Welcome Honoria Ravena Today


Hi and welcome to my blog, Honoria Ravena. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a paranormal romance author. I’m going to school to be and Esthetician. So I’ll deal with skincare, and makeup (which is a little bit of an obsession of mine). I also love to belly dance. I’m dying to travel and I have a history obsession. Seriously, if I stay somewhere where I have access to the history channel I CAN’T pull myself away from the TV.


How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Not that much. I’m sure subconsciously it’s a lot, because every character must have a piece of me in there somewhere. Mostly I throw in my music and movie likes, because they’re all across the board and will fit a lot of characters.

Generally, how long does it take you to write a book?

Um… <looks guilty> I really haven’t timed it. I tend to jump around because I lack focus. I’d say about a year or more for a finished book that’s ready to submit, but I’ve got so many projects up in the air that are half done (or more) so it’s hard to keep track.


What is your writing routine once you start a book?

I tend to go really hard at the beginning of a book. The beginning is my favorite part. At the beginning I have all the information and it just pours out on to the page. When I hit 26k, I lose it, because that’s all I’ve got plot wise, and so I start something else. When I hit 26k on that next book, I get determined not to start anything new until I finish something, and so I go back to the first book, and try to keep my focus there. I’ll flop back and forth between them, and other projects until one gets so close to done with one that I HAVE to finish it, or I’ll feel like a complete failure. I’m at that point right now, and after that I’ll be making some definite changes to my process, because if you haven’t guessed, it’s not very efficient.


Tell us about your latest release or upcoming release. What inspired it?

Well, have you ever read a book and asked a “What if?” question. That’s essentially where all my books come from. The Devil’s Trap came from “What if the vampire this woman is hunting kidnaps her brother and turns him?” That’s The Devil’s Trap in a nutshell.


What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels, do you find them difficult to write?

It totally depends on my mood. If I’m feeling like writing a love scene, then it’s easy, if something is wrong in the book its usually not. Like the sexual tension isn’t there, or the emotion. It all gets ironed out in rewrites, but I do tend to leave out emotion, which can make  love scenes hard. Also, if I was really into one, and then stopped in the middle, it’s hard to get back into them.

What kind of research do you do for your books?

Since I write paranormal there really isn’t a lot of research that I have to do. Of course if I’m doing a wereanimal/shapeshifter book I’ll research the kind of animal my characters are, because that’s where the truly rich details come from.
What are some of your favorite things or hobbies to do?

Belly dance, shop, read, do my makeup. If I had more money I’d love to travel.

Who are some of your other favorite authors and genres to read?

Paranormal romance has to make the top of the list. I love Kresley Cole, J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and MANY others. But lately I’ve been on paranormal burn out. I’m really not sure why. I’ve been reading historical romances like crazy. Johanna Lindsey, Alexandra Hawkins, Teresa Medieros, and Elizabeth Hoyt have been some of my favorites. I’m hoping to write some historical romances someday, but so far I haven’t gotten any ideas for them, so I’m starting to think I just don’t have them in me. Usually by now I would have some ideas since I devour them by the dozens.

Among your own books, have you a favorite?  A favorite hero or heroine?

I love The Devil’s Trap. It’s the best book I’ve written so far, and some days I despair at the fact that it might be the best book I write ever. But I have to go back and tell myself that at one point it wasn’t so good, and it took a lot of work to make it so good. I’ll just have to put as much work into the others. And since The Devil’s Trap is my favorite, Zarek is my favorite hero. He’s a sarcastic, pain in the ass, and I just love him.


Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

The story, always. It will just start popping into my head, along with world details. The characters come from the scenes that come to me, and I build on them more later.

What part of a book has been the easiest to write?  The hardest?

The beginning is the easiest to write. I have to say the middle or the end is the hardest to write. I’d say the end is easy too, but I always rush it and end up having to rewrite it anyway, so apparently it’s not so easy.
What are the elements of a great romance for you?

Mostly, I like characters I can fall in love with. But plot is so important too. I like a lot of action in my romance novels or they just won’t hold my attention.

What is the hardest part of writing/the easiest for you?

