A New Year is here-A look back into 2011

Another year is gone and it has been one that I was eternally grateful in my writing. I spent the last part of 2010/early 2011 getting my books back from Aspen  Mountain Press-long story there-and then adding things to my Devon Falls stories that were cut out by the publisher at the time. Finding a home that would give me peace of mind, answer my questions in a timely manner and give me an option of print books int he future was key in my thinking in February 2011.

Secret Cravings Publishing won me over with their top-notch editors, nice stable of authors and Beth, the EIC, answered my endless questions patiently those first few weeks. *grins* I was thrilled when they accepted the entire Devon Falls series to date (Five books) and the new covers were amazing (plus i got Jimmy Thomas on one- WOOT). The last five months of 2011 I spent in edits, for one book or another. I had five releases-one was even a best seller at SCP’s site too-back to back.

2011 for me as a writer had me feeling positive again about writing again. I can say with all honesty, the end of 2010 and early January 2011, I was questioning why I even bothered after dealing with the AMP fiasco.

Now as we go into 2012, I find myself itching to start new books, finish up a beloved series and see where the muse may take me.

May 2012 be one full of hope, love and lots of good books for you to enjoy. Thank you for taking my books into your heart and giving me a chance to entertain you.



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