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Welcome to the Independence Blog Hop. It goes on from July 1st-4th and loadsof prizes to be given away.

First thing- This is where you need to go to get the list of participants- http://thebloghopspot.com/event-page/

Second-My prize giveaway is a $10 ARe Gift Certificate to one lucky blog hop participant who leaves a comment AND an email address. I will announce my winner July 5th on my facebook page and on the blog.

Now here is a snippit of my Fourth of July/Founders Day story-Devon Falls 3: Fiery Magic, available at Secret Cravings, Bookstrand, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon kindle and BN Nook store

Devon Falls 3: Fiery Magic

Paranormal/Dragon Shifter Erotic Romance

Secret Cravings Publishing

A dragon shifter returns to Devon Falls to woo back his mate amid secrets from the past.

Damien Dracon left town years before breaking the heart of his true mate and now he returns to woo back the one woman meant to be his-Alicia Stevens. Can a past filled with pain and heartbreak heal amid the power of a second chance love?

Teaser Excerpt:

Alicia worked nonstop until close. She’d weathered another busy day and frankly, it seemed like everyone’s mother, grandmother, and other assorted relatives came into town for the holiday. She was seriously contemplating leaving for a bit to take a shower, grab something cold to drink, and maybe relax before coming back in to do some early baking for the next day. Her feet were killing her after being on them all day, but after another peek at the empty pastry cases, she decided to get a running jump on tomorrow’s baking.

Hearing the door jingle, she left the kitchen to see who’d come in. She saw Damien walking toward her. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened as the fury rushed through her at his audacity of coming into her business, like they’d parted on friendly terms instead of him dropping the “it was nice, you were a great lay and thanks for everything” speech.

His muscles bunched and flowed with each step. If anything, he’d grown more handsome and sexy as the years went by. His black hair hung down to his shoulders in a ponytail now. His sunglasses were pushed up on his head, his beautiful hazel eyes had shadows under them, and he wore tight denim shorts that caused her breath to catch.

“So you’ve come back, have you? Is it the time of year for you to deflower another girl, break her heart, and then go off to parts unknown?” Alicia asked cynically as she watched him stop a few paces in front of her. “Oh wait…you already did that to me, so it can’t be for my benefit you’re here. We’re closed. Get the hell out.”

“Hi, Alicia,” Damien said. “I thought we should talk…if you’ll hear me out for a few

She sized him up, anger sizzling up her spine at the cocky tilt of his head and the swaying of his ponytail. “Been a long time.” Several long and lonely years, in fact. Years in which she never heard word one from him. “Why now?”

As she tried to get her racing thoughts in order, the simmer of her heated blood made its way through her veins to center in the core of her femininity.

Damn it! Why did her body have to get all traitorous on her now? Alicia allowed the hurt to bubble up. Her heart hardened, though she found it hard not to hurl herself in his arms and kiss him all over. “Didn’t you say enough all those years ago? If I remember correctly, it was the ‘had a great time, see you around’ type speech.”

“Can I get you a drink, or can we go somewhere to talk, Alicia? I know I hurt you, but can you give me ten minutes to explain things?”

Alicia looked at the one man she had loved since the age of seven, when he’d pulled her pigtails on the playground. She weakened at the love she still had inside her heart for him.

Seeing the anguish, hurt and hope peer from his eyes made her decision, though it might prove to be the wrong one. Alicia tried to stop her racing heart and gripped the countertop, hoping like hell that the wall she built up around her heart would hold just a little bit longer. Just seeing Damien hurt her…yet it also made her long to be in his arms again.

“Fine, we can go upstairs to my office. You have ten minutes to tell me what you want.

Then you’re gone, Damien.” She winced at the harshness of her voice and the pain that clearly lashed at Damien, but a part of her was glad he felt it as well. She marched across the dining room and strode up the stairwell, knowing Damien would follow.


Damien followed and tried not to stare at the rounded ass that swayed with each step. He tried to ignore the way his body reacted to just being around her. With his furious need building, Damien tried to keep his emotions on a short leash, and he let his breath out slowly to still the raging lust that threatened to consume him.
Alicia pointed to the couch. “Now, what is it, Damien? I am a busy woman, and frankly, you told me several years ago what you thought of me. What makes it so different now?”

Damien winced as the hurt, pain, and disillusionment filled his love’s voice. Her azure eyes filled with unshed tears, and her agony lanced him straight through the heart. He tried to get his thoughts in order, yet found that hard to do when he could smell the rose of damask perfume she wore. That innocent yet seductive scent drove him wild whenever he came near her.

“Alicia,” Damien started as he sat on the couch, “I didn’t mean those words all those years ago. I still love you, and I am so, so sorry to have hurt you like that. Please forgive me. I was ordered to break up with you since we were getting too serious, and my grandfather made me choose. It was you…or my family. How could I choose? But he forced me to. I did and in the process hurt you.”

Trying to keep from jumping from the couch to hold her, Damien continued, “When my family came to Devon Falls, they had a secret they jealously guarded night and day. No one in Devon Falls knows, and we have to keep it that way.”
“What secret, Damien?” Alicia gazed at the man in front of her. This was a Damien she’d never seen before. He looked scared. Yet did she spy a hint of love, desire and possibly hope peer from his eyes? “What caused you to say those hurtful words to me? The words I hear every night before I go to sleep that burn in my memories and slice my heart to ribbons? What caused you to destroy our lives? What gave you the power to make a decision for me without even consulting me?”

“I told you—I had to walk away from you or be forever banished from my family.” Tears welled in his eyes. “Either decision would have changed my life forever.”
“It was my life too, Damien. You destroyed me with your callous disregard that day and you never bothered to apologize or anything.”

Damien jumped up from the couch and faced her. “We are shape shifters, Alicia. Immortal beings. When we turn twenty, our shape shifter comes to light. I’m a dragon. Rod is a wolf. Because of this secret, my crusty old grandfather told me to choose. He was determined to keep our line pure, and he ruled our family at the time. When he died last year, my brother finally convinced me to come home and see if I could make things right with you.”

Damien pleaded, his eyes searching for her response. She schooled herself carefully. How much of what he said was true? He’d viciously wounded her all those years ago, left her alone and pregnant with never a backward glance, never a thought as to what had become of her, never a hint of remorse for the callous way he’d destroyed their future. The fact he was a shape shifter made no difference right now to her, though that answered a few questions she had kept to herself after he left. A dragon, no less. If she remembered from fairy tales, dragons were used to being imperious and obeyed. Well this is one woman who wouldn’t bow to him. Damien would soon learn that she bowed to no man, not anymore.

Check out Fiery Magic to see if Alicia forgives Damien and both learn that love is sweeter the second time around.


24 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day Blog Hop-July1-4th-Enter HERE

  1. Good excerpt. Liked the fact that they’ve known each other since she was seven.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  2. Can’t believe I haven’t read any shifter romances yet! This one looks very nice indeed…


  3. I love paranormal. Dragon shifters are so awesome. This sounds so great and I so have to know if she had a child. I am a sucker in romances involving children.Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Independnce Day!


  4. Yeah another book that I’m putting on my wishlist. This one sounds really good. Now I need to go look up your other books. Thank you, I love finding new books on these blog hops.


  5. i love shifter type of book and then the cover is great fr the holdiay thanks for the hop and then more books for you

  6. This sounds great — I have a question — what — in your opinion, does it take to create a book series? dawn_tate at ymail dot com

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