Getting myself to focus and stay on task is the hardest. I just have issues sitting down to do the writing. And I know if I just turned off the internet and sat down to do it, it would get done. But getting to the chair is just the hard some days. The easiest part is getting the ideas. I don’t have to sit around and brainstorm for hours to get ideas. Most of them are sitting in my computer now. They just pop into my head when I read or watch something or I’m writing someone else’s book. My editor says I’m the queen of make series. I have a ridiculous amount of spin off characters, simply because they’re all interesting, and I want them to have their own book. And like I said earlier, that initial idea will give me 26,000 words in a book.


Are you in control of your characters or do they control you?

Oh, they control me. If I try and make them do something, they will rebel. So I just sit back and let them go for it. I got tired of arguing long ago.


What are some of your current projects?

I’m currently working on a few things (surprise, surprise). I’m working on Laden’s story. He’s the werewolf who helps Zarek run his bar in The Devil’s Trap. And I’m working on Alaric’s story, and he’s also a character in that book. For the most part I’m trying to stick with those two, but I do have a ménage going and some short stories I’d like to finish.


Boxers, briefs, boxerbriefs…. Or commando on a man? Why?

Boxers, and I’m not sure why. I’ve just always thought they were sexy. Though, commando is hot, too.


What is your strangest habit?

My food can’t touch on my plate. So I’m always getting smaller portions, and pushing things apart. My aunt tells me there’s medication for that.


When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought?

Probably along the lines of “Holy crap, that’s a monster zit.”


What is your favorite pizza?

Currently its pepperoni and onions.


What is one thing scientists should invent?

An electric car that you don’t have to sell your children to afford.


If you could time travel, where would you go?

Ancient Greece, with the Spartans because I’m incredibly interested in that time period.  Ancient Mesopotamia would also be fun. And the 1700’s, because the clothes were so pretty, and the times were interesting.


What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Telling a story the way I want it told. So many books used to make me mad at the end before I started reading romance, because I wanted that happy ending for the couple, and in YA you don’t always get that.


If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?

I’d probably start you with Fear of Darkness simply because it is the first, and I like to read books in order. Some of the characters appear there first like the vampire king, who will be prominent in several books, and some day have his own. Macon shows up a lot. And the main characters in Fear of Darkness do make a guest appearance in The Devil’s Trap. But all my books can stand alone, because I think that’s really the goal of any good series. I never want a reader to pick up a book in the middle of the series and have no idea what’s going on.


What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories?

I hope my books make people happy. That’s really my main goal. Nothing would make me prouder than having someone tell me my book helped them get through a tough time in their lives, or even just cheered them up after a bad day.

The Devil’s Trap by Honoria Ravena

Book 2

Buy Link: http://www.breathlesspress.com/devils-trap



Regan is the best vampire hunter money can buy. But when she’s paid to kill one of the most powerful vampires in existence, she doesn’t realize she’s in way over her head. Things go terribly wrong, and there is no escape…

Zarek is so powerful, he scares other vampires. One little hunter should be no challenge. However, Regan is different, and as soon as he sees her, he will do anything to keep her. But she’s a stubborn woman who refuses to let someone else control her.

When a powerful enemy comes to town, she’s forced to trust Zarek with her life. Who is the larger threat? The man out to destroy humankind? Or the vampire determined to own her heart?


I reached the wooden bar and slid onto a sleek black stool with a groan of relief. In front of me, a shirtless vampire buffed the countertop, muscles flexing with each circle he made. Now this was a guy you actually dreamed about seeing naked. He was built like a god. Every muscle toned to perfection. He had probably been a big, chiseled guy before, and vampire blood washed away any flaws he might have had as a mortal. His raven-black hair gleamed in the lights. He was the perfect thing to bring in young women for a bite on the neck.

I sighed in pure feminine pleasure. Just because he was a vampire didn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate the view. But, a black aura and raw vampiric strength bled from him. He would have been jump-his-bones hot if his power didn’t creep over my skin like spiders. I suppressed a shudder. No matter how enticing their form, vampires always made my skin crawl.

