Welcome to Wicked Wednesday with Shakir Rashaan


Book blurb:
What goes on in the Palace, stays in the Palace…”

Life seems well within the “Nubian Underworld” of the ATL, as Ramesses, his wife Neferterri, and their submissives are at the center of what can only be described as “paradise” by those who have seen the debauchery within. Amenhotep, Ramesses’ mentor, is on the verge of bringing in his newest slave to reside with him at the Palace, and the entire community has been invited to witness the decadence of the grounds and the libidinous nature of the guests in attendance. 

Unfortunately, life is not always a bed of roses… sometimes the thorns must be felt.
All hell breaks loose when Ramesses and Neferterri begin losing their submissives for a variety of reasons, and Amenhotep gets caught up in a sting operation that makes the local news and threatens to blow the lid off of the Atlanta Fetish community that thrives on the anonymity that is enjoyed by all. Despite it all, everyone in the circle is there for one another, no matter the consequences.
The Awakening: Book One of the Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld is a journey inside Atlanta’s African-American Fetish community, and the ties that bind the principle players of this exciting new series. With its twists and turns and surprises along the way, it is sure to become an “awakening” for any who dare to journey to the “Dark side.”
Buy link(s):
Paperback/Kindle copies: http://www.amazon.com/dp/057801064X
Wicked scene:
     shamise moved from her position and brought Kitana up on the bed. Whispering in her ear, shamise played with Kitana’s breasts, moving down her stomach to playfully slap against her clit.
     Sliding inside of Kitana felt different this time. Her body language was more animated, as if she had been sexually awakened, and the true self within her had just completely taken over. My adrenaline kicked in as well, matching the intensity of the moment. It wasn’t long before the pounding that Kitana was taking would take its effect. shamise took notice as well, as she whispered into Kitana’s ear for me to fuck her harder and to beg my permission for her to come.
     “Fuck me harder, Sir, please…Oh, God, I wanna come, Sir, Please?!?! I feel it coming… HARDER!!!” Kitana screamed out, much to the crowd’s delight.
      I was still in a zone, so all I could really do was grunt and nod. But hearing Kitana screaming and shamise in my ear wanting to be fucked as well it made me push to pound her even harder than what I already was doing.
     shamise got up from her spot with Kitana and me to keep an eye on other guests that were trying to join into the scene; having been with us the longest, she knew how to properly express to anyone, Dominant or submissive, that we were not to be disturbed while the session is commencing. She had to do just that, letting a few of the swinger couples and a couple of single males in the crowd know that their silence was very much appreciated, and that they were only allowed to watch until further notice.
     Neferterri and nuru finished their personal session together by now, but instead of interrupting, they simply joined jamii and shamise in watching us, just as the crowd had been. It wasn’t as if I was doing anything different, but for some reason, a first sexual experience with a new submissive seems different from first view.
     I felt myself building to an orgasm, and I pulled out immediately and took off the condom. shamise quickly moved into position and took hold of my dick to jack me off as my orgasm crested, while Kitana sat up to receive my juices on her face and breasts.
     “That’s it, come on me!” Kitana screamed, taking over from where shamise left off, her eyes wild as my shaft pulsed in her hand.  “I want it all!
     Kitana then swallowed me whole just as I was erupting deep inside her mouth and down her throat. She held on to take every drop I gave her until my orgasm finally subsided, which surprised the hell out of me. I didn’t know she had those skills. Kitana laid back on the bed, no doubt a little tired from what we had just experienced.
     shamise asked, “May i clean Kitana off, Daddy?”
     I nodded again, unable to really speak at that moment. jamii slid over from where she was on the bed, and upon seeing that I was still dripping from my orgasm, began licking me dry, in hopes of getting me hard again. It felt amazing, especially since I hadn’t really gone completely soft, but I needed the down time to gather my thoughts before trying to engage into anything physical for a little while.
     I heard a soft applause coming from the crowd before they quietly left the room, leaving us alone to recover. A couple of minutes later, two of Amenhotep’s service slave girls entered the room with drinks and towels for us.

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