Flash Fiction Inspired by Jo

I got to admit this is my first time doing a flash fiction Friday thing so bear with me. 🙂 Today’s FFF is inspired by Jo Manganiello from True Blood TV Show. Here is the picture I saw and was inspired by. I hope you enjoy this little scene and please drop by the other blogs who are involved in this. Thanks to Silvia Violet and Poppy Dennison for this.

Cal was bored. The lifestyle of one night stands and drunkeness was wearing thin on him. After Malcolm left him three months ago for another man, his life spiraled out of control. Now as he walked in the woods behind his house, he pondered what to do and if he could change the direction he was going.

He didn’t hear the birds or feel the sun that trickled in betwen the trees. So lost in his thoughts he was surprised when a voice called to him.


Cal stopped & looked around but didn’t see anyone. Thinking he was losing his mind, he started walking, shaking his head to clear it when he heard it again.


Stopping yet again,Cal looked around again yet didn’t see anyone. “I must be losing my fucking mind.”

“Actually you are not losing your mind.”

Cal turned so fast he almost fell on his ass. “What the hell is going on here?”

The voice came again and this timeCalcould hear the amusement that threaded through it. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought whomever it was thought this was hilarious. Scowling at being someone’s joke, he moved his head and then spied someone in a tree about 40 feet up.

“What in all that is holy are you doing up there?”Cal growled.

“Well I am not hanging around to be a bird perch, buddy, that is for sure.My name is Alex. What’s yours?”

Ca lcouldn’t believe he was having a conversation with a guy in a tree…granted the guy, from what he saw anyways, looked great. “Name is Cal. Can I ask why you are in a tree?”

“Well, it’s kind of a long story but the short, cliff notes version is I was chased up here and now I can’t get down. I am kind of afraid of heights. Been up here for close to three days. Thank god you came when you did. I have no freaking clue how to get down without me getting dizzy and falling to my doom.”

Cal blinked and chuckled. “Well Alex, if I climb up there, can you follow me down?”

“Sure. Well I think I can that is. I can try at least.”

“Just don’t look down and you should be fine. Ok hang on, let me come get you.” Cal said as he went up to the tall tree and started climbing. Soon he was able to climb up to where Alex was and was totally flummoxed. The guy was absolutely beautiful. Wavy black hair to his shoulders, piercing green eyes and my god, his body alone was totally drool worthy. He could bounce a quarter off Alex’s ab’s alone. Get a grip Cal, you are not here to jump the guy but offer aid.

“Ready? All you need to do is just follow me down. I will be here so in case you feel like you need a break or anxious, just let me know. I won’t let you fall.”

Cal saw Alex nod and watched as he swallowed hard, his mouth going dry at the lusty thoughts in his head. Shaking his head to clear those thoughts out, he tempered his lust and smiled at the man.

Cal climbed down a little and said, “Ok now let go of the death grip on the branch and turn around slowly. Keep your eyes on the tree bark, don’t look down and let me know if you get scared. We will be down in no time.”

He watched as Alex did as he said, slowly, and as he followed him down, Cal talked about how he loves walking in the woods, what his favorite music was and even sang one of his favorite songs-off-key and all. Soon they reached the bottom and Cal jumped down as Alex struggled with the last few branches. Before he knew it, Alex fell and as Cal tried to grab him, Alex landed on top of him, his breath rushing out with a grunt.

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11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Inspired by Jo

  1. Meeting someone for the first time can be momentous. I like this first meeting a lot and hope it continues to go very well for the pair. 😉

  2. Nice way to meet! Hmm… Now, do they kiss? Laugh off the fall? Go out for dinner? Love where you left it hanging. Will you finish it?

    (Say you will, please, say you will!)

  3. Mirriam…I am actually writing this one now for an anthology of Summer themed stories for an anthology a few authors and I are doing and self-publishing. I just don’t have no title or anything for it. LOL

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