His gaze met mine, and I drew in a breath. He had the most gorgeous violet eyes. They were filled with an ancient intelligence. His lips curled into an amused grin, as if he knew I was ogling his body.

I frowned. It annoyed me that he read me so easily. I shook my head. I needed to remember the real reason I was here. I was here to kill Zarek, not drool over some gorgeous vampire. I was in a den of evil creatures, and he was one of them. Now really wasn’t the time to do any lusting.

The smile widened and he raised his voice over the music. “What can I get you?”

He had a subtle accent I couldn’t identify, and the deep, growling bass made my toes curl. It soothed my nerves in spite of what he was and caused another kind of excitement to bubble in my stomach. God, this was not the right guy to get that good down-low tickle for. Focus, Regan!

I cleared my throat and leaned closer to him. “I’d like to see the owner.”

The smirk turned wicked and suggestive. “I’m Zarek. I’m the owner.” He scanned my body, eyes finally resting on my throat. The scrutiny made me flush and wish I could hide my neck. Unfortunately, my black tank top and ultra-short shorts didn’t leave much to cover up with. People who went into vampire clubs usually favored bare skin and a gothic appearance, so I’d been forced to blend.

Had he fed tonight? Vampires were twice as dangerous when they were hungry. The better question was, had he killed tonight? For some strange reason, I found myself hoping he hadn’t. I tried to shake the ridiculous feeling. Even if he hadn’t killed tonight, he had in the past. And even if he’d stopped, like Alaric and his brothers, it didn’t change what he was, or the fact that someone wanted him dead.

He licked his lips before meeting my gaze again, leading me to believe that he hadn’t fed. Great, I wouldn’t leave this place without giving a little blood to him, even if I ended up killing him. If a vampire wanted blood, he’d find a way to take it.

“Again, how can I help you?”

I barely kept my curse of frustration to myself. I’d hoped to meet with him in private. Fighting to the death in the middle of his bar was a bad idea.


Fantasies Unbound Releases TUESDAY & a sneak peek

I am very excited to announce my rewritten/re-edited fantasy romance, Fantasies Unbound, will be available with a striking new cover by Dawne Dominique, tomorrow, January 31st.

Can destiny lead a Fae Prince to the one woman meant to be his-heart, body and soul?

Fantasies Unbound by Raine Delight

Secret Cravings Publishing

Erotic Fantasy/Contemporary Romance


Prince Aryan has searched his world for the one woman that is his destined mate but has just about given up when he is lead to the human world. Even though it is forbidden to fall in love with one, he finds Skye Andrews completely delectable and wonders if she is his chosen love.

 Skye Andrews has just about had it with men. After another disastrous date, she turns to her Aunt who gives her a love potion to try. With a magic spell and a mysterious face haunting her waking days; will Skye be able to find the love she is looking for? Can these two make it work or will their differences tear them apart?

