Book Spotlight~ Spying The Alcove by Laura Tolomei

Spying the Alcove: first vs. third person POV confronted at last!


The dual nature of Spying the Alcove revealed in the following excerpts—the MF from Lidia’s subjective viewpoint, the MM from an impersonal POV. Check it out for yourself!


Spying the Alcove

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENNRE: M/M, M/F/M, M/F, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-347-0

LENGTH: 115 pages

HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

PAGES: 118

RELEASE DATE: August 1st, 2009

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books,

COVER ARTIST: Martine Jardin





Valerio, Andrea, a medallion & a long-forgotten erotic tale whose sensual message is as true today as it was in ancient Rome…if only Valerio would care to listen to Andrea’s claim gender should never be an acceptable limit for sex or to the Roman matron’s inhibited displays in her heated alcove. Apparently two unconnected stories, an ancient medallion brings them together as Valerio spies the heated alcove in a vortex of repressed craving and burning desire.



That night, I did my best to seduce the mighty general, sending him furtive glances, laughing at all his stupid jokes as my pussy dripped hungrily at the thought of his hard shaft possessing me. My mind wondered briefly about sizes and dimensions, just as my gaze made it perfectly clear I was his for the taking. Naturally, I got exactly what I wanted. I had played the game often enough to know what a man needed to fall for a woman’s seduction, especially one who had been living in sweaty and bloody military camps for far too long. Marcus was hungry for a woman and I was the best offer in town. A brief exchange of messages and he came to visit me in my quarters two days later.

It was a glorious afternoon, my husband having left for Pompeii, I was free to do as I pleased. I dressed up in my best clothes, knowing it was a wasted effort. Still, I liked to pamper myself so I bathed, perfumed and oiled my hair while waiting for the hours to pass. As expected, he didn’t even look at the seductive garments I had carefully chosen. Pulling me close to him, he removed everything with a single stroke, leaving me naked and shivering from pleasure. Not needing further instructions, I bent on my knees, my hands fumbling at his crotch to free what I most wanted. He had a big cock, already hard from months of repressed desire. The bulging head struck out defiantly, ordering me to nurse it. I obeyed gladly, my lips closing on him, sliding down to swallow him whole. But he was huge and almost choked me. Uncaring, I kept sucking, feeling the tip press at my throat while intense shivers of pleasure ran down my back. My tongue lapped it lavishly, curling around its thickness, dipping to the base before returning up, enfolding the bulging head and playing under the tiny slice of skin connecting it to the stem.

He groaned with pleasure, obviously liking my attentions so I only got wetter, imagining the thick shaft pumping me. I renewed my efforts to make it as hard as possible, but he preceded me. Holding my head steady, he moved his hips against my mouth, making the cock strain against my throat. Practically choking, I coughed loudly, tears running to my eyes, as I tried to pull back. Uncaring, he pushed again, but this time I was ready. My tongue steered the bulging head to my cheek where I could suck it without suffocating. My hands, anxious for something to do, caressed his hairy balls, holding them tightly, a finger accidentally slipping to his ass. I didn’t dare force an entrance, unsure about how he would take it, but I sensed he liked to have me trace the edge of his narrow hole, wetting my finger to make it slide without friction.

Of course, a man like him required much more. Growing tired of my games, he pushed me down on the floor so I immediately settled on my hands and knees, hardly containing my desire. I throbbed all over, my clit’s furious hammering pounding straight to my brain. My slit was on fire, burning at the mere thought of receiving its prize. He settled behind me and shoved his powerful cock all the way to the hilt. For the first second, I couldn’t breathe as the wonderful sensation of being full went to my head, drowning every other sensibility.

