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Switching Gears by Amber Skyze

When I started writing romance I wrote mostly behind closed doors sex scenes. Then I discovered erotica and learned to be more detailed with the bedroom scenes. Overall, my stories always had romance at the core of them.

I didn’t like for my characters to hop into bed within the first thirty seconds of meeting. This mainly comes from the fact that I could never do that, so how could I justify my heroine? I wrote six or seven books where the couple grew into the sex. I published a few and sales were pretty good. Then I was offered a contract with a bigger publisher. They wanted my book! Yay! I was so excited. This was the goal I strived for during my two years writing erotica.

Then came the revision letter. Could you add a sex scene a little earlier? A few of my writer friends and I joke about this being the “please have sex by page 3” syndrome. Hmmm, I wasn’t sure about this, even though my heroine and hero had known each other for a long time. In the end I did it and I liked the way the story turned out.

Now I’m writing a contemporary romance and having trouble switching gears again. It took a long time to learn how to spice things up…now I have to re-train my brain to tame things down. It makes me wonder how authors can write in so many different genres. I’m almost 50k into this book and I’ve left kept the sex scene to kissing…eventually I’ll have to go back and fill in the blanks. J

In the meantime I have a new/old book I’ve self-published. One Tasty Night was with a former publisher of mine, but now available on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords.


I’m in a giving mood today too. Today I’m giving away a copy of my EC book Splashing Good Time to one lucky commenter here and over on my blog.  http://amberskyze.blogspot.com

Just tell me what your favorite Easter egg color is! :o) 

Splashing Good Time by Amber Skyze

Ellora’s Cave


Reece Collins is growing tired of her Wednesday ritual of masturbating to the sight of the so-called “pool boy” and her battery-operated friend is leaving her unsatisfied. She craves a no-strings-attached torrid sexual encounter. Problem? The only one offering is ten years her junior.


Nathan Donovan has lusted over his client forever. When he happens upon her in a very compromising position, his desires swell as he plunges headfirst into the deep end to save her. One brief encounter leaves him yearning for more, but when she splashes cold water on his plans, he has to choose between walking away or spanking some sense into her.

Teaser Excerpt:

“You look hot!” she told her reflection. “Irresistibly hot?” Only time would tell. Strolling over to the window she dared a peak outside. He wasn’t here yet. Would he come? Certainly Steve sounded convincing enough. The fifty dollar bill she planted in his palm was enough encouragement to make an actor out of him. She stood by his side while he made the call. If she hadn’t known better, she would have believed him. She sent him on his way after the call. No need for him to stick around for the fireworks—hopefully of a sexual nature.

The undeniable sound of tires crunching on gravel, alerted her Nathan was here. And from the hurried sound of the truck coming to a stop, he wasn’t pleased. Silently she prayed her idea wouldn’t backfire. Hurrying from the room she descended the stairs, hoping to greet him at the pool.

“What the fuck!” she heard him scream.

Too late. She wasn’t quick enough. Nathan knew and he wasn’t happy. Reese slowly opened the door and walked casually over to the pool where Nathan stood looking at the water, obviously trying to figure out where the emergency was.

Whipping around he demanded. “What’s going on here?”

Lost for words Reese stood frozen in her spot. She hadn’t expected such anger. Yes, she tricked him into coming over. Maybe having Steve tell him the pool had turned an ugly color green that he couldn’t get rid of was a bad idea but she believed he’d be happy to see her. Boy was she mistaken.

“I-I-I put Steve up to it,” she confessed. “I didn’t think you would see me any other way.”

“Maybe if you picked up the phone you would have found out.” The disgust in his voice evident.

He was pissed at her. Her plan was slowly crumbling before her eyes. She couldn’t risk losing him a second time. He couldn’t walk away out of her life. She loved him. God help her she loved him more than any man she’d ever loved in her life.

“Would you have come if I had?” she challenged.

Looking away he shrugged.

“Then I was right to do what I did. I needed to see you, Nathan. You’ve been avoiding me. I’ve missed you.”

She watched him looking at the water. Was he searching for answers? Maybe there was hope for them after all.

Closing the gap between them, she touched his hand. “Please Nathan, look at me.”

He did as she asked and immediately her heart sank. Pain, deep pain, filled his eyes. Gone was the sparkle she loved so much, replaced with pain that cut to the core. Pain caused by her foolishness.

Touching his face she whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“What’s done is done.” He tried pulling free but she refused to let him walk away.

“I never meant to hurt you.”

“I’m fine.”

“I wasn’t trying to compare you to Vince. It may have sounded that way at the time and I’m sorry. I love you for who you are, not because you’ve proven him wrong. It doesn’t matter to me what Vince thinks, or anyone else for that matter. The only thing that matters is what’s in here,” she said pointing to her heart. “And here.” She placed her hand over his heart.

She felt his heart beating rapidly through his tight black t-shirt. He covered her hand with his.

“Do you honestly believe you’ll be okay with what others think about us? Because as you’ve pointed out before I’m much younger than you.”



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