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Hi and welcome to my blog, Shannon West. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself.


Q: What genre do you write and for what publisher(s)?

I do erotic romance, mostly male/male, a little menage and some erotic male/female.  Well, I write it anyway, though I wouldn’t want to rule it out in any case.  I write for Secret Cravings Publishing, No Boundaries Publishing, and I just signed a new contract with Ellora’s Cave.


Q: Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?

It’s called Georgia Heat, and a friend of mine,(now co-author on several pieces) named Remy Devereaux, told me an idea he had for a novel, and it struck a chord.  We decided to write it together, and went back and forth, chapter by chapter. At first, we were doing it as a kind of lark, but soon it got to be very interesting, and we couldn’t wait to see each other’s next chapter.  Giving up control over the plot was a little scary, but great fun, just to go with whatver came next. We began to try to outdo each other in sexy situations our boys found themselves in, and the story took off.


Q: If you had a reporter follow you around for the day, what would the readers get to see in your daily schedule?

A lot of manic running around during the day and then  lots of me sitting at a computer in the evenings. I work a day job that can be a bit hectic, and then in the evenings I work on my stories.

Q: When you begin your stories, do you go with the flow, or go with an outline?

Kinda both.  I usually have an initial idea that gets the juices flowing, but when I run out of steam I have to resort to outlining.  Not that I follow it, really, but at least I get to focus a bit.

Q: What thrill do you find when you compose?

Thrill?  More like compulsion.  Addiction.  Obsession.  I just need to be writing all the time, it seems.  I saw one quote from a writer who said she works to support her writing habit.  Pretty much the same way I feel.  I resent time spend away from the computer, LOL. Why do I do it?  Beats the hell out of me.  I love the daydreaming aspect to it, though.  I get to live out fantasies and dreams on the written page, and it’s exciting to see them take on a life of their own.

Q: Is it hard coming up with titles or characters names?

Kind of.  The names aren’t so tough as the titles!  Making  a title titillating (how do you like that for alliteration) and not sappy or silly is tough. Often, just when I think I’ve found the perfect title I’ll google it just to check, and there’ll be like four other books currently out there with the same title. So it’s back to the drawing board.

Q: What does your workstation look like?


Q: Are you the type of individual who gets weepy at the end of a good movie, or a sad movie, or do you just stay neutral through it all?

God, no, I cry buckets at sad movies.  Even something like Marley and Me.  I was on a flight fromEuropewhen I saw that little gem, and I thought I was going to need supplemental oxygen.

Q: Is there any books coming that you are itching to read (either electronic or print) from your favorite authors?

There are so many interesting things out there.  I love anything by Kim Dare.

Q: If you were to replenish your cabinets with one junk food, what would it be?

Just one?  Mmm, the possiblilities!  I’m a junk food fan, for sure.  Have to be some kind of white chocolate.

Q: What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us?

Yes, I recently got a little hooked on the werewolf pack stories, so decided to write some. I’ve started a new series—got the first two done and I’m midway into the next one—about a pack living in the mountains of North Carolina.  I put a little twist to my stories, since my wolves have “pets.”  Submissives, of course.  Their pets are fated blood mates, humans, and are changed by a bite from a wolf into Werekin. Since their blood picks the mate, it doesn’t much matter to them if the mate is male or female. Once bitten, however, the mate, now known as a pet, must be fed their mate’s blood and mated often to keep them docile, and to prevent them from “going feral,” or becoming a monstrous, ravening werewolf. The first in the series is called The Alpha’s Pet, and is the story of Nicky, a gorgeous young, straight male who becomes the mate of the male Alpha wolf, Marco.  Though he falls totally in love with his new mate, he struggles greatly with the idea of submission, even to keep him safe.  Their relationship is stormy, contentious and very hot.  I think it’s due out in April.



Q: What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?

My books are very erotic, usually include some light BDSM but always at the heart is a true love story. Even with fantasies, I try to keep the characters real people, dealing with difficult issues and doing the best they can. Maybe with a little bit of humor and a lot of sweet, hot sex.


Q: Where can we find you on the web?




Georgia Heat by Shannon West and Remy Devereaux

Buy Link: http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=9&products_id=233

Book Blurb: Thieves have been operating a huge car theft ring in a smallGeorgiatown, crossing county lines.Atlantadetective Mark Bradley comes down to investigate.  On his first night in town he runs into an old flame he’s never forgotten.  Mark met Jake a few years before, and they shared a night of wild passion.  There was only one problem—Mark was married.  Jake is young, tough and has a giant chip on his shoulder when it comes to Mark’s betrayal, and Mark has a lot of explaining to do to obtain his forgiveness. When Mark discovers Jake has a connection to the theft ring, things get even more complicated.  Mark has to solve the case before Jake gets in way too deep.

Excerpt: He walked carefully up to the apartment’s un-curtained kitchen window and looked in. Shocked at what he saw going on inside the apartment, he was paralyzed by fury for a moment.

Some scruffy ass thug with shaggy hair sat on the sofa, his head thrown back with an expression of pure bliss on his face. Kneeling between his outstretched legs, his mouth fully engaged, was Jake.

Mark had heard the expression “seeing red” before, but he’d never fully understood it. Thinking it to be some clichéd metaphor, he experienced for the first time exactly what the expression meant. His eyes filmed over with a red haze, which could have been the blood rushing to his head for all he knew. Whatever, the urge to kill with extreme prejudice rushed over him.

The hypocritical son of a bitch. How long after Mark left had he waited before making this booty call? Five minutes? Two? Who was this fuckhead anyway? Could it be the Zack Jake had teased him with during dinner?

Moving soundlessly to the screen door, which of course was still open—the stupid son-of-a-bitch never locked his door—Mark eased it open without making a sound. Neither man in the room was in any condition to pay attention to much going on around them, making it a snap to slip silently up behind Jake, his nine millimeter Glock in his hand.

With one sudden move, he swooped down and wrapped an arm around Jake’s throat, hauling him off the other guy’s cock ruthlessly and stuck the pistol’s barrel right into his mouth instead. Jake’s sudden, huge intake of breath told him how much he’d surprised him.

“Why don’t you try sucking this, asshole?” he whispered viciously in Jake’s ear.

The scruffy jerk on the couch, who appeared to be very drunk or very fucked up on something, opened his eyes wide and yelled, “Damn, dude. Put the gun down!”

Jake stayed very still in Mark’s grasp, the only sign of his excitement being the rapid rise and fall of his chest. Mark pulled the gun back out of Jake’s mouth and stuck it up next to his temple.

“Ask your friend to excuse you, sweetheart. He has to leave now.”




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