Give a warm welcome to Sorcha Mowbray


Hi and welcome to my blog, Sorcha Mowbray. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself. 

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Personality…probably too much. J I tend to be a bit sarcastic and I am very stubborn. So when you see that in my characters you are totally seeing me. Life experience, not so much, since I have never been to a brothel.

Generally, how long does it take you to write a book? 

A novella can take a few weeks of raw writing, editing can last a couple of months. Then the publisher gets a hold of it. LOL!

What is your writing routine once you start a book? 

Well, I work during the day, so I come home and check with the hubs to see if the Knicks are playing. If they are then I write, if not then I don’t unless I am on a deadline. Wednesday nights I write because hubs has band night. Most Saturday mornings I write while he plays golf, and then during football season I own Sundays for writing. You may notice a pattern here. LOL! This is all my attempts to balance married life with my writing life on top of having a day job.

Tell us about your latest release or upcoming release. What inspired it? 

The brothel that centers in Love Revealed (my debut release!), and in two more novellas in the series, was born out of necessity. I had this idea of two people who know each other in passing discover that they “know” each other in a much more elemental sense. But how? I mean, they couldn’t, very well, not make the connection if they have met in society and then end up sleeping together in another setting.

What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels, do you find them difficult to write? 

I have to be in the mood to write a love scene. Not exactly a sexy mood (although that helps), but I have to feel relaxed and ready to commit. If I am pent up or agitated then forget it! I am far better off writing an argument or something.

What kind of research do you do for your books? 

Whatever is required. I research everything from types of fabrics to sexual practices of the Victorian era. I have a whole blog post on historical sex toys. 😉 I have honestly lost whole days looking at maps of cities and trying to figure out which way my characters went or where in the hell they are.

What are some of your favorite things or hobbies to do?

Reading. I know…but that’s how I started writing. I am an avid reader. I am also almost never without an electronic device be it my phone or my Kindle Fire.

Who are some of your other favorite authors and genres to read?

I love Lorelie James, Cherise Sinclair, Kate Pearce, Thea Devine, and Susan Johnson for erotic romance. Other genres I read are all kinds of romance. LOL! I don’t really deviate much. I really enjoy the Gail Carriger Parasol Protectorate books and almost anything paranormal pulls me in.

Among your own books, have you a favorite?  A favorite hero or heroine? 

Love Revealed may be my favorite (let me write a few more and we’ll talk again!), mostly because it was my first sale and debut book. I think for that fact alone, Heath and Kat will always hold a special place in my heart.

Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

The characters came first in Love Revealed. Or at least a notional idea of them and their story. But honestly, it varies from book to book. Mostly the setting comes last for me, dependent on the story and characters.

What part of a book has been the easiest to write?  The hardest? 

None of it is really easy, but some days you just get into a flow and the words seem to just fly on to the page. Hardest? Sometimes writing The End is hardest. I mean getting to that point where I can say, okay the story is over, can be hard. Really freaking hard.

What are the elements of a great romance for you?

Two well-developed characters that I can find some level of empathy for. I mean, I have to root for them. That paired with a solid plot and I am sold. It can be set anyplace or anytime and I probably wouldn’t care.
What is the hardest part of writing/the easiest for you? 

Editing is SO hard! Don’t tell my editors, but I get really attached to my words. I mean, like I need a glass of wine with the first round of edits attached. LOL! The easiest is probably starting. I mean there are so many possibilities at that point.

Are you in control of your characters or do they control you? 

We fight. Sometimes I run the show and sometimes they do. Somehow it all works out in the end.

What are some of your current projects? 

I am working on books 2 and 3 of The Market Series. Book 2 is about a textiles importer and one of the ladies of the Market. Book 3 is Madame Marchander’s story and HEA.

Boxers, briefs, boxerbriefs…. Or commando on a man? Why?

I am a relatively new convert to the power of the boxerbrief. I just like the way they hug a man’s body, but don’t look childish like tighty whiteies.

