Update on the Devon Falls Series

Just a quick update on my series. I got exciting news….in 2012 the first five books of this series will be in print. Yep all five books in one omnibus. I am sooooo excited. I think I am still floating on air right now. *laughs* I can’t wait to see the cover for the volume 1 and once I get more news I will let you know.

Moonlight and Magic is out tomorrow. *Cue squeals and cheers* This is my first brand new, never before published Devon Falls story that I am hoping you all like. It has a white tiger shifter, a Halloween Masquerade Ball and lots of sexual tension. Plus a few sub-plots to get you excited about for another lucky couple. This story sets  up for a very special book coming late-2012 and you won’t want to miss it. I am sure you will be pleased as I am the way this one turned out. Plus you will see Rod from Haunting Magic in a way that had me giggling as I wrote it.

Now onto some news about this series that I haven’t told anyone yet….

Devon Falls is split into two parts-part 1 is the first five books with a special book in between to tie up any loose ends and all involve Magic of some kind. Afte that special book, the last–yes LAST–four books are about the last founding family, The Cravens.

The Cravens are elementals mages and the four siblings will be centered in these stories and close out the entire series.

The Craven Siblings are as follows:


Maxwell who is a Fire Elemental (Oldest)

Selena who is a Air elemental (Middle child)

The twins- Jorge (Earth elemental) and Lynx (water elemental). The twins might be one book but until I begin that one I am not sure. I am seeing something with that one but it isn’t clear yet in my head.

No titles yet nor do I have them plotted out. I plan to submit these at end of 2012 or early 2013-muse willing. *grins*

Now for my special news….in late 2012/early 2013, a very special book that has been hinted at since Fiery Magic and has been a sub-plot in one way or another in Haunting Magic and Moonlight and Magic is….A Devon Falls Wedding. Yep..Jenna and Marc are getting their very first full length novel. I am tieing up any loose plot points, favorite characters are coming back to help these two people celebrate their wedding plus some new characters will be introduced as well. Here is the working book blurb (may change as soon as I begin writing it):

A special event is coming to Devon Falls on a warm June afternoon…can Jenna and Marc find a way to calm their respective families before their big day goes bust?

Jenna Sinclair and Marc du Bree have fallen in love and now with a baby on the way, decide to get married as soon as possible. They never figured their families would be the cause of their problems and add in a Fae Prince who decides that Jaxon’s cousin Grady is a perfect sweet mint to devour; Jenna and Marc have their work cut out for them. Can their Devon Falls Wedding go off without a hitch or will their family & friends make them toss their hands in the air and run off to Vegas instead?

I am hoping to push this to novel length so we shall see. 🙂 I begin writing it once I finish three projects up and hope to get to my publisher by mid to late 2012.

Then this is done. A bittersweet moment I am thinking since I have been writing this series in one shape or form for over 6 years. But I am excited that people are loving Devon Falls and have asked for more. I might do some free stories to keep you all happy in the interim. Never know. 🙂

Now go…shoo and go buy Moonlight and Magic…..I need to go sit down with my muse so we can plan the final swan song of my beloved series. Thank you for embracing this series and me. 🙂 I am very grateful for my readers for taking the residents of Devon Falls in their hearts.


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