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Chat? Have you got the time? By Patricia Pellicane
I don’t chat. I probably should accept the requests I get — maybe two or three a day— or at least figure a way to apologize for not accepting these people as my chat friends, but the truth is, I haven’t got the time. Nothing is simple. I return their request and say sorry, I can’t chat, if you want to contact me, I’m at….  I haven’t a doubt it’s some sort of a Pandora’s Box and once in I’ll never get out.
I don’t chat, I don’t twitter. And now Pinterest? Where will it end? Soon no one will go to work, they won’t have the time. And talk to someone in person? Starting to sound scary to me. (I guarantee no one is interested if I’m off to the store to buy shoes or a chicken for dinner. More likely, I’m apt to tell you I’ve finished five pages today. Period. I’m sure they’d just love that.)
I don’t even text. If I want to talk to someone, guess what I do.  I pick up my phone. WHAT A CONCEPT! Use a phone to talk?
By the way, do any of you realize if you lose your cell, you’ve lost your watch, your camera, your appointment book, names, addresses and phone numbers, any games, your TV, your e-reader, your music and your phone? WOW! Not counting the damn thing cost close to $400.00 and insurance only covers $150.00. And most phones are made in China (a particular pet peeve of mine) and all profits go to the CEO of an AMERICAN company, while Americans look for work.  Somebody stop me, I’m getting carried away….
Whew! Thank you.
It’s not that I hide in the dark, or I’m against technology. I have a wrist watch, a camera, an e-reader, an address book, an appointment book, an mp3 player and a cell phone. I just don’t have them all in one single unit.
I know about the cost and insurance coverage because many of my fifteen grandchildren have them. And if you just got the newest and another comes on the market, no problem, your mother and father will work overtime and get you that one too.
By the way, I was a kid when TV first became popular. I lived through the Happy Days era. Back then, if we had the time to watch TV, which mostly we didn’t, we watched shows like Uncle Milty, Show of Shows, etc. on a black and white screen. The first ones measured about 9 inches. There’ll never come a day when I buy a slate to watch a TV show on a 9 inch screen.
If I want 9 inches there are better ways to get it. What? Oh, sorry, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the slate. I don’t care if it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and while watching it you grow brilliant and look twenty years younger the minute you buy it and…well maybe if it could do that. lol
The screens, in both my living room and den, are 42 inches. Yesterday was fun, but it wasn’t all that good. Never go back.
I have a website, I do email and I visit my facebook page, whenever possible usually around three times a week.
I do answer my gmails from fans and I pass along jokes to my friends and relatives. But I don’t chat.
I don’t because once I clean up my daily emails, anywhere from 1 to 5 hundred a day, depending on chats in progress, then do my promotions for the day, I haven’t got the time to do anything but work.
Every day I stumble from my bed and plop in front of my computer. After I turn it on I go for my morning tea. With a strong cup — I used to drink 10 cups of coffee a day, now I drink 2 cups of green and black tea, (heavy sigh) just another pleasure, like smoking, lost to me forever. (sigh again) Do I really need to be that healthy? Well, I’ve still got drinking left, thank God.
Anyway, like I was saying, with a strong cup of tea, I’m revved up and ready to go.
On Wednesdays I watch one of my three year old grandchildren on Thursdays I watch the other. By the time they leave, I have to go to bed. So I routinely lose two days a week. That’s not counting holidays, kids dropping by, shopping, week-end barbeques, etc.
I pinch time like some folks pinch pennies.
I write six hours a day. There are days when things flow really smooth and I’m sure I can do more, but if I do, after six hours of work something seems to happen to my brain and mostly what comes out of it is close to gibberish. Someone told me a while back that six hours is about it for a writer. Maybe some can do better, but that’s it for me.
So, I work only six hours a day. Six hours is only a part time job, right? It might be if you don’t count the two hours I spent before writing cleaning up e-mail, doing promotions, etc. So, when I finish for the day, it’s time to make dinner.
After dinner I clean up, fold clothes while I watch some television. I’m always up late because I like to read. Actually, a writer more than likes to read. A writer needs to read like a junkie needs his next fix.
So I stagger to bed around two or three in the morning and start it all over again the next day, except I don’t chat.
 About the author: 

Wouldn’t you agree that dark stories are great and edgy stories maybe even better? Still is that what a woman is looking for when she picks up a romance novel? I don’t think so.

True, the classics almost never end happily ever after. Look at Casablanca, probably the most heart-wrenching story I’ve ever seen. I loved it. The movie Gone With The Wind came out in 1939. It’s 2011 and we all recognize the words, “ Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” We know where it came from, we know the gorgeous man who said it. But the ending isn’t what made the story a classic. It was the characters that did that.

Jayne Eyre and Pride and Prejudice are classics. Look how they ended.

Again and again, in every case, it’s not the ending, it’s the story and characters make the story.

I write fantasy, pure escapism and happy to do it. My readers know when they pick up one of my books they’ll find two people, no matter how disagreeable at first, no matter their prejudices, their fears or hatreds, we know in the end love will conquer all.

I’m the first one to admit reality has little to do with my stories. That’s exactly the point. I don’t want to read about the jerk who sleeps with every woman he can find. There are enough of those in real life. I don’t want them intruding on my pages.

Obviously, the thought of faithful love is not based on the impossible. There are men who stay faithful. There are women who love a man to the day they die. There are children who grow up happy. That’s what gives all of us hope.

Have you ever seen a bride enter into the holy state without the dream of happily ever after? Unlikely, I’m sure. Her parents may be divorced, her best friend might be pregnant, the father long gone, her sister ill with a life threatening disease, while her brother-in-law is eyeing up some blonde. It happens, but it didn’t stop her from reaching for the dream.

Who wants to read a story and finish it feeling depressed? We’re all well acquainted with the sorrows of life. There’s more than enough pain, sometimes caused by circumstance, sometimes caused by each other. It’s enough to make you think twice about bringing children into the fray.

And more often than pain there is boredom, there is loneliness, empty souls that cry for that elusive something. I don’t claim to give it to them in my writing. All I claim is to give them, even for a few minutes, Happily Ever After.

    Patricia Pellicane

   Live the Fantasy

Coming July 11 from Resplendence Publishing-Forever, Book 3 in South Tiana Road series

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