What is your strangest habit? 

I change my hair all the time. You never know what color I am going to show up with. I have had blond, red, and all different shades of brown hair. I don’t do wild colors because of my day job. I also cut my hair regularly…like on a whim with paper cutting scissors. DH gets a little annoyed about that. *giggles* I am really bad about actually going to a salon for a hair cut.

When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought? 

I need to straighten out my bangs. I then grabbed those scissors and did just that. It was4:30am and I was getting ready to go to the gym.

What is your favorite pizza? 

Pesto Pizza – olive oil, pesto, mozzarella, feta cheese, onions, and tomatoes. Yummy!

What is one thing scientists should invent? 

A cure for diabetes. My dad is a Type I diabetic and so I can’t help but wish scientists would hurry up and find a cure. Because insulin and a syringe is not a cure.

If you could time travel, where would you go? 

Just one? *chews lip thinking* It’s a toss-up for me between the Constitutional Convention in 1787 and a chance to go to Elizabethan England and meet Elizabeth I.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Telling the story. I love a good story, and getting to put that on paper and then share it with the world is the absolute best thing about being a writer.

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why? 

Well, I’d have to say Love Revealed. LOL! It’s the only one out.

What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories? 

I guess I want readers to walk away with a sense of hope that there is someone out there for everyone no matter who you are. I try to write stories about men and women who defy convention and/or the odds to be together. Couples that discover, that with a little effort on their part, love can conquer all.

Anything else you want to mention? 

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of Love Revealed so far, and to those of you who will go out and buy it. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have my first book out and that people want to read it. Also, I want to thank Raine Delight for having me as a guest today.

And I hope everyone is having a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! *smooches*


The Market: Love Revealed (Buy it!)

Decadent Publishing 

Lady Katherine Drummond plays by society’s rules, even after the Ton turns on her. Shunned by her peers, she keeps up appearances by day but allows her true self out in the privacy of The Market. There, in the arms of one man, she comes alive. So much so, she signs a contract to be his for six months. Despite never having seen his face and knowing him only as Sir, she fears losing her heart to the man who breaks through her defenses.

Lord Raymond Tarkenton, the Earl of Heathington, despises being one of the most sought after bachelors of the Ton. He could never ask a woman of his circle to submit to his sexual needs, and a mistress would never be an option. For now, one masked woman at The Market holds his undivided attention. When he realizes that his masked lover and Lady Katherine Drummond are one and the same, he must find a way to convince her that they are bound together by more than the straps at her wrists and the contract they signed. He must reveal himself and his love to her. But will she accept him for more than a sexual escape.


“Why is it you were compelled to make me wait when you were aware I was here and ready? This is not how we should start this arrangement.”

“I was delayed.” She met his gaze, hers teamed with desire, hope, defiance, and perhaps even a tinge of fear. Mostly promising reactions, the defiance would need to be addressed.

“You will of course be punished.” He paused. “When I am ready.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her eyes lit up with his pronouncement.

“Not when you are, and it is clear you are.” Yes, Kat was the exact woman he needed in his bed. She fit him, was a perfect foil for him, for his base compulsion. No. He must be caught up in the moment. She was no more than a desirable woman.

He sat next to her on the bed and caressed the outer edge of one breast. “It was good of you to tell me the truth, Kat. You must always tell me the truth, just as I will always tell you the truth. Do you understand?”

“I will always be honest with you, Sir.” Surprise flitted across her features as the truth of her vow rang through her words and warmed him.

“Do you trust me, Kat?” Curiosity got the better of him.

She hesitated, her thoughts whirling like crazy behind her beautiful eyes. “No.” She finally responded and dropped her gaze. He stopped caressing her soft flesh.

Trepidation reared its head before logic squashed the anomaly. His pulse thrummed through his veins. “And yet you let me restrain you. Perhaps you trust me more than you think?”

She glanced up at him. “Maybe a little.”

Want a copy?


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