Goddess Fish VBT with Patricia Yager Delagrange

Hi and welcome to my blog, Patricia. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself. 

So tell us a little about your latest book. What inspired this masterpiece? 

I have always been interested in knowing how parents manage to get through the death of a child.  We’re always bombarded by Amber Alerts and news stories about children being kidnapped and murdered, the parents pleading for the safe rescue of their child.

This has never happened to me or my family or to anyone I’ve known.  But being the mother of two children, I know what it’s like to love someone so much that you’d die for them.  So, I took those feelings and wrote about a mother who carried her baby to term and then lost her child during birth.

If you had any super powers, what would they be and why? 

If I had any super power, I’d want to be able to heal the sick.  It’s not that everyone would be able to live forever.  Everyone would eventually die.  But they would die from falling off a building or be hit by a car, for example; but not from cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

What genre haven’t you tried yet but want to in the future? 

I’ve never written a mystery.  In my fourth novel Brenda’s Wish, a woman’s ex-husband is murdered and she’s one of the suspects.  But the book centers around her and her son and how they get through that time in their lives.  It’s not a whodunit.  However, I think it would be fun to write a mystery; but I’m not sure if I could pull it off so the reader wouldn’t know who did it until the end.  That takes a certain talent that I haven’t explored.

What is one thing readers might be surprised to know about you? 

I think readers would be surprised that learning to ride my horse Maximus was harder than writing any book.  Maximus is a Friesian which means he isn’t a draft horse but he’s built like one – big bodied with a wide booty, very long neck, feathers covering his feet, and he weighs 1,425 pounds.  He’s a lot of horse and learning to ride him has been the biggest challenge of my life.

If we asked your muse to describe you in three words, what do you think they might say? 

Three words my muse would use to describe me?  Persistent, determined, emotional.

What authors can be found in your library of books? 

I love Richard Paul Evans, Nicholas Sparks, Debbie Macomber, Jodi Picoult, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Peter Pezzelli, and Nancy Naigle.

Have any guilty pleasures you want to share with us? 

Wow!  I don’t really feel guilty about it, but I love vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce, preferably eaten at night while watching one of my favorite television shows.  I also love Kit Kat bars, eaten in the same venue.  Oh, and frozen Snickers bars!

Is there anything you’re currently working on that you can give us a taste of? 

I’m currently editing my fourth novel Brenda’s Wish.  I mentioned it above.  Brenda is a divorced mother of a 17-year-old son, living in San Francisco.  After her cop ex-husband is murdered, forensic evidence points to her and her son as probable suspects.  Their lives are turned upside down by this, yet she finds comfort from her boss whose wife died several years ago.

What is your favorite way to relax after a hard day working and writing? 

I love to watch Lifetime movies.  My husband enjoys them as well and so does my daughter.  If my son sees it on the television, he usually walks out of the room.

What is one historical figure you would love to chat with and why? 

I think it would be fascinating to talk with Bill Clinton.  I’d love to have a frank talk with him about his affair with Monica Lewinski and how he thought he could ever keep it a secret.  Additionally, I think he was a great president and I’d like to see how his mind works with regard to war and peace.

Would you care to mention any upcoming or WIP projects that readers can look forward from you in the future?

My very first book, Passing Through Brandiss, will be coming out probably some time this year, published by Wild Child Publishing, as an e-book.  I wrote it in 2009 and didn’t think it would ever get published.  However, Wild Child liked it and offered me a contract.

It’s about a woman whose husband is killed in a car crash and she and her son move away from the San Francisco Bay Area to escape all the haunting memories.  They stumble upon the small (fictional) town of Brandiss, near Santa Barbara, and their lives are never the same.

Out of all your books, do you have a favorite one? If not, then which one is closest to your heart? 

My favorite book is my third — Taken Away.  It’s about a veterinarian whose wife and child disappear.  He doesn’t know whether they were kidnapped or not, but the FBI believes she just up and left.  He moves to Iowa to take over his grandfather’s vet practice and discovers a new family closeness as well as new love.

Thanks for coming. Is there anything else you want to add? 

Thank you so much for having me here.  I enjoyed your questions.  They were unusual and made me think.

