Welcome Holly Hunt today

Writing comes with its ups and downs. You get days where you just want to crawl in a hole, and days where your other half has to go find a broomstick to pry you off the ceiling. The up days are what gets you through the down days – and there is always many of them, not just for the days where you get rejected by three publishers at on the same day, for different books (Had that happen. Twice). Sometimes, you end up slipping through a publishing house’s cracks, even after you have your contract signed (Had that happen three times). Sometimes you just have to keep going, keep fighting, and remind yourself that you still have that acceptance letter – even after the contract’s been severed and you’re free-falling again.

Those days, the only thing worth doing is grabbing that bottle of scotch/bourbon/wine/vodka that you were saving in your desk drawer, and just opening that thing on up.

Really, it’s a wonder authors aren’t raging alcoholics. Certainly explains the reputation of pre-1950s authors and poets, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, though, down-days in writing occur for a reason other than a rejection ot a contract severance. Sometimes, there’s nothing there to stop you writing, from forging ahead and getting this stuff over with, to sand-blast your way out of that castle/space ship/torture chamber/dead relationship and get to that happy ending.

What do you do then? Why, my friends, you crack open that bottle, pour a glass and get to work whipping those words into shape! And when you look at it in the morning, hang-over and all, you might just find some of those gems that you were missing, sitting right there in your drunken ramblings.

The future is coming, people. There’s only one way to deal with it. Good food, good friends, good wine!

About Holly Hunt:

An author living in Canberra, Australia, Holly Hunt writes a collection of works including Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror and Romance. Currently undergoing an apprenticeship in Butchery, Holly spends her days off writing and imagining the fun of writing full-time.

Holly lives with her partner, Matthew, in a one-bedroom flat crammed with comics and cartoons. She dreams of one day owning a big garden, and can’t wait until that day gets here.


The Devil’s Wife by Holly Hunt

Champagne Books

Buy at Champagne Books: http://champagnebooks.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=443

“Sit down and open your mind. Everyone knows ‘Devil’ means ‘Darkness’ and ‘God’ means ‘Light’. “But history is always written by the winning side.”

Lucifer Morningstar is a law-abiding, upstanding gentleman of New York City.

Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil.

The owner of powerful magic, Lucifer could have the world at his feet, if not for his apathy and loneliness. Deprived of the ability to understand the emotions of others and his power depleted, Lucifer is no longer able to help even his houseplants.

But there’s a problem with God’s plan to eliminate the Devil forever: Lucifer is fighting Her more than he ever did. He’s found a reason to survive, someone to stand by him through the rough and smooth of his life.

He’s found a new wife.

Clarissa Avario opens Lucifer’s eyes to the darkest side of the real world, full of paedophiles, murderers, rapists and thieves.

Can Clarissa convince Lucifer to do more than stand back and watch the city fall apart? The Devil will do anything to fix Clarissa’s world, including take on Heaven.

And he will kill anything, God, Demon or Angel, that gets in his way.


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