Marcus went steadily on his way so I knew I had to follow fast if I didn’t want him to leave me behind. My fingers found the hungry wet clit and worked on it furiously, teasing, tracing, rubbing, stroking, caressing its fiery tip. I had long learned to find pleasure on my own. Men seldom cared about our needs, as I knew from experience and from listening to my friends’ complaints. Unsatisfied about their sexual lives, most of them turned to food, hoping it would fulfill the physical craving no man ever had. But I knew the rules of the game now so I worked for myself, without expecting anything from them except their hard rods.

He increased the rhythm and I knew he was getting close to the finishing line.



“Watch it,” he cried out, seeing Andrea pick up a terracotta plate and almost dropping it. “What’s the matter with you, today? You can’t seem to do anything right.”

“What’s with me?” Andrea turned like a fury, poised to jump on him. “What’s wit you? What the hell is your fucking problem?” Damn him, Andrea had cursed with a heavy heart. To see his efforts—not to mention his friendship—crumble and scatter like Selimos’s ancient stones made him angrier than he dared admit, particularly because it felt like a second betrayal of his trust. But if his first mess-up had seemed an honest mistake, this second one had the sour taste of defeat, which he found intolerable. No, to be double-crossed not once, but twice was simply…It’s just goddamn unfair and the hell with him.

“What the hell’s the matter with you?” Andrea shouted again despite his efforts to calm down. “Whatever I do is wrong! How the fuck can I work if you breathe down my neck like a vulture that hasn’t made up his mind if he wants to eat me or—” Fuck me! he finished in his mind. He had moved closer, maybe a bit too much, he realized feeling the Professor’s heat and detecting the straining erection no amount of concealment could hide. “I can’t stand this anymore,” he pleaded, resisting the urge to grab the aroused cock.

Valerio took a step back. “I— “

Andrea reached him. “You what? You think I haven’t noticed? Think I haven’t seen how you look at me lately?”

Another step and Valerio backstopped against a tree. “Listen—”

“No, you listen to me, Prof.” His assistant was on him, faster than a blink of an eye. “I don’t know what fantasies you’re entertaining or why they make you so nervous, but…“ He took a deep breath. “I know exactly the cure.” His gaze traveled to the growing bulge. “And I want to tell you, I’m available, in case you decide to use it.” Palm pressing on the hard cock, he traced its shape through the fabric.

The shock of feeling Andrea’s touch on his painfully throbbing erection was unexpected, but not like the wave of desire that hit his stomach. Suddenly, he understood Lidia’s needs perfectly, as if they were his own. Standing in the deserted valley, his memory flooded by erotic scenes, all he wanted to do was live them in first person. And his assistant’s offer seemed irresistible.

With a hungry growl, he attacked Andrea’s mouth, his tongue forcing his lips apart to ravish its warm interior. Wanting to posses the blondish man, he started with the obvious, unsure about his moves.

Luckily, Andrea took the lead. Opening his mouth wide, he received Valerio’s tongue, teasingly resisting only to increase his desire. In a fake battle, he pushed back the invader, his tongue wrapping around Valerio’s and clashing seductively while his hands firmly grasped the bulging crotch.

Nimble fingers unzipped the jeans, soon working on the naked flesh jutting proudly from its concealment. The shock of the warm palm holding it tight sent fresh waves of hungry desire through Valerio’s tense nerves, making him crave to have more, but not daring to ask outright. Providently, Andrea had no such hesitations when handling the demanding organ. Bending down, he took it in his mouth and sucked vigorously, tongue wrapping around the long thick length before moving up to the head. Lapping forcefully, the vibrant tongue darted on the twitching dick, sometimes curling around the top, then sliding to the base while sucking it down to the throat. Valerio felt him almost choke in his effort to draw him deeper, but could not stop his falling into bliss.

Drowning in pure pleasure, he moved his hips to make Andrea take more inside and the assistant opened wider to accommodate the extra centimeters. The hands helped, too, sliding rhythmically on the long stem until stopped by the avid mouth. But his fiery excitement demanded more and the Professor wanted to experience everything before his resistance failed. So time was essential.

As if understanding his needs, Andrea pulled back and fumbled in his pocket.




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