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Series, Or not?


In 1995, on a ladies room floor of a Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, I picked up three new copper pennies. I should have taken that as a sign and pitched My Three Penny Mysteries to the agent with whom I had the appointment. Penny is a curious seeker of truth, the kind of young woman who, like Jessica Fletcher and Miss Marple, show up at a crime scene just when everything was expected to go well—and didn’t.

Penny of Kill Fee became a best seller at fictionwise.com, won the CTRR Best Book award in February, and currently is a nominee for Best Book at http://www.ChampagneBooks.com.

When is a single title the first in a series? Maybe now. Medium Rare, a cozy novella, will be published December 1, 2012.

In the hospice offices, a whole new set of nutty buddies emerge. Hospice workers are under stress and subject to burnout. The nurses, social workers, a guilty preacher and a stuffed frog named Croakette romp through the their days chased by a psychic medium who knows their secrets with eerie accuracy. The hapless humans become entangled in the predictions. The medium is stabbed through the heart with her largest, most annoying knitting needle. Click, click.

And just when everything was going so well—or not.

Kill Fee by Julie Eberhart Painter

Champagne Books



Penny Olsen’s uncle is killed during her duplicate bridge game. She inherits fifteen million dollars, servants and his moldy mausoleum, a ninety-eight-year-old beach house.

Her uncle’s attorney, Cole Martin and Penny’s friendship develops as the senior bridge players scoff, mistakenly thinking she’s a gold digger.

But who, in this town of genteel seniors would kill this beloved man and an editor of an environmental magazine? Perhaps the same person or persons who are after Penny. What secret do Penny and Cole share that bonds them together—and almost tears them apart?

PG Romantic, excerpt from Kill Fee:


Penny spent the afternoon slaving in the kitchen. that evening she served Cole her royal veal stew à la Julia Child.

That evening after dinner, she took a CD from the bookcase and placed it in the player. Kenny Rogers voice flowed into the room, “and when we get behind . . . closed . . . doors . . .” she began swaying to the music, dancing across the room to Cole’s chair. fluffing her hair, she grazed his cheek with a few strands as she bent over him from behind the small recliner.

Cole reached up as Kenny sang, “and she lets her hair . . . hang . . . down . . .” he pulled Penny around to the front of the chair, kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. His hand lingered over her breasts as he began slowly and rhythmically to untie the laces of her peasant vest.

In a graceful invitation, Penny stood up. Taking Cole’s hand, she drew him from the chair and guided him upstairs for a slow dance behind closed doors.

Julie Eberhart Painter was raised near Doylestown, Pennsylvania, home of James A Michener. She and her family has lived all over the Midwest and the south, great venues for her novels, flash fiction, and articles. Julie has seven books in print, and writes flash fiction for http://bewilderingstories.com/bios/painter_bio.html

She loves reading and is a reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More, reviewing as Maggie.


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