Update on the Devon Falls series

I have finally updated my Devon Falls page onmy website. Yes I know…been a while but hey, been so busy with things, I was thrilled to redo it. The following are what is planned in the series and there is no release dates yet.


Upcoming stories in Devon Falls Series:

6) A Devon Falls Wedding featuring the nuptials of Jenna Stevens and Marc Du Bree

Final books in the series:

The Cravens are elementals mages and the four siblings will be centered in these stories and close out the entire series.

# 7 Heaven’s Fires-featuring Maxwell who is a Fire Elemental (Oldest)

#8 The Air We Breathe- featuring Selena who is a Air elemental (Middle child)

#9 Rock Steady- featuring Jorge (Earth elemental) (Twin to Lynx)

# 10 Waves of my Desire- featuring Lynx (Water Elemental) (Twin to Jorge)

About authorrainedelight

Raine Delight is a pseudonym of a self professed book lover and after one too many TSTL characters, decided to see if she could write something a little better. Well many drafts later, Devon Falls series came to together. Check out my book pages to see what is going on with me. My muse is a male nut who likes to leave me to go sip mai tais on the beach and leave me foundering for words; though eventually he takes pity on me and gets my words flowing and characters start settling down. Personal notes: I live with my own boytoy and two kids. I love Johnny Depp movies and enjoy hiking, reading and watching movies with my family.

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