Sneak Peek Adult Excerpt

Skye sat with her hands fisted in her shirttails so she wouldn’t throttle her well-meaning yet clueless Aunt Mary. The smoking cauldron on the stove erupted into another hiss, and the smell made her stomach curdle.
Aunt Mary muttered to herself as she gathered the necessary ingredients for the love spell from various places in the ancient farmhouse.
Skye tried not to cringe when her aunt walked too close to a knife sitting on the edge of the table. Clearing her throat, Skye mustered enough courage to ask, “Is this thing supposed to be turning black and smelling like rotten eggs?”
“Oh my, yes, dearie,” Aunt Mary said as she bustled around the kitchen.
Skye blew out a deep breath and tried to keep calm as she watched her aunt stir something that looked suspiciously like toad legs in the cauldron. Yuck. I swear, some days it’s almost too much to bear, with Mary’s new found interest in New Age-isms and spells that do everything but what they’re supposed to. Skye looked at the clock and sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to get on the road back to Dayton any sooner than when her aunt deemed it necessary.
Skye tried not to feel dejected, but that wasn’t easy after her disastrous Valentine date. The whole time, her date had just talked and talked about his life and career. She felt lost on the planes of life. With each day going by, it was almost too much to bear as she watched friends and family fall for their true loves. This latest strategy was extreme, to her thinking, but her aunt was determined to get the sparkle back in her eyes, or so she said the first night she was here. It was enough to make Skye cringe in horror, but she couldn’t say anything mean to the one person who loved her more than anything. Flipping her hair off her face, she breathed a sigh of relief as she watched her aunt finish whatever she was doing to the brew. Then Mary turned around with a bottle of the foul-smelling stuff.
“Here you go, dear. All finished and ready for you to imbibe! All you need to do is say three times, “I wish for my true love to find me,” and then within seven days, according to the spell book I got from a used book store, your true love will find you and steal your heart away.” Aunt Mary gazed fondly at Skye, who was trying to look happy but failing to hide the sadness in her eyes.
Skye took the bottle and peered at it, grimacing. It was blackish-blue in color, with something that looked like lightning bugs shining in it, winking here and there. For a moment it was like watching a kaleidoscope of colors, enough to make her eyes cross.
Uncorking the bottle, Skye tried to shield her expression from Mary, but a shudder ran through her. Again she thought of the men who got away or chose someone else and firmed her resolve to find a love of her own. A pleasant licorice scent wafted from the brew, and though Skye was skeptical, she had to admit it smelled better than it looked. Muttering, “Let’s hope it tastes as pleasant as it smells or I am going to throw up chunks,” Skye leaned back and gulped the liquid. As she finished the last drop, she put down the bottle and recited the words her aunt told her to say:
“I wish for my true love to find me.”
“I wish for my true love to find me.”
“I wish for my true love to find me.”
Skye turned to the window and prayed this drink didn’t make her sick when she caught a glimpse of a face looking at her. It was enough to cause her to gasp quietly and take a step back. Those moss-green eyes seemed to call to her, longing for something, and Skye had to wonder if she was losing her mind. She looked away, thinking it was a figment of her imagination, but the face still stared at her. Those chiseled cheeks and full, round lips made her long to feel them over her own, and those cheekbones would give a model envy. Skye felt her body take notice, and her panties got moist with her racing desire. Soon the face faded, though it felt like time stopped and only Skye could see what was there. Shaking her head, she said, “It was nothing. Just a figment of your imagination or a trick with the light. He isn’t real at all.”
But why does my heart and mind tell me otherwise? Is he The One I’ve been searching for? Skye wondered as she got ready to leave for home.

Welcome DC Juris today


Hi and welcome to my blog, DC Juris. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself.


Hi there! ::waves:: I’m DC Juris, and I write GLBTQ and heterosexual romance. ::winks at Zeke and Jake:: Well hellooooo nurse!


How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? Not much. My characters and I may have some things in common, but it’s not a conscious effort on my part.

Generally, how long does it take you to write a book? It depends. I like to stay around 1 month for 10 K. Shorter stuff I can do in a couple days, if need be. I wrote “Perfect Christmas” in about three days.

What is your writing routine once you start a book? I don’t have a routine. I just write things down as they come to me and piece them together later.


Tell us about your latest release or upcoming release. What inspired it? “Betrayed” started out as a m/f. It’s actually the first serious story I ever wrote.


What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels, do you find them difficult to write? I don’t find them difficult to write at all. I love sex – having it, reading about it, writing it, watching it. Sex, sex, sex!


What kind of research do you do for your books? I write in contemporary and fantasy genres so I don’t have a lot of research to do. Thank god!


What are some of your favorite things or hobbies to do? I don’t really have any hobbies. I’m a writer and a photographer. That’s pretty much it. I do enjoy home improvement, but that’s more of a necessity than a hobby.


Who are some of your other favorite authors and genres to read? I don’t discuss my favorite m/m authors. But my favorite mainstreamers are HG Wells and Richard Knaak.


Among your own books, have you a favorite?  A favorite hero or heroine? I don’t really have a favorite of either. I like all my stuff and all my characters!


Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting? It typically all comes at once.


What part of a book has been the easiest to write?  The hardest? I don’t find anything about writing to be particularly hard. I just sit down and write.