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Moon over Alcatraz by Patricia Yager Delagrange

Buy at http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=150

Following the death of their baby during a difficult birth, Brandy and Weston Chambers are grief-stricken and withdraw from each other, both seeking solace outside of their marriage; however, they vow to work through their painful disloyalty.  But when the man Brandy slept with moves back to their hometown, three lives are forever changed by his return..

Teaser Excerpt:

Three days later we were standing at the edge of a hole in the ground at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Hayward, the silence so thick, the insides of my ears buzzed like a distant swarm of angry bees.  Mr. Peralta and another gentleman stood off to the side while Weston and I held hands next to a tiny casket.

Weston had chosen a simple mahogany box with gold handles, a bouquet of white lilies graced the top of the small box.  I knelt down and laid a kiss on the smooth wood then wiped off the tears that had fallen on top.  Weston joined me, placing a single red rose in the middle of the lilies.

He helped me up and we stood side-by-side in silence, my guilt over her death like a stone in my empty belly.  I missed everything I’d dreamed would be happening right now, yearned for all that could have been.

Weston nodded at the man standing next to Mr. Peralta and our baby was slowly lowered into the gaping maw.  She reached the bottom, and a bird landed on the rich brown dirt piled next to the grave.  It pecked around, chirping a little song then flew off – as if saying goodbye.  My heart squeezed inside my chest.

I picked up a small handful of soft dirt.  “Goodbye, Christine,” I whispered, throwing it on top of her casket.

Weston wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close to his side.  Why her?  Why my baby?  Was this supposed to make sense?  And, if so, to whom?

We drove home in silence.  No words existed to express my grief.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I attended St. Mary’s College, studied my junior year at the University of Madrid, received my B.A. in Spanish at UC Santa Barbara then went on to get my Master’s degree in Education at Oregon State University.  I live with my husband and two teenage children in Alameda, across the bay from San Francisco, along with our two very large chocolate labs, Annabella and her son Jack.

My horse lives in the Oakland hills in a stall with a million dollar view.





8 thoughts on “Goddess Fish VBT with Patricia Yager Delagrange

  1. Great interview. Have you ever tried any of the Japanese Kit Kats in all the unusual flavors? The green tea one was a little sweet for me (it’s covered in green tea white chocolate), but they have flavors encompassing everything from melon to latte to cheese (which I haven’t tried). Barring that, try the British ones if you see them somewhere…the chocolate tastes amazing!

  2. Hi Patti! Great interview. Love Kit-Kats and frozen Snicker bars. LOL. Maximus…sigh. I certainly want to meet him one day. Maybe you can ride him down to attend RWA?? You can use those super powers mentioned to make that happen, can’t you? Love the interview. Love you. Great job and Moon Over Alcatraz Rocks!

  3. I too loved this interview. Great personal stuff. I love horses–don’t understand a lot about them, but love them. If Patricia ever gets to interview Bill Clinton, I’d love to hear all he had to say. Ice cream and chocolate of any kind is my downfall so we’re kindred spirits. I especially liked hearing about Patricia’s books–all sound wonderful. I love all Romance novels and especially devour the ones that have a lesson learned or raise an issue or topic of great concern. My debut Historical Rom. Only When the Loon Sings released in Jan. by The Wild Rose Press is a humorous, sensuous love story but I wrote it to raise awareness of ALS). I’ve never read Patricia’s books, but they sound right up my alley and I’ll be sure to look for them. She undoubtedly writes from the heart and touches the soul. Awesome writing. Wishing Pat much success in her writing.

  4. Great interview! What a wonderful super power that would be — being able to heal the sick. And there’s no need to feel guilty about ice cream. It’s one of the main food groups, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. I enjoyed the interview thank you & I loved the teaser. I hope you do try writing a mystery. If you can ride Maximus you can do anything,.


  6. Just popping in to say HI and sorry I missed visiting with you on party day! Enjoyed reading about your book.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  7. Lifetime movies? Sometimes when I read these romance books and romance/suspense books, I think they’d make good Lifetime movies. My hubby and I crack jokes about the differences between Lifetime and Hallmark movies. If he walks in and sees a love scene, he knows it’s a Lifetime movie…LOL.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

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