Sweet, sweet man.”

The words tripped Sonny into orgasm, but a climax that happened all inside, that left him breathless and sensitive all over but wanting more just the same.

“Damn, that’s nice,” Luki whispered close to his ear. “So fine.” He slowed his stroke, slowed his breath, holding back. “You’re still hard, baby. I like that. And you’re still hot inside, still open. Does it still feel good, Sonny? Do you still want me inside?”

A little shock ran through Sonny at the thought of Luki leaving him empty just then. Eyes still closed, he said, “Oh God honey, please stay. I need more; I’m already close again, so close.”

Luki chuckled a little, such an amazingly soft, sexy sound. “I know, baby.” He took hold of Sonny’s erection, stroked it so soft it felt like tiny sparks of magic followed his touch all the way up. “Here too, right?”

Sonny’s eyes flew open to find the startling bright blue of Luki’s irises edging dark pupils wide open with what certainly looked like love. He caught his breath up, intending to speak, but, hypnotized, he only nodded.

“Yeah, me too, I’m close too, baby. And I know it’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be perfect. But not yet, Sonny. I want just a bit more time to feel this, okay? Let’s let it cool for just a minute, and then I want you to come hard for me, baby, come everywhere all at once. Will you do it? Will you give me that, give me all of it?”

“Luki!” Sonny all but shouted, sounding even to himself like he was scolding. “Dammit. If you want me to cool off, you’d better stop saying those things!”

Luki laughed right out loud, which was both amazing and a bit of a tickle with his penis still inside Sonny’s ass. Sonny laughed a little too, and surprisingly, it did cool him down. Not too much. Just enough.

Luki kissed him, slow and sweet, and moved his lips to Sonny’s ear. “You’re so perfect, Sonny Bly James. So perfect. What would the world be like without you?” As he pulled his lips away, rose up on his arms and began to pick up his rhythm once again, he blew across Sonny’s face and neck, creating a draft that cooled him but at the same time made him harder, took him closer. In just a moment, Sonny saw Luki’s eyes blur with a need for climax he could no longer put off. He leaned down again, kissing Sonny hard, pushing harder. Shifting a little to one side, he began to stroke Sonny’s waiting erection with a strong, practiced hand, matching the slide of his prick in and out of Sonny’s ass, two strokes to one.

“Luki, please,” Sonny said, wanting, needing to put his hands on his own erection and beat his own rhythm the way no one else could, not even Luki. Luki knew—knew what Sonny liked.

“Come on, baby,” he said, letting his hand take the place of Sonny’s to hold his leg. “You do it. You stroke it, and I’ll fuck you, and you can give me one more orgasm. And I want one too. I need it. Work with me, sweetie.”

And Sonny did. His vision fell back to a distance, and nothing in the world existed except his penis and his ass and Luki’s eyes shuttling him through an ocean of pleasure. And when he came, everything inside clenched around Luki’s hard cock, sucking it even farther in, and his hand felt the cum pulse through the shaft of his penis, forcing its way out to spill through his fingers.

Luki kept sliding against him, smearing cum between them, driving his hard shaft in fast, matching Sonny’s heartbeat, both of their heartbeats.

Sonny’s moan became Luki’s name

“Yes,” Luki gasped. “Yes! Oh God, Sonny!” And then Luki was all but screaming too. He rose up on his knees, rearing back, lifting Sonny to drive hard three last times into Sonny’s still-pulsing ass. Both of them went silent in pleasure so deep it left no room for sound or sight or movement.

It was over. Just in time, because in another second, Sonny was sure, his heart would have exploded. Or his ass—he wasn’t sure which. Luki had collapsed next to him, breathing like he hadn’t had enough oxygen for the last month. Exhausted, Luki still held Sonny, draped an arm across his shoulder. He lay on his side and Sonny turned to face him. As they both began to breathe easier, he bent his head to Luki’s chest. Luki stroked his hair and kissed it, so sweet and soft and loving. He turned away briefly and brought back from the night table a glass of cool water. He helped Sonny rise up to drink, and then cooled his own throat. The damp towel he dragged over Sonny’s skin felt cool and wiped away the stickiness, and after he did the same for himself, he lay back down and drew Sonny a little closer.

“Good, baby?”

“Jeez, Luki,” Sonny answered, his voice hoarse, “if ever there was a stupid question, that’s it.”

Luki chuckled, and it sounded like deep water to Sonny, with his head pressed against Luki’s broad chest—a place that felt always like home to him.

Sonny said, very softly, “Yeah, Luki. It was good. It still is.”

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