Wicked Wednesday with CR Guiliano


Mirror, Mirror by CR Guiliano

Book blurb:

Kiran Langford’s past was a mess. Ok, so his present wasn’t much better. But his future was looking brighter. He’d made bad choices in his younger life. Was pretty easy when his twin brother made all the right choices. And Kiran wanted what his brother had. An international model. A faithful lover that adored him. Financial stability. The respect of their parents. Well, maybe he didn’t care about that last one.

Now, Kiran was modeling, sort of. And acting too, vaguely. Alright, so he was doing nude stills and pornography. So sue him. But he was as famous as his brother in his own venue. And the respect he received from those in the industry was as strong and consistent as Davin Langford’s was in his own world. But was it another bad choice?

Kiran only wanted to be happy, content. Was that too much to ask? And he thought he could. If he’d only give up his fear of rejection and ridicule, come out of his deep closet and accept the love of his costar without reservations. He didn’t want to lose Sander Mathison. But he wasn’t sure he’d ever have the courage his brother and Sander had, and show the world who he was.

Buy linkhttp://www.amazon.com/Mirror-ebook/dp/B004CYF5CI/ref=sr_1_7?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1335969755&sr=1-7

Naughty Scene:

Davin broke their kiss, needing to breath. “Liam, want you inside me…please.Need you bad…so bad.” Davin rasped. He felt Liam reach for the lube on the nightstand. They’d long since removed the need for condoms. Liam leaned back, straddling Davin’s thighs and coated his fingers and cock. Davin hissed in pleasure as Liam circled his puckered entrance and then slipped a finger deep inside him. “Yesss…” he hissed again as Liam added another and bucked his hips when Liam caressed across his prostate. He stared at Liam’s look of rapture, the pleasure on his lover’s face driving his need higher. Davin’s body shuddered as Liam worked his hole, relaxing it. He groaned at the loss of Liam’s fingers even as his lover lifted his legs up and out, opening his body for Liam’s taking. Liam’s hard cockhead bumped Davin’s entrance and then slowly Liam pushed into him. There was no pain, no burning. Liam was gentle, even in passion. When Davin felt Liam’s warm balls against his ass, Liam stilled.

Once seated completely inside his lover, Liam froze, reveling in the tight, hot embrace of Davin’s body. He could feel every ripple and heartbeat. There was nothing like it. The first time they’d made love without the condoms, Liam had cried at the intensity. Now he needed it, like he needed air. Craved it with every molecule in his body. Liam opened his eyes and stared at the gorgeous man under him. He pulled out and then thrust back in, harder, deeper and watched Davin’s face flush with rising desire. Sweat dripped from Liam’s body at the control it took not to pound into his lover with wild abandon. That would come soon enough. Now he wanted to show his love. Balls deep, Liam swiveled his hips, making his thick erection caress across Davin’s prostate incessantly. He shifted as Davin moaned, pulling his lover’s legs up over his shoulders and pulled back to drive in more forcibly. “Liam! Fuck me! Make me fly!” Davin suddenly yelled. That was what Liam was waiting for. He shifted up, spread his legs wide, grabbed Davin’s thighs  and began to snap his hips, going deeper with every thrust. “Oh, God babe!” Liam ground out, throwing his head back as his balls drew up.

Davin bucked into every thrust, whimpers escaping him at Liam’s strength. When Liam leaned back, Davin grabbed his cock with one hand and began to stroke it feverishly, his other hand wrapping around Liam’s wrist where it held his thigh, needing every contact he could make. He wanted them to come together, wanted to come with Liam. “Ah..ah…Liam! I’m there!” Davin cried out, his shaft thickening just before strings of come shot across his abdomen and chest. He heard Liam’s roar as his cock pulsed and filled Davin’s channel. Even before the aftershocks were gone, Liam pulled out and dropped down on Davin’s cock, swallowing it to the root and sucking hard. “Fuck! Liam!” Davin cried out again as his shaft thickened instantly and he came again.

Davin’s exquisite whimpers were driving Liam insane and his thrusts became manic. As he watched Davin’s cock unload, it drove him over the edge, his own orgasm making his body convulse. Before his lover could recover, Liam pulled out, his dick still throbbing and sucked Davin’s cock all the way into his throat. He worked it quickly, feeling Davin go rock hard again, and then his mouth and throat were filled with hot cream. Liam humped his own cock into the bedspread. “Uhhhh.” He moaned around Davin’s spurting cock as his own unloaded again.

Liam licked Davin clean, then rested his sweat soaked face against Davin’s inner thigh, letting his respiration and heartbeat return to normal, nuzzling Davin’s softening genitals lovingly. “You made a wet spot again, didn’t you, lover?” Davin said as he rested, running his fingers through Liam’s damp hair. Liam chuckled. “Yes.” He answered as he crawled up Davin’s body to kiss him. “You get to change the spread then.” Davin said with amusement against Liam’s lips. “Uh, but I don’t want to move.” Liam answered. “Up.” Davin said, pushing helplessly at the 200 pounds of pure muscle smashing him into the mattress. “Alright, love, but only so you can sleep with me and not my spunk.” Liam said as he rolled off Davin and stood. “I don’t mind sleeping with your spunk, babe. I just don’t like a cold, wet spot.” Davin laughed and crawled off the bed. While Davin went to clean up, Liam stripped the bed and replaced the sheets and spread with clean ones. He then went to clean up himself, caressing Davin’s ass as he walked by. Davin slipped under the covers and raised them for Liam when he returned from the bathroom. They snuggled together, Liam’s large body wrapped around Davin’s much smaller one, his soft shaft nestled tightly against Davin’s ass. “I love you.” Liam whispered into Davin’s long hair. “I love you too, Liam.” Davin answered, squeezing Liam’s arm that rested around his chest. Liam wasn’t sure what he thought about the fact he’d successfully distracted Davin from thoughts of his brother.

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