New Devon Falls Story News

The final story in this part of the Devon Falls series is coming late this year.

It started in Sticky Magic, teased you in Fiery Magic and in Moonlight & Magic, delivers a surprise that will steal your heart. Now the final culmination for Jenna & Marc (main characters from Sticky Magic) are about to get hitched and YOU are invited.

No cover yet…heck I am still writing it as of this post but I am so excited to give you this story that I had to share it with you.

A Devon Falls Wedding will follow Jenna, Marc as well as their familya nd friends as they lead up tot he day of their wedding. Lots of chaos, mischief and Grady O’Neal, Jaxon’s cousin and owner of the Dirty Diamond Bar and Grille finding his mate is none other a fae Prince is sure to keep you amused even as these two special characters find their own special happy ending.

Here is the book blurb as of right now but it may change if the publisher decides it doesn’t work.

A special event is coming to Devon Falls on a warm June afternoon…can Jenna and Marc find a way to calm their respective families and friends before their big day goes bust? 

Jenna Sinclair and Marc du Bree have fallen in love and now with a baby on the way, decide to get married as soon as possible. They never figured their families would be the cause of their problems and add in a Fae Prince who decides that Jaxon’s cousin Grady is a perfect sweet mint to devour, Jenna and Marc have their work cut out for them. Can their Devon Falls Wedding go off without a hitch or will their family & friends make them toss their hands in the air and run off to Vegas instead?

I am hoping to get this to my publisher by June at the earliest. *fingers crossed* I hope you enjoy the culmination of this story ARC and I also introduce the final four main characters in the last story ARC of the series.

The series books are as follows:

Available now at Secret Cravings Publishing:

1) Sticky Magic (Jenna and Marc’s story)

2) Red Hot Magic (Ravena nd Jean-Claude’s Story)

3) Fiery Magic (Alicia and Damien’s story)

4) Haunting Magic (Jaxon & Rodrick’s Story)

5) Moonlight & Magic (Dixie and Michael’s Story)

Coming soon:

6) A Devon Falls Wedding (Jenna and Marc’s big day is HERE!!!)

Final Four books will center on Craven Family Siblings. Four siblings who harness the elemental powers and find that destiny has them firmly in their sight.

Meet the Craven Family siblings:

Maxwell who is a Fire Elemental (Oldest)

Selena who is a Air elemental (Middle child)

The twins- Jorge (Earth elemental) and Lynx (water elemental).

These last four stories will close the series out at 10 books total. I may do a few free stories afterwards if I feel the urge to. 🙂

I hope you like this little update and hope you check out the series.




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