What are the elements of a great romance for you? Good characters. You can have the tightest writing and the best plot, but if I don’t give a crap about your characters, then I don’t give a crap about your story.


What is the hardest part of writing/the easiest for you? Again, none of it is hard for me.


Are you in control of your characters or do they control you? My characters dictate their own stories. Sometimes they do things I don’t approve of, or that surprise me, but that’s just the way it is.


What are some of your current projects? I have 24 WIPs right now. Some new characters and some familiar faces.


What is your strangest habit? I don’t really have any strange habits. Seriously – I just asked Hubby and he agreed!


When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought? “Hey, I think there’s cupcakes left!”


What is your favorite pizza? Sadly, I can’t eat anything but Gluten Free pizza anymore, and it isn’t really all that good. However, before that, my favorite was from Fox’s Pizza out in Erin, NY. It was topped with diced tomatoes, diced green peppers, bacon, ham, pepperoni, pineapple, and extra cheese.


What is one thing scientists should invent? Better gluten free bread. Does that count as science? I’m probably supposed to say something like, cleaner energy, or something meaningful, but right now all I really want is better gluten free bread. It’s all your fault – asking me about pizza! ::mumbles::



If you could time travel, where would you go? I wouldn’t. Have I mentioned I hate travel?


What is your favorite thing about being a writer? I like the entire process. Deadlines, plot holes, editing – it’s all beautiful.


If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?  I’m never sure how to answer this question, because it all depends on what the reader likes. I suppose the best answer is my anthology “Simply Smut.”


What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories? That love is the most important thing – not what a person looks like, their gender, their orientation, etc. If we had more love in the world, we’d have a better world.


Anything else you want to mention? Just a thank you to my readers and to you for having me!!

Sneak peek into Betrayed by DC Juris

Breathless Press


Two years after he lost his soul mate to the war, Faldor still pines for Meldrick. His world is turned upside down when Meldrick appears on his doorstep late one night, seemingly back from the dead. Finally escaped from a prison camp, Meldrick protects a dark secret—one that could rip their rekindled love apart if Faldor ever learned the truth. But the longer they’re together, the more questions come up. What really happened two years ago? How did Meldrick escape the prison camp after so long? Is Meldrick still the man Faldor fell in love with? Can Meldrick reconcile who he is with who he was and move beyond his treachery, or will betrayal win?

Genre: Fantasy m/m, BDSM, contains non-con

Buy Link: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-betrayed-669002-144.html


The scent of food wafting on the wind roused him. Not the screams and pleadings for mercy from the men to his right and left, not the shouts and crude insults from the guards, not the plat-plat of the rain, not the tink-clink of the tiny bits of hail. Those were all commonplace. But the smell of cooking food, so close to his cage? Now, that was new. That was downright abnormal.

Meldrick opened his eyes slowly, blinked away the bleariness, and tried to focus. Though he’d just as well have stayed asleep; he’d been dreaming of home. Of Faldor. Not a total loss, he mused to himself, eyeing the approaching guard, who carried a platter of some sort of meat. The guard stopped at his door and kicked out, splashing him with filthy water, mud, and who knew what else. Meldrick raised a hand to fend off the muck, but the effort was useless. He wiped it away from his face as best he could and looked up at the guard.

The guard sneered at him and slung the food between the cage bars. It landed at Meldrick’s feet with a wet plop. Though his mind told him the meat was likely rotten, his guts twisted and gurgled in noisy anticipation. He wasn’t about to pass up the first meal he’d had all week, regardless of the state of it.

“Eat up,” the guard instructed. “General wants you full of energy for tonight.”

Meldrick closed his eyes and turned away from the guard, pressed his forehead against the bars of the cage. Now the food made sense. Part of him wanted to refuse to eat, scuff dirt over the rancid mess, and spit on it. Spit on the guard. But that wasn’t going to happen. He would eat the food, relish it, savor it, make it last as long as he could, lick it from his fingers, and wish for more. Because there wasn’t anything else to do.

