Behind the Story-A Summer Night Fling

So I decided to give you a little behind the scenes information on this story. 🙂

Hot Summer Fun is our first self-published anthology from It’s Raining Men blog and it includes over 10 authors int he M/M Genre. Let me say that this anthology is my first foray into M/M and I am so humbled plus proud to be included with the likes of Jaxx Steele, Raawiya, Sara York, Lisa Worrall, Sue Brown, Ike Rose and more.

My story was based on my first FFF (Friday Flash Fiction) that was inspired in part by Joe Manganiello from True Blood.

He was the basis of Alex, my shape-shifter cat in my story and with readers wanting to know more after that FFF, so with the boys chattering in my ear, in one day I wrote A Summer Night Fling. I plan to continue their story in the Valentine 2013 Anthology from IRM and then maybe a full length story….

But Cal and Alex have stolen my heart. I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did writing it.


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