Welcome Juliet Chastain today

The Captain & The Courtesan by Juliet Chastain
Releasing: January 13th, 2012
Romance, historical regency, Juliet Chastain, romance, erotic romance, captain, courtesan, brothel, regency, historical
Heat Rating: 2
Buy at: http://www.breathlesspress.com/captain-and-courtesan

Against his conscience, Captain Edward Howland buys a night with the enchanting and mysterious masked courtesan, Lady Amelia Kentley, and their evening together becomes far more than either expected.

As her first night as a courtesan approaches, the mysterious masked noblewoman is the talk of London. Impoverished Lady Amelia Kentley, wearing a mask to hide her identity, is resigned to her fate, working in a brothel to support her child and herself. When she meets the kindly and passionate sea Captain Edward Howland, she is shocked at the powerful attraction she feels for him. She hopes that he will be her first paying lover. Dare she dream of more, of running away from her degrading situation with him?

Edward disdains paid-for sex, but he is so enchanted with the masked Lady Amelia that he cannot resist the chance to claim a night’s pleasure with her before he sets sail in the morning. They share hours of overwhelming passion, and a deep affection develops between them. By daybreak, Edward is determined to find a way to rescue her from her fate as a courtesan, but can he do so without besmirching his honor?

Before she entered the parlor in which the gentlemen waited to bid for her favors, Amelia took a glass of spirits, for she could not stop trembling. She had struggled to accept her fate, but she was resigned no longer. Since last night, when she had kissed the new captain, she had been filled with an unreasonable hope that she could not suppress. She warned her heart that a navy man would be unlikely to have the means to outbid Madame’s wealthy aristocratic clientele. And even if tonight were spent in his arms—she seemed unable to keep herself from longing for that outcome with all her heart and soul—in the morning he would sail and be gone from her life. Then she would be available to any man who could pay whatever Madame charged for her.

And yet she hoped. She hoped for one night with the new captain. And, in spite of herself, she dreamed of more.

She entered the parlor on Madame’s arm. Against the dark green walls, the huge lewd paintings in their heavy gold frames appeared to flicker in the light of the gas lamps, as did the gentlemen seated on the damask upholstered sofas and on the fine Chippendale chairs.

Madame led her to a small dais and helped her to step onto it. Amelia wore a pale green dress, cut shockingly low and of fine, almost transparent muslin. She wore no petticoat or stays beneath it, but only a thin shift and a string of fine pearls around her neck.

She counted eleven men. Her heart sank. The captain was not among them.

She took tight hold of Madame’s arm for a moment as she tried to gather her courage. She was glad of the mask, for she felt the blood drain from her face.

She had known she must not hope, but all the same she had anyway. He had awakened her heart and her body and she did not regret it, but now her life as a harlot would be all the more difficult. She looked out at the men and could only dread what lay ahead. If it had not been for her child, she would have wished herself dead.

Each man had a glass of spirits or wine in his hand, and each carried at least five hundred guineas in his waistcoat, more than five times the amount a workingman made in a year. She recognized a few of them, including an elderly man she had met socially in the past before she had been thrown onto the street. She could not help but be shocked to see him here, for she had always thought him the soul of propriety. Several others had sat with her, as had the captain, in this house and had a drink.

The door opened and two more men entered. One wore the navy coat of a seaman and her heart leaped. It was he, the newly made captain.

She almost laughed out loud in joy. And then she wanted to laugh at the irony. Until recently, she was a completely respectable woman, the granddaughter of a viscount and the widow of a baronet. Now she prayed that a man whose name she did not know, and with whom she had spent a mere half hour, would buy the right to bed her in a brothel.

Welcome Carol Preflatish Today

Hi and welcome to my blog, Carol Preflatish. Please make yourself at home and grab a drink from my hunky cabana boys, Zeke and Jake.  So tell us a little about yourself.


Q: What genre do you write and for what publisher(s)?

I currently write romantic suspense, but am also working on a contemporary mystery series that I’m hoping to get published. My first book, Love, Lies & Deceit was published with Red Rose Publishing and my next book will be with Secret Cravings Publishing.

Q: Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it? 

My January release is called Saved by the Sheriff. It’s about a New York City magazine writer who comes to rural southern Indiana to research a story about a thirty-year old unsolved mystery. When she finds herself becoming the next target, the sheriff has to come to her rescue. She’s a hard woman to hold down, but the sheriff does his best to keep her safe.

The basis for the storyline is actually from a real unsolved mystery that happened about fifty years ago. I’ve always been intrigued by it.

Q: If you had a reporter follow you around for the day, what would the readers get to see in your daily schedule?

I have a full time day job working as a consultant for State Government. You’d see me at my office sitting at a computer all day auditing public assistance cases. Pretty boring stuff, eh? During my lunch hour I work on my books and then again for about an hour or so at night after dinner.


Q: When you begin your stories, do you go with the flow, or go with an outline?

I do a little of both. I will sit at the computer and just start writing, but I always have an idea of where the story is going to go. For instance, I’m working on chapter six of a book right now. I already know what will happen in the rest of this chapter, the next chapter, and how the book will end. But, there are several chapters in between that will need to be worked out. During the writing process, I’ll make notes for future chapters. I love Post-it Notes and the binder I use for my story is very colorful with them inside.

Q: What thrill do you find when you compose?

I’m always amazed when I read something I’ve written. I picked up an old manuscript that I haven’t yet finished the other day and looked over it. I kept saying to myself, “I wrote this because it’s really good.” But, the best thrill is when you get that acceptance from a publisher. There are not many better feelings than that.

Q: Is it hard coming up with titles or characters names?

Titles come to me pretty easy to me, but character names are a bit harder. I always want to be careful that I don’t use a name of someone I know. Many times, I will open the phone book and pick out a first name and then find a last name to go with it. A few times, I’ve used an online name generator, but generally I don’t like them.

Q: What does your workstation look like?

Aren’t all writers’ workstations messy? My desk consists of my laptop, printer, lamp, pen and pencils, files, pads of Post-it Notes, and stacks of papers. Right now I have a pile of wadded up papers needing to go into the trash.

Q: Are you the type of individual who gets weepy at the end of a good movie, or a sad movie, or do you just stay neutral through it all?

I can cry at the drop of a hat during a movie and that’s why I usually don’t watch sad movies. Give me a good action drama any day.

Q: Is there any books coming that you are itching to read (either electronic or print) from your favorite authors?

There are several I want to read. Two of them are The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope by Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly. Besides mysteries, I love to read biographies and other non-fiction. My favorite fiction authors are Lisa Gardner and the late Robert B. Parker.

Q: If you were to replenish your cabinets with one junk food, what would it be?

I’ve been trying to cut out junk food and eat healthier. If you’d ask my husband about me, he’d say Snickers bars, but I rarely can turn down chips and dip.

Q: What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us?

As I mentioned earlier, my next release is Saved by the Sheriff from Secret Cravings Publishing and it’s scheduled be out in January. I have another romantic suspense finished that I’m polishing up for a submission. I’m also hoping to get the first book in my mystery series released sometime this winter as a Kindle book, if nothing else comes up.


Q: What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?

Besides writing romantic suspense and mysteries, I also have a cookbook out. Masters & Disasters of Cooking is a collection of stories and recipes of some of my best and worst cooking experiences. From Breakfasts to Desserts, this book is full of comical anecdotes of my personal cooking mistakes and perfect masterpieces, all accompanied by my best recipes.


Q: Where can we find you on the web?

My web page: http://CarolPre.webs.com

My personal blog: http://CarolPre.blogspot.com

My cooking blog: http://carolsfoodbites.blogspot.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CarolPreflatish

Secret Cravings Publishing page: http://bit.ly/ScpPre

I’m also working on a Facebook author page; you can search for my name there.


Thank you for hosting me here today, Raine. I’ve enjoyed talking with you.

Saved by the Sheriff by Carol Preflatish

Secret Cravings Publishing

Coming January 2012

Blurb –


New York City writer, Jaime Wilson wants the Assistant Editor job at Real Mystery Magazine. In order to get it, she has to write a kick-ass story, and what could be better than a 30-year old unsolved murder in a small town.

When Jaime visits Royal, Indiana to investigate, she soon finds that someone in the town doesn’t want the mystery solved and she becomes a target. After an arrest for trespassing and an attempt on her life, Sheriff Ben Hunter lets her stay at his place where he can keep an eye on her while she continues to work on her story.

She didn’t count on falling in love with the sheriff and he didn’t think he would have to work so hard to keep her safe. After she finishes her story, she has to make her choice whether to stay with Ben or go back to New York.


Welcome Lee Brazil today

A Balanced Diet
Hi, thanks for having me! I’m Lee Brazil, author of M/M romance for Breathless Press and Story Orgy. It’s January, and everyone’s busy with their year end stuff. In the midst of my email the other day I found a trend analysis from a major e-book retailer.
Apparently the market is changing, again. Would you believe it? People get tired of reading the same old thing and they look for something new and different, and that thing becomes the new rage? It reminded me of a complaint I’ve seen out and about in a few of the online forums that discuss m/m romance.
Some people feel the market has become flooded and readers are bored. There are several ways to look at this. Are they saying there’s a lot more to choose from? Yes. Are they saying the new material is of a lower quality? Some of them are. I’m not going to address quality. One man’s dross is another’s gold, you know?
So let’s talk pure quantity. I’m selecting five publishers that deal in both m/m and m/f romance, in the e-book market, that release books on a weekly basis. There are in fact, plenty of publishers that deal only in m/m books, or only in m/f books. I’m leaving that aspect out of it for now. Of the five sites I looked at, one didn’t date their new releases, just had 16 covers up on the front page of their site labeled new releases.  Of those sixteen covers none were m/m. Another had 15 new releases, again without dates, of those fifteen 2 were m/m.  The others had between 4 and 8 books on their new release pages, with ratios of 1/5, 2/8 and 2/4 being m/m..
Does that constitute a flood?
Well that depends on how you define flood.
Is it a flood when you have to wear these to go get your mail?
Or these?
Or this?
Can’t compare apples and oranges? Sure you can. They’re both fruit. MF romance fiction new releases are incredibly prolific, and no one would dream of saying that that market is flooded.  There are just as many badly written, ill plotted mf stories available as m/m. In fact, there are probably, by the law of percentages, significantly more.
I think there’s a lot more m/m to choose from, and there’s room for a lot more to come. Is the market saturated? No. Because the market is growing all the time. New readers discover this genre daily.
Are some long time readers bored? Probably. But you know what, I’ve been that reader. I used to read only literary fiction. I got bored. Then I read only science fiction. I got bored. I read only Fantasy and mythology. I got bored. I read only historical novels like The North and The South and Ragtime. I got bored. I read only mysteries. I got bored. You see the trend here? Readers need variety. A steady diet of anything is not going to keep your mind sharp and your heart happy.
Now, I read anything that strikes my fancy.  A great deal of that is m/m. And mysteries…Dashiel Hammet, John Sandford, Earle Stanley Gardner. I also read nonfiction, reference books, biographies, poetry.
You wouldn’t survive long on a diet comprised only of carrots. Eat the whole salad.
Here’s a seasoned crouton to top it off.
The Librarian
Valentine Michaels has just taken a vow of celibacy. Adrian Grey intends to take full advantage of that vow to re-create his relationship with Val.
Val is at a crossroads in his life. A college dropout, he’s gone as far as he can in his career as a cosmetologist, owning his own style salon. He no longer finds satisfaction in it, though he’s put years into proving to his bigoted parents that a college degree and the veneer of straightness aren’t the only roads to success. They’d turned their backs on him, and he proved he didn’t need them to make it.
His love life is no better than his working life. His relationships always start with a bang and fizzle into boredom, or worse, anger.
Adrian has his own agenda for helping Val: he’s been in love with Val since they were freshmen. The intervening years of listening to Val’s gossip about his lovers and relationships have taught Adrian just what it was he did wrong all those years ago, and he thinks this time around he now knows exactly how to get—and keep—his man.
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